Vocabulary | Sentence Writing | Paragraph Writing

Paragraph Writing, or Writing 2, is the second writing course in an English department. It aims at helping the students develop their skill in writing a good paragraph. The course material covers topic sentence, major and minor supporting sentence, criteria of a good paragraph, and some techniques of writing an academic paragraph like listing, definition, cause and effect, and classification and division. The course is conducted with the following activities.
  • Discussion. This activity discusses the important concepts in paragraph writing: topic sentence, major and minor support sentences, criteria of a good paragraph (development, unity, and coherence), and the techniques to write a good paragraph.
  • Passage Writing. In this activity, the students are to write a paragraph on a topic which they can choose from the provided ones. They have to write the paragraph using a certain a paragraph development technique.
  • Passage Comment. In this activity, the students are to give comments on their classmates' paragraphs. They have to check the grammar and the quality (the topic sentence, development, unity, and coherence) of their classmates' paragraph.
  • Grammatical Competence Tests. During the course, the students are to have two grammatical competence tests, which also serve as their midterm and final tests. In the tests, a number of sentences taken from their own paragraphs will be displayed and they have to identify whether the sentences are grammatically acceptable or not. The answers will be checked against the lecturer's or scorer's comment on the paragraphs.
The students' final scores are based on their weekly paragraph scores (60%), their comments on their classmates' paragraph (25%), and their grammatial competence tests (15%).