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ELTGallery, or English Language Teaching Gallery has four corners for language learners to visit: The Vocabulary Corner, The Crossword Corner, The Pronunciation Corner, and The Grammar Corner. (Click the corner image to visit the corner.)

The Vocabulary Corner presents English words which belong to the 1st one thousand word list, the 2nd one thousand word list, and the 1st three thousand word list. The words in the three levels are presented individually. In addition, ELTGallery also presents a test for each of the units in the three levels.

The Crossword Corner holds 130 crossword puzzles. The puzzles are meant to help English learners strengthen their mastery of the words in Vocabulary Corner. They are also organized into three groups according to their levels. As the crossword puzzles are developed independently of the Vocabulary Corner, however, the words in the Crossword Corner are not organized in the same as the words in the Vocabulary Corner. ELTGallery currently holds a crossword competition using the crosswords posted in this web. Click here to get more info.

The Grammar Corner presents an explanation on important grammatical topics in English and a practice on the topics. Currently, Grammar Corner provides 15 topics which are usually discussed in the first semester of an English learning program.

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