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1  Introduction
Course objectives and material
Assignment: Please write a short passage (4 - 6 paragraphs) about people's need for education.
2  Topic Sentence
A topic sentence is a sentence which states what a paragraph is about.
Assignment: Please write 5 topic sentences.
(What do you think about drug abuse, alcoholic drink, fashion or choice of clothes to put on, heroism, personal relationship, modern gadget, and urban life or living in the city? Express you idea as a topic sentence.)
3  Development
A paragraph is well developed if it contains enough ideas to support the idea which the topic sentence states.
Assignment topic: Please write a paragraph on Friendshhip Some helpful ideas: What is true friendship? Why do people need friends? How can people keep friendship?
4  Unity
A paragraph is united if all the ideas are related to and support the idea which a topic sentence states.
Assignment: Please write a paragraph on Student organization or student club. Some helpful ideas: Is a student organization still needed? What kind of organization is suitable for students? What students can learn from their organization? What kind of club is good for students, music, dance, discussion club? Limit your ideas and express them in a good topic sentence.
5  Coherence
A paragraph is coherent if all the ideas are related to and support the idea which the topic sentence states.
Assignment topic: Smoking. Please write one paragraph about the danger of smoking.
6  Logical division (1)
A logical division paragraph classifies persons or objects into groups or divides an object into small units or parts according to their characteristics.
Assignment: Please write about the types of film. You need to supply examples to support your classification.
7  Logical division (2)
Please write one paragraph on what a good paragraph should consist of. You need to use the logical division technique to write the paragraph.
8  Midterm
Please write one paragraph on the importance of literature (literary works) or the mastery of English.
9  Comparison and contrast (1)
A comparison and contrast talks about the similarities and differences which persons or objects have.
Assignment topic: Studying in a university and in high school
10  Comparison and contrast (2)
Assignment: Please compare city life and country life.
11  Definition paragraph
A definition is a statement which present the category or class of an object and its characateristics.
Assignment topic: Poverty
12  Cause and effect (1)
A cause and effect talk about the causes of a certain action or condition, or the effects of a certain action or condition.
Assignment topic: A Good Planning
13  Cause and Effect (2)
Assignment topic: Corruption (This is the last assignment!)
14  Essay Organization
This session discusses the organization of a paper or essay.
No assignment for the essay organization!
15  Final Exam
Please write an academic paragraph on tourism. You may write from a certain perspective/view, for example culture, economy, and area development. Please set your topic sentence and develop/support the idea.