Vocabulary | Sentence Writing | Paragraph Writing

Sentence Writing I or Writing 1 is the first writing course of an English department students. The course aims at helping the students' developing their writing ability, especially their ability to write grammatically acceptable sentences. The course covers the following activities.
  • Grammar Practice. In this activity, the studens are given 50 sentences, and several of them are grammatically unaccetable sentences. They have to identify which sentences are grammatically acceptable and which are grammatically unacceptable. They have to score at least 7.0 to proceed to the next activity.
  • Sentence Writing. In this activity, the students are write 15 sentences with the focus on a certain grammatical item and on a certain topic, which is usually related to their dailiy life. The students have to make sure that the use of the grammatial item is correct.
  • Sentence Comment. In this activity, the students are supposed to give comment on their classmates' sentences. They have to check whether the sentences have a subject and predicate, have a correct tense and verb form, use a correct pronoun, noun form (singular/plural), and article, and have a correct puctuation.
  • Story Writing. In this activity, the students are supposed to write passages on certain topics. They have to make sure that the sentences in the passages have a good grammar. The passages will be scored according to the content and mainly according to the grammatical correctness. A report of the use of the basic grammatical items is generated for each passage.
  • Midterm and Final Test. The midterm and and final tests are similar to the grammar practice. In the tests, 40 sentences taken from the students' own passages will be presented, and the students are to identify whether the sentences are grammatically acceptable or unacceptable sentenes.
The final score of the course will be determined on the grammar practice score (15%), sentence writing score(25%), passage score (30%), sentence comment score (10%), midterm test (10%), and final test (10%).