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abolish @ ( V) menghapuskan, meniadakan, mengakhiri& We have to abolish gender bias in our organization.
abrupt @ ( A) mendadak, tiba-tiba, kasar& The abrupt replacement of the manager caused many speculations.
absurd @ ( A) tak masuk akal, mustahil, menertawakan& His story about the ghost is very absurd, and nobody believes him.
abundance @ ( N) kelimpahan& We should thanks to God for the food abundance we have.
abundant @ ( A) berlimpah-limpah& Rice is abundant, but the farmers cannot sell it easily.
abuse @ ( V) menyalahgunakan& The people will not like you if you abuse your power.
academic @ ( A) akademik& I am proud of your academic achievement.
accelerate @ ( V) mempercepat& The advantage of using this oil is that it accelerates the work of the machine.
accident @ ( N) kecelakaan& Several people were badly injured in the accident.
accommodate @ ( V) menampung,memberi penginapan, menyesuaikan& This hotel can accomodate more than five hundred people.
accompany @ ( V) menemani, mengiringi& My friend asked me to accompany her to go to Bali.
accomplish @ ( V) menyelesaikan& You have to accomplish all your tasks well if you want to be accepted.
accumulate @ ( V) bertumpuk, berkumpul, menumpuk& His tasks are accumulated after he was away for two weeks.
accusation @ ( N) tuduhan, dakwaan& He can't deny the accusation because the facts support it.
accuse @ ( V) menuduh, mendakwa& The people accused him of stealing the motorcycle.
ache @ ( N) sakit& Lin missed the class because he got an ache in his left chest.
aching @ ( A) sakit& My head was aching after I heard the sad news.
acid @ ( A) asam& My stomach cannot take too much acid food.
acknowledge @ ( V) mengakui, menyatakan terima kasih& We acknowledge him for his help to us.
acquaint @ ( V) memperkenalkan& My close friend acquainted me to his big family.
acquire @ ( V) memperoleh, belajar& A child can acquire a new language more easily than an adult.
across @ ( AV) seberang& You can find the office across the hospital.
acute @ ( A) parah, akut, tajam, cepat& We have to send him to hospital quickly because he has an acute pain in his stomach.
adapt @ ( V) menyesuaikan, membiasakan, menyadur& This performance is adapted from the movie?I am Sam3
adequate @ ( A) memadai, cukup& You should give an adequate explanation for your proposal to be accepted.
adhere @ ( V) melekat / menempel pada, taat, setia, menganut/mengikuti& We should all adhere to our goal if we want to succeed.
adjective @ ( N) kata sifat/keadaan, ajektiva& Aective is a part of speech which functions to modify a noun.
admiral @ ( N) laksamana& Every body respects him because of his great achievements.
admire @ ( V) mengagumi& I really admire the ways she handles her problems.
admiring @ ( A) penuh rasa kagum, penuh rasa takjub& When sang on the stage, the eyes of some admiring girls never left you.
adore @ ( V) memuja, menyembah& People adore Marlyn Monroe simply because of her beauty.
adult @ ( A) dewasa& The adult people tend to regard themselves as the correct persons.
advanced @ ( A) lanjut, maju& The advanced technology is made to make people's life easier.
advanture @ ( N) petualangan& His new novel is about the adventure of a little boy in a foreign country.
adverb @ ( N) kata keterangan& The adverb can be used to modify other words except the noun.
adverse @ ( A) merugikan, bersifat bermusuhan, berlawanan& The dry season is the adverse condition for the farmers in the high area.
advertisement @ ( N) iklan& The advertisement gives a good image of the company and its product.
advocate @ ( V) menyokong, penyokong& I really thank him because, as my advocate, he helps me a lot.
affection @ ( N) kasih, cinta& Linda shows great affection to children, but she does not want to marry.
affectionate @ ( A) penuh kasih sayang& An affectionate mother always wants to make her children happy.
affinity @ ( N) daya tarik-menarik, pertalian/persamaan& The affinity of the two things is determined also by the earth's gravitation.
affluent @ ( A) kaya, makmur& Indonesia is an affluent country, considering its natural resources.
after @ ( P) sesudah& Gerry went to bed after he had his big dinner.
against @ ( P) melawan, melanggar, pada, terhadap& You can only be brought to a trial if you act against a law.
agency @ ( N) agen, perantara& You can book a ticket for a plane or train in a travel agency.
aggregate @ ( V) mencapai/berjumlah, jumlah& Their debt in a year aggregate ten milllion rupiahs.
aggrement @ ( N) persetujuan, perjanjian& The agreement between the people who have conflict is acquired throuht a long hard debate.
aggressive @ ( A) bersifat menyerang, penuh dengan inisiatif& In that game, you should be aggressive to attack the enemy, if not you will lose.
agitate @ ( V) mengaduk, merisaukan, mengadakan hasutan& There is always a group in a community who agitate the people in that community.
agony @ ( N) penderitaan yang mendalam& The psychiatrist helps him forget his agony.
airline @ ( N) perusahaan penerbangan& Airplane tickets are lower nowadays because there are many airline companies now.
airmail @ ( N) pos udara& Eventhough it is easier to use the email, many people still use the airmail to send their message.
alarm @ ( N) alarm (tanda bahaya)& If the alarm is ringing we have to go out from this building as soon as possible.
alcohol @ ( N) alkohol& People in the west countries drink alcohol to warm their body.
algebra @ ( N) aljabar& Algebra is a subject which most students do not like.
alien @ ( A) orang asing& Do you still think that Dany is an alien?
alkali @ ( N) (garam) alkali& Alkali is a chemical substance which is very important in industry now.
allocate @ ( V) memberikan, memperuntukkan& The fund is allocated to help students who have a financial difficulty.
allot @ ( V) memberikan, menjatahkan& We allot the rice for the poor people.
allow @ ( V) memperbolehkan, mengijinkan& I am verry happy because my parents allow me to join the party with my friends tonight.
allowance @ ( N) uang saku, kelonggaran& I am looking for a part time job to get additional allowance.
alloy @ ( N) logam campuran& They create a new kind of art from an alloy.
ally @ ( V/N) sekutu, bersekutu& The England and USA allied to invade Irak.
altar @ ( N) altar& In my church, the priest often leaves the altar to build a better communicatin with the people.
altitude @ ( N) ketinggian& She is not going with us to the mountain because she afraid of altitude.
altogether @ ( AV) semuanya, samasekali& You have to pay $200.00 altogether.
aluminium @ ( N) aluminium& Some of the kitchen utensils are made from aluminium to avoid corrosion.
ambassador @ ( N) duta besar& The speech of the ambassador represented the policy of his country.
amend @ ( V) mengubah& The 1945 Constitution was amended to meet the current conditions.
amendment @ ( N) perubahan, amandemen& The amendment of the constitutionl does not the change the country general policy.
amid @ ( AV) di tengah-tengah& It is difficult to make a satisfying decision amid the conflicting ideas.
ample @ ( A) banyak, luas, cukup& I can't understand why our country is still poor despite of its ample resources.
amplify @ ( V) memperjelas, memperkuat& We need another transmitter to amplify the sound.
amusement @ ( N) hiburan& You need to go out and get some amusement after your exams.
analogy @ ( N) persamaan, analogi& My philosoply lecturer likes to use analogy to clarify difficult concepts.
analysis @ ( N) analisis, pemeriksaan yang teliti& After gathering the data, we can start our analysis.
anatomy @ ( N) ilmu urai tubuh/anatomi& A doctor needs to know anatomy well.
ancestor @ ( N) nenek moyang, leluhur& Some theories state that we came from the same ancestor.
angrily @ ( AV) dengan marah& A teacher should not punish his or her students angrily.
animate @ ( A) hidup, bernyawa& You can treat an animate being as you like.
ankle @ ( N) pergelangan kaki& My father can't walk because he broke his ankle when he played football.
announce @ ( V) mengumumkan, mempermaklumkan& Last week Larry and Cynthia announced their plan to get married.
annoy @ ( V) menjengkelkan, mengganggu, menggemaskan& Don't ask him so many questions unless you really want to annoy him.
annoyance @ ( N) kejengkelan, gangguan, kegemasan& You should apologize for the annoyance you caused to him.
annual @ ( A) tahunan, tiap tahun& We have annual festivals to commemorate our independence day.
answer @ ( V/N) jawab (an)& I asked her several questions, but she did not want to give an answer.
antartic @ ( N) daerah Kutub Selatan& The Australian government sent some researches to the antartic for research.
anthropology @ ( N) antropologi& If you want to know more about people, you can study anthropology.
anticipate @ ( V) mendahului, mengharapkan& Actually we had tried to anticipate the storm, but we never thought that the result would be like this.
antogonism @ ( N) pertentangan/perlawanan& It will be interesting to talk about the antagonism in the story.
anyhow @ ( AV) bagaimanapun juga& You didn't pass the test. Anyhow, you have done you best.
apologize @ ( V) minta maaf& I should apologize for this misunderstanding to him.
apology @ ( N) permintaan maaf& I am afraid she will not accept my apology.
apparatus @ ( N) alat, peralatan& This apparatus is used to measure the strength of waves.
appeal @ ( V/N) menarik, memohon kepada, permohonan& The idea to go on a vacation doesn't appeal me.
applaud @ ( V) bertepuk tangan& The audience applauded for their great performance.
applause @ ( N) tepuk tangan, sorakan& We should give them our big applause for their great performance.
apply @ ( V) menerapkan& I am trying to apply the theories I got in class.
appreciate @ ( V) menghargai& We should appreciate what people try to do to help us.
appreciation @ ( N) penghargaan& The gift showed their appreciation to our work.
appropriate @ ( A) cocok, tepat, pantas& What is the most appropriate tittle for that story?
apt @ ( A) mungkin, condong, mudah, tepat, cerdas& The parents are usually apt to belive their children than other people.
arable @ ( A) baik untuk ditanami& The farmers here have good harvests because the land is arable.
arbitrary @ ( A) sewenang-wenang, sembarangan, tanpa alasan& The arbitrary decision is made only for the rich people's prosperitiy.
arbitrate @ ( V) menengahi& The United Nation arbitrated the problem that occured in Korea.
architect @ ( N) arsitek& The architect of the building combines modern and traditional styles.
arctic @ ( N) daerah Kutub Utara& I cannot imagine how cold it is in the arctic.
area @ ( N) daerah& The areas outside Java still need a lot of skilled people.
arid @ ( A) gersang, kering& We can't plant any plant on this arid land.
arithmetic @ ( N) ilmu berhitung& My brother is good in arithmatic but is poor in language.
armchair @ ( N) kursi malas& Whenever I see the armchair, I remember of my former grandfather who used to sit there.
arouse @ ( V) menimbulkan, membangunkan, menggerakkan& The sudden change of the management aroused people's curiosity.
array @ ( V/N) susunan, menyusun, pameran& Can you make it into an array, so that it will be clear enough for us to understand.
articulate @ ( V) melafalkan& Your idea was well articulated. Hopefully, they can accept it.
ascend @ ( V) naik, mendaki& We moved very slowly when we ascended to stairways to the temple.
ascent @ ( N) kenaikan, pendakian& The ascent of the benefit really surprised the manager.
ashtray @ ( N) tempat abu rokok, asbak& As there is no ashtray here, we believe we are not allowed to smoke.
ass @ ( N) keledai, orang bodoh& Don't behave like an ass.
assault @ ( V/N) serangan, penyerangan& The assault to the market caused many victims.
assemble @ ( V) berkumpul, memasang/merakit& The students assembled there to protest the increase of the tuition.
assert @ ( V) menyatakan, menegaskan, menuntut& The director have asserted several times that there will be no wage raise.
assess @ ( V) menaksir, menilai& The man from the realty came to assess the price of the house.
assign @ ( V) menugaskan, mengangkat, menetapkan& The teacher was assigned to handle the student affairs.
assimilate @ ( V) berasimilasi, menyerap, menyerap/memahami& The immigrant assimilated into the country they moved to.
associate @ ( V) teman sejawat, rekan, menghubungkan& Dr.Richardson and his associates are running a reseach project to develop the vaccine.
assume @ ( V) mengira, menganggap, menerima/memikul/menanggung& We assume that the problem had been finished by him.
assure @ ( V) jamin/tanggung, yakin/percaya& I are trying assure John to change his decision.
astonish @ ( V) mengherankan& The way they treatd her really astonished me.
astronomy @ ( N) ilmu perbintangan& Many people study astronomy because they enjoy the beauty of the nature.
attack @ ( V/N) serangan, serbuan, menyerang, menyerbu, menerkam& The USA began to attack Irak three months ago.
attain @ ( V) mencapai& We congratulate them for their effort to attain the target.
attendance @ ( N) yang hadir, yang ikut& The attendance gave a big applause for her performance.
attendant @ ( N) pengikut, peserta& I think our program was successful because there were many attendants.
attention @ ( N) perhatian& Pay attention to your pronunciation if you want to be understood.
attire @ ( N) pakaian, mengenakan pakaian& Sandra and Bob looked very different in their old attire .
attraction @ ( N) daya tarik& The new panda is the centre of attraction in the zoo.
attribute @ ( N/V) perlengkapan, sifat, mengaitkan/menghubungkan& The soldiers should use their attribute in the war.
auditory @ ( A) berkaitan dengan pendengaran& My grandfather can't hear clearly because he has an auditory problem.
automatic @ ( A) otomatis& The robbers are very dangerous because they have automatic guns.
autonomy @ ( N) otonomi& Nowadays, the provincies have a bigger autonomy to run their local government.
auxiliary @ ( N) pembantu& To be (is, am, are) is an auxiliary verb, because they are not the real verbs which contruct the sentence.
avail @ ( V) mengambil manfaat& Nobody should not avail from the tragic tsunami.
avoid @ ( V) menghindari, mengelakkan, menjauhi& It is better for you to solve the problem rather than avoid it.
avoidance @ ( N) penghindaran, pengelakan& Tax avoidance is a serious crime nowadays.
aware @ ( A) sadar, insyaf (~ of)& Are you aware of the changes of school system?
awe @ ( N) rasa kagum, rasa terpesona& He created a poem as the expression of his awe to her.
awhile @ ( AV) sebentar, sementara& Can you wait for awhile?
awkward @ ( A) kaku, janggal, canggung, kikuk, buruk sekali& I feel awkward to be in the same room with a person I don't like.
awkwardness @ ( N) kekakuan, kejanggalan, kecanggungan, kekikukkan& Do you think she was aware of my awkwardness?
axiom @ ( N) aksioma& Accoring to the law, the aksioma is not valid.
babble @ ( V) omongan, obrolan, ocehan, celoteh, mengobrol, menceloteh, mengoceh& The baby starts to bable when he is about six month old.
background @ ( N) latar belakang& I refused the job because it was not suitable with my background.
backstreet @ ( N) jalan belakang& People used to get something through the backstreet.
bacterium @ ( N) bakteri& According to a new medical research, the bacterium is good for our health.
badness @ ( N) keburukan, kejelekan, kebusukan, kejahatan, tingkah laku yang buruk& You cannot cover the badness of the plan from him.
bake @ ( V) membakar (roti dan lain-lain)& You need about thirty minutes to bake the cake.
banner @ ( N) spanduk, bendera, panji-panji, pataka& There are a lot of banners in the football field.
banquet @ ( N) perjamuan, pesta makan, bangket& The food served in the banquet last night was very delicious.
bare @ ( A) tandus, kosong, telanjang (kaki), jelas& We have tried to plant some trees in this bare land.
bargain @ ( V) tawar-menawar& In the traditional market, you can bargain the price.
barier @ ( N) rintangan& Don't let language be a barier for your development.
barley @ ( N) gandum untuk membuat bir& The company imports the barley in order to get good quality beer.
barometer @ ( N) barometer& Don't you money as a barometer to judge one's success.
barren @ ( A) tandus& It is very difficult to plant trees in the barren land.
baseball @ ( N) basebal& The children play a baseball in the park.
basic @ ( A) dasar, utama& Can't you realize that the basic problem comes from you yourself?
basis @ ( N) dasar& Appearance is not a good basis for judgement.
bathroom @ ( N) kamar mandi& How can you spend half an hour in the bathroom?
battery @ ( N) aki, batu baterai, deretan& The handphone will turn off automatically if the battery is low.
beak @ ( N) paruh& The beak of the bird is hurt, it can't sing beautifully anymore.
beam @ ( N) sinar, sorotan, balok/tiang, bersinar-sinar/berseri-sri& The beam that you saw last night came from his flashlight.
beauty @ ( N) keindahan, kecantikan, orang cantik& The beauty of the painting comes from the feeling of the person who made it.
become @ ( V) menjadi& After the story spread out, the dog becomes the symbol of the faithfulness in England.
bed @ ( V) menanam(kan), tertanam/melekat&
bedclothes @ ( N) seprei, sarung bantal, kain-kain tempat tidur& Go to the laundry and have the bedclothes washed.
bedding @ ( N) kain-kain tempat tidur, seprei, seelimut& You can buy a bedding in that shop. It sells a good but cheap bedding.
beetle @ ( N) kumbang& There is a beetle flying in my bedroom.
beg @ ( V) mengemis,memohon/minta (dengan sangat)& The people in the corner of the street beg for some money.
bellow @ ( N) lenguh (sapi/kerbau), melenguh& I heard a mysterious bellow from that old building last night.
bend @ ( V) membengkokkan, bengkokkan, belokan& You need to bend the end of the stick to pick mangoes.
benefit @ ( V/N) keuntungan, manfaat& You can drop the program if it does not give you any benefit.
bet @ ( V/N) memasang taruh, beertaruh, taruhan& My brother bets 50,000 for the horse race tonight.
beware @ ( V) hati-hati, awas& Beware of the bull, it is wild!
bewilder @ ( V) membingungkan& The lecturer's long explanation bewildered us.
bias @ ( N) prasangka, miring/condong, membuat berat sebelah& Gender bias is very common in this community.
bind @ ( V) mengikat, membalut, menjilid& Could you wait for awhile? She was binding the paper.
bishop @ ( N) uskup& The bishop will come to bless our new school building.
bitterness @ ( N) kepahitan, kegetiran, kebencian& Eventhough she is hurt, she just keeps the bitterness in her heart.
blackboard @ ( N) papan tulis& The students usually start talking when the teacher is writing on the blackboard.
blade @ ( N) mata pisau, pisau (cukur)& The blade hurt my arm. It is bleeding now.
blame @ ( V) menyalahkan& He blames himself of his daughter's death.
blank @ ( A) formulir, kosong& Mr. Smith asked us to write the answer in the blank line.
blast @ ( V) meledakkan, menghancurkan, membunyikan& Just a few month ago, there was a bomb blast in front of JW Marriot hotel.
bleed @ ( V) berdarah& The woman is bleeding because of the accident.
blend @ ( V) mencampur, bercampur, berbau& They blend tobacco with some sauces to make it smell well.
bliss @ ( N) kebahagiaan& I had been waiting for this happines for five years.
blot @ ( N) noda, bintik& There is a big blot of ink in my shirt, I should wash it now.
blunt @ ( A) tumpul, kasar, berterus terang& He is injured because he had been hit with a blunt material.
board @ ( N/V) dewan (pengurus)& The board of examiners consists of five lecturers.
boast @ ( V) menyombongkan diri, membual& Don't believe him, He likes to boast.
boastful @ ( A) sombong, pembual& I don't like a boastful person.
boasting @ ( A) sombong, membual& Don't be boasting, Just do it if you can.
boat @ ( N) perahu, kapal, sampan& You can borrow my father's boat for fishing this week.
bold @ ( A) berani& Be bold to face anything as long as you are right.
boldness @ ( N) keberanian& The goverment appreciates his boldness to save the victims from the fire last night by giving him a medal.
bond @ ( N) ikatan, tali& The bond between the twin sisters is very strong.
bonnet @ ( N) topi (untuk anak kecil wanita)& My uncle gave me a bonnet from England.
bookcase @ ( N) lemari buku& I painted my bookcase so that it looked good to be put in my bedroom.
bookshelf @ ( N) rak buku& I put a doll instead of books in my bookshelf.
bore @ ( V/N) membosankan, menjemukan, membor& The lecture of sociology really bores the students.
boredom @ ( N) kebosanan, kejemuan& The boredom of the students can be seen from the way they sit.
botany @ ( N) botani (ilmu tumbuh-tumbuhan)& It will be interseting to study botany in the garden.
bound @ ( V) terikat& The husband and wife are bound to each other in the marriage relationship.
boundless @ ( A) tidak ada batasnya& The world is very wide, and some may said that it is boundless.
bow @ ( V/N) busur (panah) & menunduk, membungkuk, simpul
bracelet @ ( N) gelang& The bracelet is made from pearls.
braid @ ( N) jalinan pita, mengelabang, mengepang, menganyam, kelabangan, kepangan& Do you see the girl with a braid in the corner of the class?
brand @ ( N) buatan, cap& This brand only produces good products.
brave @ ( A) berani& The brave fireman saved the life of the girl.
bravery @ ( N) keberanian& His bravery has saved the life of the robbery victim.
break @ ( V/N) mematahkan, memecahkan, istirahat, jeda& We can have coffee during the break.
break @ ( V/N) tiba-tiba timbul, meletus (~ out)& We were very panic when the riot broke out yesterday.
breakage @ ( N) pemecah& The delivery man was not responsible of the package breakage.
breakdown @ ( N) kemacetan, kerusakan, gangguan& The lines do not work because there is a breakdown in the system.
bribe @ ( V) suap, menyogok/menyuap& You cannot bribe the police to get away from your case.
bribery @ ( N) sogok-menyogok& Nowadays, bribery is common in public offices.
brief @ ( A) singkat/ringkas, memberi penjelasan singkat& I am very sleepy, so would you tell me the story in brief?
bright @ ( A) terang, cerah, pintar& She has a bright brain and likes to help her friends to solve the difficult tasks.
brighten @ ( V) menerangi, menjadikan terang/cerah& We need some light to brighten the stage.
brilliant @ ( A) pintar, cerah, cemerlang& Your idea to make use of the useless things is very brilliant.
brink @ ( N) tepi, pinggir& It is very dangerous to built a tend on the brink of the valley.
brittle @ ( A) rapuh& The bed in my room is already brittle. We need to buy a new one.
broaden @ ( V) meluaskan, melebarkan, meluas, melebar& You need to read more books to broaden your view.
bruise @ ( N) memar, luka ringan& She only has some bruises in the accident.
bud @ ( N) tunas, pucuk& You can see the buds of the trees grow in the spring.
budget @ ( N) angaran belanja& The company always plans their budget in the begining of the year.
bulb @ ( N) bola lampu, pentolan& You need to replace the bulb. The light is not bright anymore.
bulge @ ( V) menonjol, membengkak& You need to go to hospital because your ankle bulged.
bulk @ ( N) bagian terbesar, borongan& The bulk of the benefit comes from the marketing division.
bullet @ ( N) peluru& He had a surgery to take out the bullet in his leg.
bulletin board @ ( N) papan pengumuman& There is no new news in the bulletin board.
bunch @ ( N) ikat, rangkai segerombolan& Jerry gave me a bunch of flowers to show his apology.
burden @ ( N) beban& I cannot stand this burden anymore. I will quit.
burst @ ( V) meledak, melutus, pecah& We thought there was a bomb when the tire burst.
bursting @ ( N) ledakan, letusan, pecahnya& The bursting of the bomb made him lose one of his legs.
business @ ( N) dunia usaha& My brother runs our family business very carefully.
businesslike @ ( A) praktis, cekatan& Let's have a businesslike solution to the problem.
butt @ ( N) puntung (rokok), ujung& How could they leave their cigarette butts in the flower pot?
buyer @ ( N) pembeli& There have been hadly buyers since the shop was opened.
cabinet @ ( N) lemari kaca& The thief took all the jewelry in my cabinet.
cable @ ( N) kawat, kabel, telegram& People used to send a message using a cable, but now they use an email.
calf @ ( N) anak sapi& The calf has not produced milk yet.
calorie @ ( N) kalori& My mother does not to eat food which contains too much calorie.
camel @ ( N) unta& They still use a camel as a means of transportation in the desert.
camp @ ( N) kemah, perkemahan& The students built a camp in the valley near the river.
campaign @ ( N/V) kampanye& The government has campaigns against drug abuase.
cancel @ ( V) membatalkan, mencap& The flight was canceled because of the bad weather.
candidate @ ( N) calon& Three of the five candidates do not meet the requirements for the election.
cane @ ( N) tongkat, rotan& He uses the cane to punish his children.
cannon @ ( N) meriam& The soldiers used cannons to attack the fort in the war time.
canoe @ ( N) kano (sampan), bersampan& The Indians make a canoe from oak.
canvas @ ( N) kain kampas, kain trappal& Arindo only paints on small canvases.
cape @ ( N) mantel tanpa lengan, tanjung& I like to visit this place because I can see that beautiful cape from here.
capsule @ ( N) kapsul& Traditional medicine is also marketed in capsules nowadays.
carbon @ ( N) zat arang, karbon& The carbon is very dangerous for human beings.
cardboard @ ( N) kardus, karton& The homeless sleep on the cardboard at night.
careful @ ( A) hati-hati, cermat, teliti& As a careful reader, he will not miss any idea in the text.
cargo @ ( N) barang muatan& The plan only carried cargo, not passengers.
carry @ ( V) membawa& What will you use to carry the books?
case @ ( N) hal, perkara, poti/kotak, tas/tempat, kasus& You can't bribe the judge to win the case.
cash @ ( N) uang tunai, menguangkan& My secretary just goes to the bank to cash the cheque.
cast (v.) @ ( V) melemparkan& Try to cast your fishing hook in deep water.
catalog @ ( N) daftar buku& The catalog is made to help you find the book.
category @ ( N) kelompok/golongan/kategory& The list of the books are arranged based on their category.
cattle @ ( N) ternak, sapi& The farmers here depend their life on their cattle.
cave @ ( N) gua& There is a wild bear in that cave.
ceaseless @ ( A) terus-menerus, tanpa henti& You seem to have a ceaseless financial problem.
ceiling @ ( N) langit-langit& We need a stair to fix the ceiling.
celebrate @ ( V) merayakan& They celebrate the new year with a big party tonight.
celebration @ ( N) perayaan& We will have a very big celebration of the independence day this year.
centrifugal @ ( A) bergerak dari pusat sudut/sentrifugal& The waterfall makes a water circle which has centrifugal movement.
cereal @ ( N) biji-bijian (untuk dimakan)& My sister eats cereal for breakfast.
certainty @ ( N) kepastian, keyakinan& He answered all the quetions with certainty.
certificate @ ( N) surat keterangan, ijazah& You should show all your certificates when you apply for a job.
certify @ ( V) menerangkan, menyatakan dengan sebenarnya& The certificates only certify your completion of the courses.
change @ ( V/N) mengubah, perubahan& You can change your life condition by working hard.
charcoal @ ( N) arang& We use charcoal to heat the room in winter.
charge @ ( V/N) minta (ongkos), menuduh, menyerang, menyerbu, ongkos/biaya, tuduhan, serangan& The hotel did not charge for the extra bed.
chariot @ ( N) kereta pertempuran.& Arjuna and Karna fought on a chariot in Baratayudha.
charming @ ( A) sangat menarik& You look very charming in your black dress.
chart @ ( N) peta& The chart shows the development of the company.
chase @ ( V) pengejaran, mengejar, mengusir, menghalau& The police chased after the robbers.
chatter @ ( V/N) mengobrol, obrolan& It is hard to live in a boarding house because we tend to chatter until midnight instead of studying.
cheat @ ( V) menipu& Nobody will believe you if you like to cheat.
cheating @ ( N) penjiplakan, penyontekan, perbuatan curang& Cheating is a common thing for Indonesian students nowadays.
cheerful @ ( A) riang, gembira, menyenangkan& The children in the orphan house look cheerful when we come and visit them.
chemist @ ( N) ahli kimia& We have only a few chemists in Indonesia.
chemistry @ ( N) ilmu kimia& My sister studies chemistry in the university.
chest @ ( N) dada, peti& The police shot the robber at his chest.
chestnut @ ( N) berangan (sejenis buah berkulit keras)& We can make a delicious jam from the chestnut.
chicken @ ( N) anak ayam, ayam muda, daging ayam& We feed the chicken everyday.
childish @ ( A) kekanak-kanakan& I don't like her because she is very childish.
chill @ ( N) dingin& You need a jacket if there is a chill.
chilly @ ( A) dingin& We often have a chilly weather here, so you need to have a jacket.
chop @ ( V/N) potongan, memotong/membelah, membabat, pukulan.& The carpenter chopped the wood with an axe.
chromosome @ ( N) bagian sel yang mengandung sifat turun temurun& The people's characteristic is determined by their chromosome.
chronological @ ( A) secara beturut-turut, kronologi& You can write your experience in a chronological order.
circus @ ( N) sirkus& The gypsies usually work in a circus.
citizen @ ( N) warganegara, wargakora& There is a rule that every citizen should protect his or her country.
civilized @ ( A) beradab, berbudaya& Technology is accepted in a civilized society.
clap @ ( V) bertepuk tangan& The people clapped their hands to welcome the guest.
clapping @ ( V/N) tepuk tangan& The children are clapping their hands to show that they feel happy.
clash @ ( V/N) bentokan, perlawanan, perselisihan, ketidakcocokan& The clash between the communities in Poso destruct the city.
clasp @ ( VV) menggenggam, mendekap& She clasped my hand because she was scared.
clasping @ ( V/N) genggaman, dekapan& Her clasping really supported me to face the problem.
classical @ ( A) klasik& The classical music can help a baby develop his or her brain.
clause @ ( N) anak kalimat, klausa, ketentuan/klausule& In English, we have three kinds of subclauses.
cleanliness @ ( N) kebersihan& Cleanliness is a condition for healthy life.
clear @ ( A/V) jelas, jernih, bersih, membersihkan, mengosongkan& Mr.Kirk's explanation about the problem is very clear.
clearly @ ( AV) jelas (dengan)& I cannot see the sign clearly from here.
cleave @ ( V) membelah, memecah& Every cell cleaves into four.
climax @ ( N) puncak, klimaks& The climax of the new year celebration is the music concert.
clinic @ ( N) balai pengobatan/klinik& My neighbour, who is a doctor, runs a small clinic in the suburban area.
cloudy @ ( A) mendung berawan& Don't forget to bring the umbrella because it is cloudy.
clover @ ( N) (tumbuhan) semanggi& Some clovers have beautiful flowers, eventhough they get the food from another plant.
clue @ ( N) petunjuk (untuk memecahkan sesuatu)& The students should find the answer based on the clue in the text.
clumsy @ ( A) kaku, canggung, kikuk& I feel clumsy when I have to be in the kitchen.
cluster @ ( N/V) kelompok/kumpulan& The zebra cluster lives near the lake.
clutch @ ( V) menggengam, mengepit, berpegang pada& The child is crying as he clutched his broken toys.
coalmine @ ( N) tambang batu bara& The children like to play in that old coalmine eventhough it is very dangerous.
coarse @ ( A) kasar& Since the surface is very coarse, you have to make it smooth.
coarsen @ ( V) mengasarkan& You need to coarsen the floor a little so that it is notg slippery.
coastline @ ( N) garis pantai& Jack's house is very close to the coastline.
code @ ( N/V) sandi/kode& They tried to break the code based on the clue given.
coerce @ ( V) memaksa& The suspect could be brought to court because he was coerced to sign the letter.
cohere @ ( V) berkumpul bersama, melekat satu sama lain& It is difficult to draw a conclusion from ideas which do not cohere to each other.
coil @ ( N) gulungan, bergulung, membelit diri, berliku-liku& The dynamo does not work because the coil is burnt.
coincide @ ( V) bertepatan& Many of the lecturers did not come the meeting because it coincided with another meeting.
coldness @ ( N) dingin(nya), kedinginan& The coldness of the weather in the morning gave me an insipiration to write the poem.
collapse @ ( V) roboh, runtuh, jatuh, kempis& The hotel collapsed after the bomb blusted.
collide @ ( V) bertabrakan& We heard a crash when the truck collided with the bus.
colonist @ ( N) penduduk baru di daerah jajahan& The colonists took away all the riches of the people.
combat @ ( V/N) melawan, pertempuran& The goverment built a monument in the combat area to honor the war heroes.
combustion @ ( N) pembakaran& My car hesitates because it has a problem with its combustion.
comedy @ ( N) komedi, lakon yang lucu& Did you watch the comedy on television last night?
comfort @ ( N) kesenangan hidup& The job gives me both pride and comfort.
commend @ ( V) menghargai, memuji& We should commend our children's improvement so that they have a motivation to do more.
commercial @ ( A) komersial& You can find information on the product on the commercial column.
committed to @ ( A) terikat dengan& Once you get married, you have to be committed to it.
commodity @ ( N) mata/barang dagangan& Rotan is one of Indonesian's commodities which is exported to many countries.
communicate @ ( V) berkomunikasi, berhubungan, mengkomunikasikan& The internet helps us to communicate with the people from different countries.
compact @ ( A) padat& We can use the compact disc or CD to save the big data.
companion @ ( N) teman& A good companion is always ready anytime needed.
companionship @ ( N) persahabatan, penemanan& That companionship lasted only for two years.
compare @ ( V) membandingkan& Don't try to compare your condition with the condition of the rich people.
compass @ ( N) jangka, kompas, pedoman& Ryan has reminded us to bring the compass to help us find the way.
compensate @ ( V) mengimbangi, mengganti kerugian& She offered to give 200,000 rupiahs to compensate the loss of the pictures.
competent @ ( A) cakap, mampu, berwenang& We need a competent person to lead this big organization.
competition @ ( N) persaingan, petandingan, perlombaan& In AFTA, the competition between the local products and imported products is very tough.
competitor @ ( N) saingan& Sometimes the relation between competitors is not good.
compile @ ( V) menyusun& You need to give your own ideas, and not just compile ideas from different sources.
complementary @ ( A) yang saling melengkapi& Your idea and Jane's are complementary so we can use both of them.
complete @ ( V/A) lengkap, sempurna, menyelesaikan , melengkapi/kan, mengisi& Mr. Smith returned the report because it was not complete.
compound @ ( A) (bahan) campuran, senyawa, persenyawaan& The chemical compound in the food is very dangerous for people.
comprehend @ ( V) memahami, mengerti& The close test can be used to check whether the students have comprehended the text or not.
comprise @ ( V) terdiri atas& This book comprises ten chapters.
compromise @ ( V) membahayakan& Don't compromise your good reputation with small gifts.
concave @ ( A) cekung, lekuk& The concave area makes the scenery of the hill more beautiful.
conceal @ ( V) menyembunyikan& The company tried to conceal the negative effect of the product.
concede @ ( V) mengakui& It is difficult to concede our mistake in front of other people.
conceive @ ( V) membayangkan, memahami, mengandung/menjadi hamil, menyusun& The change of the government policy is difficult to conceive.
concentrate @ ( V) memusatkan pikiran, berkonsentrasi& In the TOFL test, the students should concentrate on the task in order to be able to answer it well.
concept @ ( N) konsep, rencana, pengertian& The dean asked us to show him the concept of the program before he gave his approval.
concise @ ( A) ringkas& The concise edition of the novel is not meant for adult readers.
concise @ ( A) ringkas& The concise edition of the novel is not meant for adult readers.
conclusion @ ( N) kesimpulan& The book has a conclusion at the end of every chapter.
concrete @ ( A) kongkrit, beton& You should give concrete examples of your ideas if you want other people to understand it.
condense @ ( V) menyingkatkan, memadatkan& The last speaker had to condense his speech because of the time limit.
conduct @ ( N) tingkah laku, sikap, tabiat& I really know his conduct because we have been room-mates for a long time.
conductor @ ( N) konduktor, pemimpin orkes/paduan suara& The conductor of the choir was very happy with the performance.
cone @ ( N) kerucut, contong, horen& My younger sister had two cones of ice cream.
confer @ ( V) berunding, menganugerahkan& The two opposing team conferred for several hours before they reached the agreement.
confidential @ ( A) rahasia& The reporters are not allowed to report that confidential meeting.
confine @ ( V) membatasi, menahan, mengurung, memenjarakan& I confined my answers to what I really knew.
confirm @ ( V) menegaskan, memperkuat& My secretary just phoned the client to confirm the meeting.
conform @ ( V) menyesuaikan diri, memenuhi, menurut/sesuai dengan& All laws should conform to the constitution.
confront @ ( V) berhadapan, menghadapi& I did not think that I would be confronted to various difficult problems.
congratulate @ ( V) mengucapkan selamat& We should congratulate him for his sucessful seminar.
congratulation @ ( N) ucapan selamat& I have received many congratulation calls from my friends.
congress @ ( N) konggres& In the new system the congress can veto a bill.
conscience @ ( N) suara hati, hati nurani& You have to use your conscience to make your decision.
conscious @ ( A) sadar& Language learning is not a conscious process.
consecutive @ ( A) berturut-turut, berturutan& Tomo asked the teacher a consecutive question which gave no time for the techer to think about.
consent @ ( N/V) izin, persetujuan, restu& The students need their parents' consent to join the club.
consequent @ ( A) berikut& The people suffer more from the oil price increase and its consequent increase of the prices of other products.
conserve @ ( V) mengawetkan, mengalengkan, menghemat& We have to conserve energy for the future generation.
consider @ ( V) mempertimbangkan, menganggap& We need to consider his contributions to the organization before we make our decision.
considerable @ ( A) besar, banyak, amat, sungguh-sungguh& Jack spent a considerable amount of money for his hobby.
consideration @ ( N) pertimbangan& We should think about the other considerations before deciding something.
consistent @ ( A) tetap, konsekwen& People sometimes are not consistent with what they have said.
consolidate @ ( V) menggabungkan, memperkokoh& America consolidated their attack by sending more soldiers to Iraq.
conspiracy @ ( N) komplotan, sekongkolan& The consipracy of the robber who lived near the river had been caught by the police last week.
constitute @ ( V) merupakan& Corruption constituted the biggest crime in the country.
constitution @ ( N) konstitusi& The government may not make a policy which violates the constitution.
container @ ( N) wadah barang& That store sells uniqeu containers for spices in cheap prices.
contaminate @ ( V) mengotorkan, mencemarkan& The smoke from that factory has contaminated the clean and fresh air.
contemplete @ ( V) merenungkan, bermaksud& She spent hours contemplating before she made the decision.
contemporary @ ( A) kontemporer, dalam waktu yang bersamaan& Frankly speaking, I cannot enjoy contemporary arts.
contempt @ ( N) jijik, penghinaan& He was prisoned because of comtept of court.
contend @ ( V) bertanding, berjuang, melawan& The poor people contend to get their right of the land.
contest @ ( N/V) pertandingan, memperebutkan, competition& My sister joined the miss university contest.
continue @ ( V) melanjutkan& Susie will continue her family's business.
contour @ ( N) garis luar, garis bentuk& The contour of the coast determines the size of the island.
contract @ ( V/N) kontrak, menyingkatkan, mengkerut, menyusut& The developer is under the contract to finish the building by June.
contradict @ ( V/N) menyangkal, membentak& The thief contradicted the accusation that he stole the woman's bag.
contrary @ ( A) kebalikan& The way she lives is very contrary to the fact that she has a lot of money.
contrast @ ( N/V) perbedaan, kontras, membedakan, membandingkan& The contrast of the lives of the rich and the poor is very striking in this country.
contrive @ ( V) membuat, menyusun, berusaha& The robbes had contrived the plan to rob the bank for several months.
controversy @ ( N) persengketaan, percekcokan& The new law created a controversy in the right of parents to choose education for their children.
convention @ ( N) rapat, perjanjian, adat (kebiasaan)& Many political parties hold their annual conventions in Bali.
converge @ ( V) bertemu, berkumpul, berjumpa& The storm was caused by two winds from the two oceans which converged.
convert @ ( V) mengubah& You have to convert this file into a doc file.
convex @ ( A) cembung& Convex mirror creates different reflections from the concave mirror.
convict @ ( V) narapidana, menghukum& The judge convicted him three years because of the robbery.
conviction @ ( N) penghukuman, kepastian& The three-year conviction changed the life of the whole family.
convince @ ( V) menyakinkan& You have to convince John that his help is badly needed.
coordinate @ ( V) menyerasikan, mengkoodinasikan, derajat& Another meeting is needed to coordinate all the committee members.
cordial @ ( A) ramah tamah, peramah, hangat& The manager will give a bonus to the most cordial waitress.
core @ ( A) inti, bagian tengah, biji& The core of this atom consists of neutrons and protons.
cork @ ( N) gabus, sumbat, pelampung, menyumbat& I need a corkscrew to open this cork.
corkscrew @ ( N) pembuka sumbat gabus& The waiter did not use a corkscrew to open the bottle.
corporation @ ( N) perusahaan yang bebentuk badan hukum& The lives of the workers in the corporation depends on his decision.
correct @ ( V/A) betul, membetulkan& You will get a point for every correct answer.
correction @ ( N) pembetulan, koreksi& It is better not to give correction directly on students' speech.
correctly @ ( AV) dengan benar& You have to be able to pronounce all the words in the list correctly.
correlate @ ( V) menghubungkan& You have to correlate all the theories to support your idea.
correspond @ ( V) bersurat-suratan, cocok& Sita likes to correspond with her friends from abroad.
correspondence @ ( N) surat-menyurat, ke/persesuaian& I keep my correspondence with my friends from abroad.
corrode @ ( V) merusak& This chemical liquid can corrode a glass.
corrupt @ ( V/A) buruk, rusak& The scandal corrupts the bank reputation.
cosmology @ ( N) kosmologi (ilmu alam semesta)& Many people believe that their life depends on cosmology.
costly @ ( A) mahal, merugikan& Nobody in my college can afford such a costly car.
costume @ ( N) kostum, pakaian& Poppy Darsono designed the costums for that performance.
counsel @ ( V) nasihat, menasihati/kan& The priest counseld the new couple who wanted to divorce.
counterpart @ ( N) rekan/teman imbangan& The progress of this company also depends on its counnterparts.
country @ ( N) negara& Indonesia is my beloved country.
couple @ ( N) pasangan, beberapa& There are a lot of couples who like to spend their Saturday night here.
courtyard @ ( N) halaman gedung yang dikelilingi tembok& The gardener designed the courtyard beautifully.
cowardice @ ( N) perasaan pengecut& William tries hard to cover his cowardice.
cowardly @ ( A) pengecut& His cowardly statement really made his group angry.
craft @ ( N) keahlian, keprigelan, kapal (kecil)& We can see the crafts sailing in the sea from this hill.
crash @ ( V/N) tabrakan, menabrak (kan), bertabrakan& I saw another crash this morning in that intersection.
crater @ ( N) kawah& The crater of the Merapi mountain is very beautiful if you see from here.
credible @ ( A) dapat dipercaya& Do you think George is credible enough to run this company?
credit @ ( N/V) piutang, kredit& The bank offers a credit with a low interest.
crest @ ( N) puncak& The crest of Wijaya mountain is covered with snow.
criminal @ ( A) penjahat, yang bersifat kejahatan& I cannot trust him because of his criminal look.
crimson @ ( N) merah tua& The crimson represents love and faithfulness.
crisis @ ( N) masa gawat, saat genting, kemelut, kegentingan& Don't be to pessimistic to face this crisis.
criterion @ ( N) patokan, ukuran, kriteria& Betty does not have a good criterion to classify the data.
critize @ ( V) mengkritik, mengecam, mengupas, mencela& Many people critize the sudden change of policy.
crossing @ ( V) persimpangan, pelintasan& There is a new store after the crossing road.
crowd @ ( N) orang banyak, kerumunan& I wonder why there is a crowd in that intersection.
crown @ ( N) mahkota, menobatkan& The crown of the queen has 24 diamonds on it.
crucial @ ( A) penting sekali, gawat, kritis& It is very crucial to bring your ID card anywhere in Nanggroe Aceh Darusallam.
crude @ ( A) mentah, kasar, sederhana, kira-kira& The crude oil will be processed first before sold as a gasoline.
crush @ ( V) meremukkan, mengumalkan& Becareful to bring the eggs, or you will crush them.
crust @ ( N) kerak, kulit yang kering, kulit/kerak bumi, menjadi keras permukaannya& My teeth are not strong enought to eat the rice crust.
crystal @ ( N) kristal, kaca& The lamp is very expensive because it is made of crystal.
cube @ ( N) kubus, pangkat tiga, memotong-motong berbentuk kubus, memangkatkan tiga& We have to measure the volume of the cube using water.
cuckoo @ ( N) burung (sejenis tekukur)& My uncle has a lot of cuckoos in his house.
culminate @ ( V) mencapai puncak& The economic crisis culminated after the minister announced the policy.
curb @ ( N) pinggir/tepi jalan, tengekang& In many big cities, you can find beggars at the curbs of main roads.
cure @ ( V) mengobati& I hope this medicine can cure me.
curl @ ( N) keriting, mengeritingkan, menggulung& Melina's hair looks different. It is curly now.
currency @ ( N) mata uang, peredaran& The price of the goods in Indonesia depends on the international currency.
curse @ ( V/N) kutukan, mengutuk& You may not curse anybody however angry you are.
cycle @ ( N) putaran, peredaran, siklus& Water cycle begins from the sea.
cylinder @ ( N) silinder& The cylinders contain dangerous chemical substances.
dairy @ ( N) perusahaan susu& My stomach cannot take any dairy products.
daisy @ ( N) sejenis bunga aster& Cythia put a bunch of daisies at the corner of the room.
damp @ ( A) lembab, basah& You have to dry the damp clothes, or otherwise they will smell bad.
danger @ ( N) bahaya& The campaign is meant to make young people aware of the danger of drugs.
daring @ ( A) berani& He did the daring action to save the drowning child.
darken @ ( V) menggelapkan, mulai gelap& The farmers are going home as it darkens.
dart @ ( N) anak panah, lari/meluncur dengan cepat dan tiba-tiba& He plays with his darts in his office as a change.
deaf @ ( A) tuli& Some of the bomb victims became deaf.
debate @ ( V/N) membahas, memperbincangkan, memperdebatkan, pembahasan, perbincangan, perdebatan& The debates can encourage the students to practice their English.
decade @ ( N) dasawarsa& In this decade, Indonesia faces the problems of separatism.
decent @ ( A) patut, sopan, layak, baik& Most of the people here do not have a decent house.
decide @ ( V) memutuskan& After months of contempelation I decided to leave my hometown to find a better job.
declaration @ ( N) pernyataan, keterangan& Soekarno and Hatta signed the declaration of independence.
decline @ ( V) menolak, merosot, kemunduran, kemerosotan& I will not be depressed if the governor declines the project proposal again.
decorate @ ( V) menghias( i ), memberi tanda jasa& Jane needs to decorate her house for Bobby's birthday party.
decoration @ ( N) hiasan, dekorasi, tanda jasa& The malls have beautiful decorations for Christmas.
decree @ ( N) dekrit, surat keputusan/ketetapan titah, memutuskan, menitahkan& The President's decree does not regulate the use of explosives.
deduce @ ( V) menarik kesimpulan& Ryan deduced only based on the news he heard.
deduct @ ( V) memotong, mengurangi& The company will not deduct the employees' salary for the health insurance.
deem @ ( V) menganggap& The accident which took a worker's life cannot be deemed a small thing.
deepen @ ( V) memperdalam& You can deepen knowledge of traditional medicines to help other people.
defeat @ ( V/N) mengalahkan, kekalahan& My team will certainly defeat your weak team.
defect @ ( N) cacat, kerusakan& To guarantee our customers, we mustl not sell a product which has a defect.
defendant @ ( N) terdakwa, tergugat& None of the defendants of Bali bombing looked sad eventhough they killed 200 people.
degenerate @ ( V) memburuk, merosot ahlaknya& Pornography may cause the the moral of the youth to degenerate.
delegate @ ( V/N) mengutus, menyerahi/kan, utusan& The government delegated three ministers to attend the ceremony.
deliberate @ ( A) dengan sengaja, tenang dan hati-hati, berunding& His deliberate insult really hurt me.
delicate @ ( A) lembut, lekas tersinggung, sulit& We should tell her about the accident carefully because she is very delicate.
delightful @ ( A) yang sangat menyenangkan& We had a very delightful party with the girls.
deliver @ ( V) mengantarkan, menyampaikan, mengucapkan, membebaskan& Jack delivers pizzas in the evening.
delivery @ ( N) pengantaran& The price of the machine includes the delivery cost.
democratic @ ( A) demokrasi, demokratis& Indonesia is a democratic country.
den @ ( N) liang, sarang& Some kinds of the animal stay in their den in the afternoon and go out to find the food in the evening.
dense @ ( A) lebat, padat& It is difficult to cross the forest because the trees are very dense.
dental @ ( A) gigi, dental& It is very good for our dental health by brushing our teeth after we have a meal.
deny @ ( V) mengingkari, menyangkal& The defendant can't deny the fact that he killed his wife.
depart @ ( V) berangkat, menyimpang& The plane departs at 5 o'clock.
departure @ ( N) keberangkatan, pemberangkatan& The plane departure will be postponed until the heavy rain stops.
dependent @ ( A) tanggungan, bergantung& Modern life is largely dependent on eletronic appliances.
deposit @ ( V/N) endapan, lapisan, deposito& You have to have some deposit in the bank to have a credit card.
depression @ ( N) kemuraman, penurunan, zaman meleset& Many people have a mental depression because of the economic crisis.
depth @ ( N) kedalaman& You have to discuss the topic in depth.
descend @ ( V) turun& We will descend the hill in the morning.
descendant @ ( N) keturunan, anak cucu& We should protect our earth for our descendants.
descent @ ( N) turun(nya), keturunan& The descents of the king of Kutai Kertanegara can still be found in East Borneo.
deserve @ ( V) pantas mendapat, memperoleh& I think Mary deserves more because she works the hardest.
deserving @ ( V) yang pantas memperoleh& We should give the money to the needy and deserving persons.
desirable @ ( A) diinginkan& The prizes in the competition are not only interesting but also desirable.
desolate @ ( A) sepi, sunyi, terpencil& People who live in desolate places do not enjoy the development project.
despair @ ( N) putus asa, hilang harapan, keputusasaan& After his only daughter's death he lives in despair.
destroy @ ( V) merusakkan, menghancurkan, memusnahkan, membinasakan& The flood destroyed the people's houses and fields.
destructive @ ( A) bersifat perusak& A hurricane is a destructive natural phenomenon.
detach @ ( V) melepaskan, menyobek& Ms Priskila asked me to help her detach the question sheets from the answer sheets.
detail @ ( N) seluk beluk, rincian& The details of the procedure to complete the task will be given next week.
detailed @ ( A) yang terinci& You should give me a detailed description of the person that I should meet tonight.
detain @ ( V) menahan, menawan, menghambat& The long heavy rain detained us from going anywhere.
detergent @ ( N) ditergen, bahan cuci& You should not use detergent to wash a batik shirt.
deteriorate @ ( V) memburuk& Grandpa's health is deteriorating again this week.
determination @ ( N) kebulatan tekad, ketekunan& Teddy's determination to open his own shop is supported by his parents.
determined @ ( A) tekun, bertekad bulat& Only some students are determined to finish their study in four years.
deviate @ ( V) menyimpang& Actually, this program has deviated from our main goal.
device @ ( N) alat, perlengkapan& The military has developed a device to track a vehicle.
devoted @ ( A) sayang akan, setia kepada& Nacy is devoted to her children and will not accept the job.
diagnose @ ( N/V) mendiagnosa& The doctor diagnosed that it was just an influenza.
diagonal @ ( N) diagonal, sudut menyudut& The cube has 2 diagonals.
dial @ ( V/N) memutar angka, muka jam, tombol penyetel& I dialed the office some minutes ago but there was no answer.
dictate @ ( V) mendikte/kan, memerintah& Some people tend to dictate other people because they think they have the right to do so.
dictation @ ( N) dikte, imla& Dictation is a wise way to help us develop our listening skill.
die @ ( V) mati, meninggal, tewas& His parents died in that accident.
diet @ ( N) diet, makanan& You need to have a good diet to control your health.
difficult @ ( A) sukar, sulit& It took a long time to solve the difficult problem.
diffuse @ ( V) menyebarkan, yang tersebar, berkepanjangan& The service is diffused to people of different social backgrounds.
digest @ ( V) mencerna, menyelami isi, intisari& It need two hours for us to digest the food we eat.
digestion @ ( N) pencernaan& Vegetable is good for our digestion.
dignity @ ( N) martabat, gengsi& People respect the Andersons because of their dignity.
dilute @ ( V) mencairkan, mengencerkan& You need to dilute the fish from the refigerator first before you fry it.
dim @ ( A) suram& Writing in the dim light is not good for our eyes.
diminish @ ( V) berkurang, mengurangi& Our chance of success diminishes if we do not try now.
dip @ ( V) menciduk, mencelupkan/memasukkan (ke dalam air)& You can dip the fish in the tomato sauce.
diplomat @ ( N) diplomat& I learn several foreign languages because I want to be a diplomat.
direct @ ( V/A) langsung, menujukan, menunjukkan, memimpin, mengarahkan& Garin Nugroho directed 'Daun Di Atas Bantal'.
disagree @ ( V) tidak sependapat, tidak setuju, tidak cocok& If you disagreed with Jack in several matters.
disagreement @ ( N) ketidaksetujuan, perselisihan, percekcokan& The disagreement in an organization is common.
disappear @ ( V) lenyap, hilang, tidak tampil& The robber disappeared in the crowd.
disappoint @ ( V) mengecewakan& The end of the movie really disappointed me.
disappointed @ ( A) kecewa& I was really disappointed with your bad result.
disaster @ ( N) bencana, malapetaka, kemalangan& Thousands of people lost their house in the disaster.
disastrous @ ( A) malapetaka (bersifat)& The cutting down of the trees in the forest will have disastrous effects.
disc @ ( N) piringan, cakram& The surface of the disc will determine the condition of the disc.
discard @ ( V/N) membuang, barang-barang yang dibuang& You can discard what you do not need anymore.
discern @ ( V) melihat& Your personal experience affects the way you discern a problem.
discharge @ ( V) memberhentikan, mengeluarkan& We cannot discharge our employees as we like.
discipline @ ( V) ketertiban, menertibkan& You have to discipline yourself if you want to be successful.
discriminate @ ( V) membedakan& We cannot discriminate people on the bases of their race, religion, and gender.
discuss @ ( V) memperbincangkan, membahas, membicarakan& We discussed the topic thoroughly and saw it from different angles.
disgust @ ( V) menjijikkan, memuakkan& The way she dresses up really disgusts us.
dishonesty @ ( N) ketidakjujuran& Sometimes a dishonesty will cause another dishonesty.
dislike @ ( V) tidak suka, benci& I dislike a student who often comes late to class.
disobey @ ( V) tidak mematuhi& If you disobey the company rules, you will not get a promotion.
disorder @ ( N) ketidakteraturan, kekacauan& He had a mental disorder after he was fired.
dispense with @ ( V) mengeluarkan, membuang, membagi-bagikan& This machine only dispenses branded softdrinks.
disperse @ ( V) bubar, membubarkan& The police dispersed the crowd with smoke guns.
displace @ ( V) menggantikan, memecat, memindahkan& I am here not to displace anyone's position.
display @ ( V) mempertunjukkan, memamerkan& The screen will display the user's identity.
dispose @ ( V) menentukan, mengatur& The secretariat will dispose what time the tests will be held.
dispute @ ( V/N) pertikaian, perselisihan, percecokan& A wise solution is needed to solve the dispute.
disrupt @ ( V) mengganggu& The talk between the two members disrupted the meeting.
dissect @ ( V) membedah, memotong (untuk mempelajari struktur sesuatu)& The medical students learn human organs by dissecting a dead body.
dissolve @ ( V) larut, melarutkan, lenyap& Salt and sugar can dissolve in water.
distant @ ( A) jauh& I do not really know him because he is a distant cousin.
distil @ ( V) menyuling, menyaring& You can get pure parfum by distilling from the flowers.
distinguish @ ( V) membedakan& It is difficult to distinguish the twin sisters.
distort @ ( V) mengubah& He distorted some data in the annual report.
distribute @ ( V) membagikan, mendistribusikan& The Chinesse goverment distributed masks to the people because of the SARS issue.
distribution @ ( N) pembagian, distribusi& We find difficulty in the food distribution to the people in the remote area.
distrust @ ( V) tidak mempercayai& How can we believe him if his mother distrusts him?
disturb @ ( V) mengganggu& His call in the middle of night disturbed us.
disturbance @ ( N) gangguan, kerusakan, pengacauan& The people around the project complained of the noise disturbance.
dive @ ( V) menyelam, terjun& If you dive, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea.
diver @ ( V) penyelam& You have to learn for a long time to become a good diver.
diverge @ ( V) berbeda, menyimpang/bercabang& The pratice diverged from the plan.
dividend @ ( N) keuntungan saham, dividen& The dividend is distributed to the people who have share in the company.
divine @ ( A) surgawi, ilahi& To err is human, but to forgive is divine.
divorce @ ( V) perceraian, menceraikan& A divorce has bad effects to the children.
divorced from @ ( V) diceraikan, dipisahkan& Mita will be sick if she divorced from Mira, her twin sister.
doctrine @ ( N) ajaran, doktrin& Pancasila is a good doctrine, but it is difficult to practice.
domestic @ ( A) dalam negeri, rumah tangga, piaraan, domestik& Don't become a domestic person. Go out and enjoy your youth.
dominate @ ( V) menguasai, berkuasa& We don't want the clever students to dominate in the discussion.
dominion @ ( N) kekuasaan& The Great Britain still has dominion on the territory.
doorway @ ( N) pintu keluar masuk& A good building shoud have more than one doorway.
dot @ ( N) titik, bintik, tutul& I like that black clothes with the white small dots.
doubtful @ ( A) ragu-ragu, bimbang, sangsi& If you are doubtful, you can ask your teacher to explain the task more clearly.
doubtless @ ( A) tanpa keraguan, yakin, pasti& I am doubtless that we should go through this way.
dove @ ( N) merpati& I will make a bigger dove house for my doves.
downhill @ ( AV) turun bukit& The stones fell downhill.
downstairs @ ( AV) di/ke lantai bawah& Can you go downstairs? Somebody is looking for you.
drag @ ( V) menyeret, menarik, memaksa pergi& You should drag yourself out your bed.
dragon @ ( N) naga& Dragon is a holy creature for Chinese people.
drama @ ( N) sandiwara, drama& The drama has been on in TIM for almost a month.
dramatic @ ( A) yang berhubungan dengan drama/sandiwara, dramatis& The end of the the story is very dramatic.
drawback @ ( N) kerugian, kelemahan, masalah& The plan does not seem to have any drawback, but let's see how it is carried out.
dread @ ( N) rasa takut& No threat and dread can stop the three boys.
drift @ ( V) terhanyut, berhanyut-hanyut, melintas, mengeluyur, arus aliran, penyimpangan& Some houses were drifted away in the flood.
drooping @ ( A) kendor, murung, tertunduk& The drooping spirit of the people is the only cause of the failure.
drought @ ( N) masa kekeringan& The farmer can't enjoy their harvest because of the drought.
dryness @ ( N) kekeringan, keringnya& Because of the dryness of the land the farmer can't cultivate it.
duke @ ( N) adipati& The duke and the duchess have many social activities.
duplicate @ ( V) meniru, menyalin, salinan, duplikat& It is a crime to duplicate an ID card.
dye @ ( V) mencelup, memberi warna, menyemir (rambut)& Nowadays, many boys and girls dye their hair to express themselves.
dynamic @ ( A) bersemangat, dinamika& The company needs many dynamic young people to develop.
eagerness @ ( N) keinginan yang meluap-luap, hasrat& The eagerness to know is a good motivation in learning.
earliness @ ( N) kedinian& The earliness in the completion of the project does not guarantee the quality.
earn @ ( V) mencari (uang, nafkah), mendapat (gaji/bayaran)& Yovita earns money by translating books.
earnings @ ( N) pendapatan, penghasilan, upah& Good earnings do not guaratee happiness in family.
ease @ ( N) kemudahan, kesenangan& Ease in learning is not identifical with success.
easily @ ( AV) dengan/secara mudah& As the only child in a rich family, Linda can get what she wants easily.
easter @ ( N) Paskah& We have a one-week Easter break in April.
eclipse @ ( N) gerhana& The sun eclipse is a rare occasion for us in the tropical region.
economical @ ( A) hemat& A good test should be economical in terms of time and money.
economy @ ( N) ekonomi, perekonomian, kehematan, penghematan& The economy of Indonesia is still bad after the crisis six years ago.
edge @ ( N) pinggir, tepi& Look at the person hanging at the edge of the roof! Is he crazy?
edible @ ( A) dapat dimakan& There are a lot of edible fruits in the forest.
educate @ ( V) mendidik& We should educate the children as best as we can.
educated @ ( A) terdidik, terpelajar, berpendidikan& An educated person should behave properly.
educational @ ( A) pendidikan (bersifat)& The kindergarten provides educational toys for the children.
eject @ ( V) mengeluarkan, menyemburkan, mengusir& The machine will eject your ID if it is not valid anymore.
elaborate @ ( A) teliti, menguraikan (secara panjang lebar)& You should elaborate your analysis in your dessertation to prove your theory.
elapse @ ( V) lewat, berlalu& You should stop after the time has elapsed.
elastic @ ( A) elastis, lentur, luwes& You can use elastic material for the seat.
elbow @ ( N) siku& You cannot use your elbow in volleyball.
electrician @ ( N) tukang listrik& Peter works as an electrician in the company.
electrode @ ( N) elektroda& Electrode is a point by which the electrict goes or leaves the battery.
electronic @ ( A) elektronik& I cannot afford to buy the expensive eletronic appliances.
elementary @ ( A) dasar& Realia is very helpfull to teach elementary school students.
elevation @ ( N) tingginya, peninggian& The elevation of the water in the previous flood was around four meters.
ellipse @ ( N) elips/bulat panjang& Diana looks very old with her ellipse glasses.
embody @ ( V) mewujudkan, memasukkan/menambahkan& We need to work hard to embody our plan.
embryo @ ( N) embrio, janin& Your idea can be an embryo for future developments.
emerge @ ( V) timbul, muncul& The idea simply emerged in the long discussion.
emigrate @ ( V) beremigrasi& Most of the people emigrated to another country to get a better life.
emit @ ( V) memancarkan, mengeluarkan& I thought the stone emitted some radioactive.
emperor @ ( N) raja& The temple was built when the country was under an emperor.
empirical @ ( A) empirik& We have empirical evidence to support our statement.
empty @ ( A) kosong, mengosongkan& You can only move the box if it is empty.
enclose @ ( V) menyertakan, melampirkan, melingkungi& I enclosed my photographs in my application.
encourage @ ( V) menggalakkan, mendorong, menganjurkan, membesarkan hati& Wendy encouraged me to apply for the job.
endanger @ ( V) mengancam, membahayakan& Modernization endangered the culture of the people.
endeavor @ ( V) berusaha keras& I endeavored to finish my task on time.
endeavour @ ( V) berusaha keras& She endeavoured to make her mother happy.
ending @ ( V/N) bagian akhir, akhir& We can guess the ending of a bad film easily.
endless @ ( A) tanpa akhir, tidak habis-habisnya, tak berujung pangkal& The endless love of the princess didn't make the prince fall in love in her.
endure @ ( V) menahan, memikul, berjalan terus/lama& I quit the job because I could not endure the burden.
engineer @ ( N) insinyur& A Japanese engineer is responsibile for the construction of the bridge.
engineering @ ( N) teknik, teknik mesin, keahlian teknik& Mark is studying in the civil engineering department.
enjoyable @ ( A) menyenangkan, menggembirakan& The food was enjoyable, but the atmosphere was not nice.
enjoyment @ ( N) kesenangan, kegembiraan, kenikmatan& The people came here just for enjoyment.
enlarge @ ( V) memperbesar, memperluas& I hope the goverment will enlarge the park area because it is very crowded everyday.
entail @ ( V) meminta/memerlukan& The boss entails us to help him arrange a meeting next meeting.
enterprise @ ( N) perusahaan, keberanian, berusaha.& A multi-national enterprise will take over the small companies.
enthusiasm @ ( N) semangat/garis besar, antusiasme& The children show great enthusiasm to learn English.
entrance @ ( N) jalan/tempat masuk, masuk& The entrance of the castle is guarded by six people.
entrust @ ( V) mempercayakan& I entrust this problem in your hand.
entry @ ( N) jalan masuk& The entry is behind the building.
envious @ ( A) iri hari, dengki, cemburu& Your envious feeling only makes you suffer.
envisage @ ( V) membayangkan, menggambarkan, menghadapi& You have to envisage the future of the company to make a good plan.
envy @ ( N) keirian& Rita developed a strange attitude because of her envy to anybody's success.
epidemic @ ( N) epidemi, wabah& The epidemic of cholera spread throughout in the region.
equally @ ( AV) sama-sama, secara/dengan sama& We should treat people from different statuses equally.
equation @ ( N) penyamaan, persamaan& Sometimes, those who have higher status don't like the equation because they want to show that they are better.
equator @ ( N) khatulistiwa& People who live in the equator can see the solar eclipse longer.
equilibirium @ ( N) keseimbangan& The equilibirium of the nature will keep the numbers of the animal species.
erect @ ( V) mendirikan, menegakkan, membangun, tegak lurus& We have to erect the poles first to build a tent.
erode @ ( V) longsor, mengalami erosi, mengikis& Some villagers lost their home because the hill near the village eroded.
err @ ( V) membuat kesalahan, berbuat salah& It is very natural for human to err, but it is better if they avoid that.
errand @ ( N) suruhan, pesanan& The materials which I buy are my mother's errand.
essay @ ( N) karangan, esai& In his essay, Tom writes about gender biases.
essence @ ( N) intisari, pokok& The essence of his speech is about the national political development.
esteem @ ( N) harga-diri& Don't destroy your self-esteem by receiving illegal money.
estimate @ ( V/N) perkiraan, taksiran, menaksir, memperkirakan& The government estimated the price of the land below the public price.
eternal @ ( A) kekal, abadi, selama-lamanya& Eternal love is only found in romance.
eternity @ ( N) kekekalan, keabadian, kebakaan, selama-lamanya& Many people do anything they can to seek for life eternity.
evade @ ( V) menghindari, mengelakkan& As members of a community, we can't evade social responsibilities.
eventful @ ( A) penting, luar biasa& Nobody wants to pass their eventful moment.
eventually @ ( AV) akhirnya& They eventually agreed to pay the bill.
everlasting @ ( A) selama-lamanya, kekal, abadi& The new couple hope that their love will be an everlasting love.
evoke @ ( V) membangkitkan, menimbulkan& A call from my old friend evoked my memory when I was a student.
exaggerate @ ( V) melebih-lebihkan, membesar-besarkan& She likes to exaggerate minor facts.
exalt @ ( V) memuliakan, memuji-muji& They sang the songs to exalt God.
examination @ ( N) pemeriksaan, ujian& I felt very nervous before the examination.
examine @ ( V) memeriksa, menguji& Many people like Dr. Gray because he examines his patients very carefully.
examiner @ ( N) penguji, pemeriksa& All the examiners were satisfied with his answers.
example @ ( N) bukti& He gave examples for all his ideas.
exceedingly @ ( AV) amat-sangat, sekali& The performance of Shania Twain last night was exceedingly great.
excellence @ ( N) keunggulan, mutu yang baik sekali& Known as the center of excellence, the university attracts many people to study there.
excellent @ ( A) baik sekali, unggul& With your excellent grades, you will have no difficult to find a good university.
except @ ( CO) kecuali& Mary does not go out except when she needs to go shopping.
excess @ ( N) kelebihan, perbuatan yang keterlaluan& You have to pay for the excess baggage.
excessive @ ( A) terlalu banyak& Execssive use of power is intolerable in a democratic country.
excite @ ( V) membangkitkan gairah& The plan to go on a picnic is really exciting the children.
excited @ ( A) gembira, gairah, gelisah, gempar, heboh, yang naik darah& The Elementary School students are very excited to learn English.
excitement @ ( N) kegembiraan, kegemparan, kegairahan& Kathy received the gift with great excitement.
exciting @ ( A) yang mengembirakan, yang menggrairahkan, yang mengasyikkan& The food is exciting, but we don't have time to eat.
excuse @ ( N/V) alasan, pernyataan maaf, memaafkan, minta maaf/permisi, membebaskan& I will not accept any excuse for students who submit their paper late.
execute @ ( V) menghukum mati, menjalankan/melaksanakan, menjalankan hukuman mati& The serial killer was finally executed on an electric chair.
execution @ ( N) penjatuhkan hukuman mati, pelaksanaan, pelaksanaan hukuman mati& The execution of the criminal will be done soon.
exempt @ ( V) membebaskan, dibebaskan& The students were excempted from the punishment because they apologized.
exhaust @ ( V) meletihkan, melelahkan, melemahkan& The three-day conference really exhausted the faculty members.
exhibit @ ( N/V) barang pameran, memperlihatkan& The exhibits came from many countries.
exhibition @ ( N) pameran& Many students who wanted to study abroad came to the education exhibition.
expect @ ( V) mengharapkan& We do not expect any help from other people. We will solve our problems by ourselves.
expectation @ ( N) harapan& You will be disappointed if you have too much expectation from John.
expedition @ ( N) ekspedisi, kecepatan& An expedition to Mars will not likely be carried out in a near future.
expel @ ( V) mengeluarkan, mengusir, memecat& The school finally decided to expel the three troublesome students.
experienced @ ( A) berpengalaman& We need experienced people to build a good team.
experiment @ ( N) percobaan, bereksperimen& Dr. Franklin spends much of his time for his experiment in the lab.
exploit @ ( V) memanfaatkan, mengeksploitasi& They should not exploit the workers to get much profit.
explosive @ ( A) mudah meledak, bahan peledak& Explosive material is not allowed in an aeroplane.
extend @ ( V) memperpanjang, mengulurkan& Can I extend my holiday if you don't a special work for me?
external @ ( A) luar, luar negeri& We need to consider the external factors in making our decision.
extinguish @ ( V) memadamkan& The firemen took almost two hours to extinguish the fire.
extract @ ( V/AN) menyarikan, memeras, menyuling, menyadap, menggali& You have to extract the content of the passages for your thesis.
eyebrow @ ( N) alis mata& Rita is the girl wtih thin black eyebrows.
eyesight @ ( N) penglihatan& You cannot rely on his eyesight to see your future.
fable @ ( N) dongeng& Grandma used to read me a fable before I slept.
face @ ( N/V) wajah, menghadapi& You have to face her to solver your problem.
facility @ ( N) kemudahan, fasilitas, kecakapan& There is no facility for the handicapped in the office.
factor @ ( N) faktor, unsur& Many factors caused this problem.
fairness @ ( N) keadilan, kecantikan, kejujuran, kewajaran& Fairness is important in any game.
faith @ ( N) iman, kepercayaan, agama& I have no faith in what you tell me.
fascinating @ ( A) mempesonakan& You will see a fascinating view from the top of the National Monument.
fasten @ ( V) mengikatkan, memasang, mengancingkan, mengaitkan& Don't take off your seat belt before the plane really stops.
fatigue @ ( N) keletihan, kecapaian& We all felt very fatigue after the three-day seminar.
faulty @ ( N) salah, cacat& How can you sell a new motor-cycle with a faulty engine?
fearless @ ( A) tak kenal takut& I am very proud of my son for he is really fearless.
feasible @ ( A) dapat dikerjakan& We will only approve your plan if it is feasible.
fee @ ( N) biaya, ongkos, uang, .....& Since she got the scholarship, so she doesn't have to pay the school fee.
feedback @ ( N) balikan, informasi balik, umpan balik& The test is a good feedback for the teachers.
feeling @ ( N) perasaan& I have a feeling that something terrible will happen.
feminine @ ( A) feminin& You look very feminine with your new hair style.
fern @ ( N) pakis, paku& The bank of the river is full of ferns.
ferry @ ( N) kapal kecil& You have to take a ferry to go to the island.
fever @ ( N) demam& Rita cannot go to school because she has a fever.
feverish @ ( A) demam (sakit), sangat cepat& I felt feverish after I arrived home from the trip.
fiber @ ( N) serat, serabut& We need fiber for our digestion.
fibre @ ( N) serat, srabut& This fruit contains a lot of fibre.
fiction @ ( N) fiksi, cerita rekaan, khayalan& What she wrote in the report is only a fiction.
field @ ( N) bidang, lapangan, ladang, sawah& The farmers work in the rice field everyday.
fiery @ ( A) berapi-api, tegas& To motivate new students, Dr. Smith likes to give a fiery speech.
fig @ ( N) buah ara& Adam ate the fig because he wanted to be like God.
fight @ ( V/N) pertarungan, pertempuran, berperang melawan, berkelahian& Many developing countries are fighting against the poverty.
fighter @ ( N) pesawat tempur, petinju, pejuang& We need many new fighters to protect our country.
fin @ ( N) sirip& The only animal who has a fin is fish.
finesse @ ( N) kehalusan, keindahan& The price of hand-made batik cloth depends on the finesse of the design.
finite @ ( A) terbatas& We have a finite supply of food for two weeks.
fir @ ( N) pohon semacam cemara& There are many fir trees growing on the hill.
fire @ ( N) api, menembak& We can make a fire to make us warm.
fire-engine @ ( N) mobil pemadam kebakaran& The fire engine always comes late.
firmness @ ( N) keteguhan, ketegasan& You can ask him to change the policy if you want to test his firmness.
flake @ ( N) serpih& The children are playing with the snow flakes.
flashlight @ ( N) lampu senter& We need a flashlight because it is very dark at night.
flat @ ( AJ/N) datar, rata, rumah petak/bertingkat& Put the washing machine on a flat surface.
flatten @ ( V) meratakan& The developer flattened the land to build houses.
flattery @ ( N) rayuan, sanjungan, pujian yang bersifat menjilat& I am really sick to hear his flattery.
flavor @ ( N) rasa, aroma, bau, membumbui& The food has a very nice flavor.
flavour @ ( N) rasa, aroma, bau, membumbui& Indonesian traditional food has a special flavour.
flee @ ( V) melarikan diri, lari& The building design does enable the prisoners to flee.
fleece @ ( N) bulu domba& This coat is made from fleece.
flesh @ ( N) daging& You can see flesh quality from its color.
fling @ ( V) membaringkan, melemparkan, menjebloskan& What I really wants now is to fling down on a bed.
flourish @ ( V) tumbuh dengan subur& Her business is flourishing.
fluctuate @ ( V) turun-naik& The price of oil still fluctuates unpredictably.
focus @ ( N/V) menyetel lensa, memusatkan, titik api, pusat& We will only focus the discussion on the main problem.
foggy @ ( A) berkabut& The strange creature only appears in a foggy night.
fondness @ ( N) kesukaan, kegemaran, kegandrungan& His fondness on music led him to be a musician.
fondness @ ( N) kesukaan, kegemaran, kegandrungan& His fondness on music led him to be a musician.
forecast @ ( V/N) prakiraan/ramalan& According to weather forecast, there will be a heavy rain tonight.
foreground @ ( N) latar depan& The foreground should support the setting of the story.
foreign @ ( A) asing& I just met her with a foreign man on that street.
forest @ ( N) hutan& We have to protect the forest for our future.
forget @ ( V) lupa, melupakan& Don't forget to return the book tomorrow.
forgetful @ ( A) pelupa& I am getting more and more forgetful as I grow old.
forgetfulness @ ( N) kepelupaan& I try to overcome my forgetfulness by writing down everything.
forsake @ ( V) meninggalkan, mengabaikan& You should not forsake your study although you have already got a job.
forthright @ ( A) jujura, terus-terang& You can get the answer from Greg because he is awlays forthright.
fortress @ ( N) benteng& This old fortress is one of our historical buildings.
found @ ( V) mendirikan& The education organization was founded in 1975.
fragile @ ( A) mudah pecah& Becareful. The box contains fragile objects.
fragment @ ( N) penggalan, fragmen, memotong& The fragment of the story is too short, it can't develop the emotion of the audience.
frail @ ( A) lemah& He is too frail to say even a word.
framework @ ( N) kerangka, rangka& We have to put every joint activity in our cooperation framework.
freshness @ ( N) kesegaran& We like to go Kaliurang because of the freshness of the air.
friction @ ( N) pergesekan, perselisihan, percekcokan& It is common in a big organization to have a friction.
friendly term @ ( N) bersahabat& My country is on a friendly term with all other countries.
friendly @ ( A) ramah, bersahabat& As a friendly person, Rita can get along with other people easily.
friendship @ ( N) persahabatan& I hope our friendship will last forever.
fright @ ( N) ketakutan, rasa takut& The girls screamed very loudly because of their fright.
frightening @ ( A) menakuti/kan& I will not forget that frightening night.
fringe @ ( N) pinggir, lingkaran pinggir& There is a small hut in the fringe of the forest.
from @ ( P) dari& The village is located about ten miles from the city.
frustrate @ ( V) menggagalkan, menghalangi& Peter is frustrated with his test results.
fulfil @ ( V) memenuhi, menyelesaikan, mengabulkan& We will call those who fulfil the requirements.
fund @ ( N) dana& We have a student fund to help students who need some financial help.
fundamental @ ( N) yang pokok, azas, utama, dasar& The fundamentals of our country economy are not very strong.
fungus @ ( N) jamur, cendawan& The skin irritation is caused by a certain fungus.
fur @ ( N) bulu binatang (misal kucing)& Her fur coat may cost more than five grands.
fuse @ ( V/N) melebur, menyatukan, menggabungkan,sekering& Several small political parties may fuse before the election.
gallant @ ( A) (gagah) berani, sopan& The children like Robin Hood because he is a gallant hero.
gallery @ ( N) serambi, balkon, gedung/balai kesenian& There will be an art exhibition in the gallery this week.
gallop @ ( V) berlari berderap (kuda)& The horse galloped away after the rider fell down.
garbage @ ( N) sampah& Garbage can be used to fertilize plants.
gasp @ ( V) terengah-engah, hembusan napas, megap-megap& He gasped after he ran for 10 miles.
gather @ ( V) berkumpul, mengumpulkan& We gathered here to plan our trip to Bali.
gauge @ ( V/N) ukuran, mengukur& Don't forget to gauge the tyre pressure before you travel.
gear @ ( N) perseneling, roda gigi& You need to change the gear to two to go up the hill.
generate @ ( V) menghasilkan, membangkitkan, menyebabkan& This dam can be used to generate electricity for the whole people in the city.
generation @ ( N) generasi/angkatan, keturunan& We hope that the next generation will have a better education.
generosity @ ( N) kemurahan hati, kedermawanan& His generosity sometimes is manipulated by other people.
generous @ ( A) bermurah hati, dermawan& Mr. Hardiman is very generous to poor people.
genetics @ ( N) ilmu keturunan, genetika& Cloning is possible with the development of genetics.
genius @ ( N) orang jenius& Only a genius can solve the difficult problem in a very short time.
gentleness @ ( N) kelemah-lembutan, kejinakkan, kehalusan& The women here are also known for their gentleness.
genus @ ( N) jenis, macam& Bird is a genus of poultry.
geology @ ( N) geologi& I study geology because my regency rich with iron and gold ores.
gesture @ ( N) gerak isyarat& From the gesture, I know that he will not accept the offer.
ghost @ ( N) hantu& People believe that there is a ghost in that old building.
give in @ ( V) menyerah, mengalah& You may give in if you don't have any argument.
give out @ ( V) membagi-bagikan, memberikan, habis, kehabisan& In the lebaran day, we usually give out clothes and food to poor people.
give @ ( V) memberi (kan)& If you give something to someone else, never ask anything in return.
given @ ( V) yang diberikan, (yang telah) tertentu& The material given by the teacher is extremely difficult.
gladness @ ( N) kegembiraan, kegirangan, kesenanghatian& I saw the gladness in the children's eyes when I gave the toys.
glance @ ( N) pandangan sekilas& I do not know who came because I only saw him in a glance.
glare @ ( N) cahaya yang menyilaukan, membelalak& I was temporarily blind because of the glare coming from a car.
gleam @ ( N) pancaran cahaya, berkilat, berseri-seri, bersinar& The gleam may come from the lost campers.
glimpse @ ( N) pandangan sekilas& Eventhough it was only a glimpse, I am sure there was a woman in red here last night.
globe @ ( N) bulatan, bola bumi, barang bulat/bundar& On the globe, the country is not far from our country.
gloom @ ( N) kemurungan, kesuraman, kegelapan& Be a light in the gloom.
glory @ ( N) kemuliaan, keagungan, semarak& They worked hard to finish the project for the glory of God.
glow @ ( V) berpijar, memancarkan cahaya, sinar, cahaya& The fire was still glowing when I came.
goddess @ ( N) dewi& This is the picture of Venus, the goddess of love.
goodness @ ( N) kebaikan, kebajikan& People will see the goodness of your heart from your behavior.
goods @ ( N) barang-barang& The goods which are sold in this store are imported from the US.
gossip @ ( N/V) gosip, buah mulut, kabar angin& The news that Cynthia has got a baby is just a gossip.
graceful @ ( A) lemah gemulai, anggun& I should say that all the finalists in the beauty contest are graceful.
gracious @ ( A) baik hati, ramah tamah& I will vote for Rita in the election because she is gracious.
grade @ ( N) tingkat, kelas, nilai& The students of the third grade have more classes than those in the first and second grades.
grammar @ ( N) tata bahasa& Some students have difficulties in learning grammar.
grammatical @ ( A) yang berhubungan dengan tata bahasa& The students still make many grammatical mistakes.
gravity @ ( N) gaya berat& Earth gravity determines the weight of an object.
grease @ ( N) lemak, vet, gemuk, melumasi& I do not like food with a lot of grease.
greatest @ ( A) terbesar& Kalimantan is the greatest island in Indonesia.
greatness @ ( N) kebesaran, kehebatan& Soekarno's greatness was known in many foreign countries.
greed @ ( N) kerakusan, kelobaan, ketamakan& Because of her greed, nobody wants to be her friends.
greet @ ( V) memberi salam& As a good moslem, you should greet when you come in to a house.
grim @ ( A) keras, seram, cemberut& We can know her feeling from her grim face.
grind, ground @ ( V) menggiling, mengasah, menggilas-gilas& We can make flour by grinding the rice.
grip @ ( V) memegang erat-erat& He gripped the rope firmly so as not to fall down.
gross @ ( A) bruto, kotor, kasar& The tax is counted from your gross income.
ground @ ( N) dasar, alasan& You should have a strong ground to make your conclusion.
growl @ ( V) menggeram, berkata dengan marah& The dog growls to strange people.
grown up @ ( N) dewasa& As we are already grown-up, we should solve the problem by ourselves.
guarantee @ ( V/N) menjamin, memberi garansi, jaminan, garansi& We guarantee the quality of our products.
guilt @ ( N) kesalahan, salah& It is my guilt to cancel the trip.
gulf @ ( N) teluk, jurang pemisah& The harbor is located near the gulf.
gum @ ( N) gusi, permen karet, getah& My gum hurts because of the new brush.
hairy @ ( A) berbulu& The man has a hairy face.
half @ ( N) setengah& Half of the prize money is for the orphan house.
halve @ ( N) membagi dua& Do I need to halve the cake for the two kids?
hand @ ( V) memberikan, menyampaikan (~ in)& When do we have to hand in our homework?
handwriting @ ( N) tulisan tangan& Can you read my handwriting?
happiness @ ( N) kebahagiaan, kesenanghatian, kegembiraan& My happiness is complete if I can finish my study this semester.
harden @ ( V) mengeraskan, mengeras& You can move the box after the glue hardens.
hardness @ ( N) kekerasan& How can you know the hardness of the rock?
hardship @ ( N) kesukaran, penderitaan& We hope we can endure the hardship of the task.
hardware @ ( N) perangkat keras& The hardwares for the lab are ready, but the softwares are not.
hardy @ ( A) tahan, tabah& I know you have a difficult time, but you have to be hardy.
hare @ ( N) kelinci& Do you know that the hare lost its race with the turtle?
harmful @ ( A) berbahaya, merugikan& We refuse the factory because it produces harmful material for the environment.
harmless @ ( A) tidak berbahaya, tidak merugikan& The person was harmless after the police took his gun.
harmony @ ( N) keserasian, kerukunan& All the people in this neighborhood live in harmony.
harness @ ( N) pakaian kuda& You can ride the horse after you put on its harness.
harsh @ ( A) kasar, keras, tajam& How can you be so harsh to your little brother?
haste @ ( V) bergegas& All the passangers hasted to the leaving bus.
hasten @ ( V) bergegas-gegas, terburu-buru, cepat-cepat, mempercepat& You hasten, or you will miss the bus.
hate @ ( V) benci, membenci& We all hate liars.
hateful @ ( A) penuh rasa benci, menimbulkan perasaan benci& How can Sandra be hateful to Spanish people?
haughty @ ( A) sombong, angkuh, tinggi hati, congkak, takabur& Nobody likes a haughty person.
haunt @ ( V) menghantui& The ghost of the fire victim haunts the house.
hawk @ ( N) burung elang& We use a 'hawk' as the symbol of power.
hazzard @ ( N) bahaya, resiko, mengambil resiko& Don't take any hazzard by climbing that dangerous hill.
heading @ ( N) judul, kepala& Usually, the heading of the news is printed in bold.
heal @ ( V) menyembuhkan, menjadi sembuh& Makutadewa, the traditional medicine, can heal cancer.
healthy @ ( A) sehat& The exercises can keep us healthy.
hearth @ ( N) perapian, tungku& We sit in front of the hearth in the night as we talked about our experience.
heat @ ( V/N) panas, memanasi& The iron will be heated first.
heating @ ( N) pemanasan& The heating system does not work properly in a very cold weather.
heave @ ( V) menghela, mengangkat, timbul& We need six strong people to heave the box.
height @ ( N) ketinggian& The height of the water in that river increases becuase of the heavy rain last night.
heighten @ ( V) mempertinggi, memuncak, menambah& What he said heightened the hostile atmosphere.
helmet @ ( N) topi baja, helm& Use a helmet for your safety.
help @ ( V/N) menolong, membantu& I just want to help you solve the problem.
helpful @ ( A) bersifat menolong, suka menolong& Every body likes her because she is helpful.
helping @ ( N) porsi, mangkok& The meat is enough for three helpings of steak.
helpless @ ( A) tidak berdaya& The poor people are really helpless after the government increased the price of oil.
hero @ ( N) pahlawan& Robbin Hood is a hero for poor people.
heroine @ ( N) pahlawan wanita& R.A. Kartini was a heroine who fought for women's right to study.
hesitate @ ( V) ragu-ragu, bimbang, terhenti-henti& If you hesitate, I bet that you will not finish your work on time.
hesitation @ ( N) keragu-raguan, kebimbangan& Your hesitation is a major cause of your failure.
hide @ ( V) menyembunyikan, bersembunyi& We should trust Lisa because she does not hide anything from us.
highly @ ( AV) dengan tinggi, tinggi-tinggi& We all highly appreaciate your help in your project.
hinder @ ( V) merintangi, menghalangi, mengganggu& There was a falling tree which hindered our way.
hinge @ ( N, V) engsel, bergantung& You can oil the door hinge to get rid of its noise.
historian @ ( N) ahli sejarah, sejarahwan& The historian can only tell about the past and not the future.
historic @ ( A) yang berhubungan dengan sejarah& The museum keeps the historic things well.
historical @ ( A) historis, bersejarah& The government will build a monument here because it is a historical place.
history @ ( N) sejarah& Only a few books discuss the history of Prince Diponegoro when he was in exile.
hive @ ( N) sarang lebah& The honey is taken from the hives.
hold back @ ( V) menahan& The police are trying to hold back the people who want to get into the parliament building.
hold on @ ( V) menunggu, bertahan, berpegang& The soldiers try to hold on while waiting for the food supply.
holiness @ ( N) kesucian& People take off their shoes to respect the holiness of a place.
hollow @ ( A) berongga, berlubang, bergema& There are monkeys in the hollow trees.
holy @ ( A) suci& Many people come to the holy places to pray.
home @ ( N) rumah, kampung halaman& It will be nice to spend our holiday in our home town.
homeless @ ( A) tunawisma, tak punya rumah& The government provides a building for the homeless to stay.
homemade @ ( A) buatan sendiri& The bakery in the corner of the road sells homemade bread.
honest @ ( A) jujur& Try to be honest in everything you do.
honour @ ( N) kehormatan& It is my honour to work with you.
hood @ ( N) kerudung& To follow their doctrins strictly, Moslem women have a hood on.
hoof @ ( N) kuku binatang& The tiger caught the deer with its paws.
horrible @ ( A) mengerikan& I shouted because I had a horrible dream last night.
hose @ ( N) selang (biasanya dari karet atau plastik)& I cannot use the hose to water the flowers because it leaks.
host @ ( N/V) tuan rumah& As the host, you should give your best service to your guest.
hound @ ( N) anjing berburu& Zorro, my great hound, always accompanies me when I go hunting.
humid @ ( A) lembab& It is not nice at all today because it is both hot and humid.
humour @ ( N) kejenakaan, kelucuan& I like Fred because he has a very good sense of humour.
hurl @ ( A) melemparkan& Rick broke several tiles when he hurled a stone at our neighbor's noisy cat.
hush @ ( N, V) diam, hening, mendiamkan& The situation became hush after she told the news.
hydrogen @ ( N) hidrogen, zat air& A hydrogen bomb is as dangerous as any other massive weapon.
hygiene @ ( N) ilmu kesehatan& You need to learn hygiene to live a healthy life.
hypothesis @ ( N) hipotesisi& You should prove your hypothesis in your research.
idea @ ( N) gagasan, pikiran, rencana, maksud, saran, gambaran& Your idea on how to develop the community sounds very good.
identify @ ( V) memberikan ciri-ciri pengenal, mengenali& I will use a blue sweater so that you can identify me.
ideology @ ( N) ideologi, adicita& Pancasila is perfect as an ideology, but it is difficult to practice.
idle @ ( A) bermalas-malas, tidak jalan& All the machines have been idle since the economic crisis struck our country.
idleness @ ( N) kemalasan, hal tidak berbuat apa-apa& I do not want to live in idleness after I retire from work.
ignite @ ( V) membakar, terbakar, menyala(kan)& Old machines ignites more fuel than new ones.
ignorant @ ( A) bodoh, tidak tahu, dungu, bebal& You may not be ignorant of what is going on around you.
ignore @ ( V) mengabaikan, menganggap tidak ada& Some people got drowned because they ignored the warning.
illuminate @ ( V) menerangi, menyinari, menjelaskan& All parts of the rooms in the building are well illuminated.
illusion @ ( N) khayalan, maya& The magician used our illusion to make the car disappear.
illustrate @ ( V) memberi gambar/penjelasan, menghiasi& You can use pictures to illustrate your idea.
illustration @ ( N) illustration, penjelasan& The children like the books because the illustration is beautiful.
immense @ ( A) besar sekali, luas sekali& The company will develop an immense amusement park in the city.
immerse @ ( V) membenamkan& If he has a big problem, he usually immerses himself in his work.
immune @ ( A) kebal, imun, bebas& If you have enough vitamin C, you will be immune to influenza.
impact @ ( N) pengaruh kuat, tubrukan, dampak& The increase of the fuel price has a great impact on the people life.
imperfect @ ( A) tidak sempurna& The products cannot be sold because they are imperfect.
imperial @ ( A) berkaitan dengan kekaisaran& The hebrew were slaves in egypt imperial era.
impetus @ ( N) dorongan, pendorong, daya pendorong& What is the impetus that makes you work for poor people?
implement @ ( N/V) melaksanakan, alat, peralatan& The program sounds good but is difficult to implement.
important @ ( A) penting& Studying is the most important activity I have to do.
impose @ ( V) memaksakan, membebankan& Don't impose your ideas to other people.
impulse @ ( N) gerak hati, dorongan& Don't let your impulses lead your life.
inaugurate @ ( V) melantik& The new students were inaugurated this Wednesday.
incapable @ ( A) tidak mampu/sanggup& The status of employees who are incapable of finishing their task on time will be reviewed.
incentive @ ( N) perangsang& The management gives incentives to sales persons who can achieve their target.
incline @ ( V) mencondongkan, condong, cenderung& Many students incline to do their assignment in the last minutes.
inclined (to) @ ( A) cenderung untuk& I am inclined to say 'no' to any of his suggestions.
inclusive @ ( A) termasuk& As an inclusive organization, we accept people from different backgrounds.
incomplete @ ( A) tidak lengkap, tidak selesai/rampung& I only got B in my paper because it was incomplete.
incoporate @ ( V) memasukkan, menggabungkan, begabung& I have tried to incorporate the ideas in the plan.
incorrect @ ( A) salah& You will get a penalty if you give an incorrect answer.
incur @ ( V) mendatangkan& Investments do not necessarily incur profits.
indirect @ ( A) tidak langsung& You have to learn to understand his indirect statements.
indoor @ ( A) di dalam (rumah/gedung)& This apartment has an indoor swimming pool.
inert @ ( A) tidak giat, malas, lembam& Inert people will not likely produce anything.
inevitable @ ( A) tidak terelakkan, pasti ada& As both the drivers drove the cars very fast, the accident was inevitable.
infect @ ( V) menjangkiti, menulari, infeksi& The new disease has infected many people in the neighborhood.
infer @ ( V) mengambil kesimpulan& You need to infer to get the idea of the passage.
inflate @ ( V) membubung, memompa& Prices of all things inflated as a result of the increase of oil price.
inflict @ ( V) membebankan, memberikan (pukulan dan seterusnya) , menyebabkan penderitaan.& Jack's rude words have inflicted her self-esteem.
influenza @ ( N) influensa& I will not leave my work just because of this silly influenza.
informal @ ( A) tidak resmi& The officials had run several informal meetings before the formal meeting.
ingredient @ ( N) ramuan, bahan& This nutritious food is made from the best ingredients.
inhabit @ ( V) mendiami, menghuni& The village has not been inhabited anymore since the disaster.
inherent @ ( A) yang melekat/menjadi sifatnya& Do you think corruption is something which is inherent to the government?
inherit @ ( V) mewarisi& Jack became very very rich because he inherited a large sum of money from his aunt.
inheritance @ ( N) warisan, harta pusaka& Traditional medicine is a great inheritance of our ancestors.
inhibit @ ( V) menghalangi, mencegah& Many students feel inhibited to use their English.
inject @ ( V) menyuntik (kan), menginjeksi (kan)& Grandma could sleep well after she was injected.
innocence @ ( N) keadaan tidak bersalah, kemurnian, keadaan tidak berdosa& The suspect has to prove his innocence if he wants to be free.
innocent @ ( A) tidak bersalah/berdosa& How could you treat such an innocent girl like that?
innovation @ ( N) pembaharuan& The company needs to have great innovations to survive.
inquire @ ( V) menanyakan, minta keterangan, bertanya& The police have inquired other tenants to know move about the murdered lady.
insert @ ( V) memasukkan, menyisipkan, menyelipkan& You need to insert some new paragraphs to clarify your idea.
inside @ ( AV/P) di dalam& Many people only stayed inside during the festival.
inspiration @ ( N) ilham, inspirasi& The life of the people never stops to become an inspiration of her novels.
inspire @ ( V) mengilhami, memberi inspirasi, membangkitkan rasa.& The economic crisis has inspired the company to produce the inexpensive telephone system.
install @ ( V) memasang, menempatkan& You need to install a new card to your computer to run the program.
instinct @ ( N) naluri& Mark hit the man just because of his instinct to defend himself.
instintive @ ( A) naluriah& I will never trust your instintive judgement.
institute @ ( N/V) melembagakan, mengadakan/mendirikan sebagai lembaga& Self inspection needs to instituted to guarantee the product quality.
institution @ ( N) lembaga, pelembagaan& Many financial institutions collapsed during the economic crisis.
insulate @ ( V) menyekat, mengisolasi& You need to insulate the cable for safety protection.
insult @ ( V) menghina(kan)& Sorry, I did not mean to insult you with the question.
insurance @ ( N) asuransi, jaminan& You need to contact your insurance company when you have an accident.
insure @ ( V) mengasuransikan, memastikan& Ruth insured her new car for ten grands.
intact @ ( A) utuh, tidak tersentuh& Despite the rumor, the team remains intact.
intake @ ( N) lubang masuk (ke pipa, saluan, dan lain-lain), jumlah yang masuk& The intake of the water pump is not as much as needed.
integrate @ ( V) bergabung, beintegrasi, menggabungkan/memasukan& The new policy has to be intergrated into the system.
intellect @ ( N) orang pandai, intelek& As an intellect, Fred does not want to give any comment on what he does not know well.
intellectual @ ( N/A) cendekiawan, cerdik pandai& This practice will increase the students' intellectual ability.
intent @ ( A) asyik& Do you have any comment on this case as an intent observer?
intentional @ ( A) disengaja& I believe that his unwated comment was intentional.
intermediate @ ( A) menengah& I am still studying English in the intermediate level.
internal @ ( A) dalam, bagian dalam& The company has an internal problem. I cannot help it.
interpret @ ( V) menafsirkan, mengartikan& I have tried to interpret his statement, but I do not have a clear idea.
interruption @ ( N) selaan, gangguan& The meeting lasted very long because there were many interruptions.
intersect @ ( V) memotong, potong-memotong, silang-menyilang& Is there any way to intersect the vehicle of the robbers?
interupt @ ( V) menyela, mengganggu& If you have a question, you can interrup me.
interval @ ( N) waktu jeda/istiarhat, selingan, jarak waktu& The institution has been active again after a long interval without any activities.
interview @ ( V/N) wawancara, tanya-jawab, mewawancarai& Many journalists have come to interview the controversial politician.
intrinsic @ ( A) hakiki& We have to find out the intrinsic values of the ceremony to appreciate it.
introduction @ ( N) perkenalan, kata pendahuluan& This course is a good introduction to Modern American Literature.
inventor @ ( N) penemu, pencipta& Benyamin Franklin is the inventor of electric bulbs.
irritate @ ( V) menjengkelkan, mengganggu& Leslie's comments often irritate me. I don't like to hear them.
issue @ ( N/V) mengeluarkan, menerbitkan, persoalan& The government has issued a new rule to control the trade of cloves.
ivory @ ( N) gading& How could you accept an ivory pipe as a gift? You have endangered the lives of elephants.
jail @ ( N/V) penjara& People feel relieved that the police have put the serial killer into jail.
job @ ( N) pekerjaan& Many people lost their job during the economic crisis.
joint @ ( V/A) bergabung, patungan& I will joint a foreign research team after I finish my study.
jolly @ ( A) gembira, riang, ria, membuat gembira, menghibur& The children had a jolly time in Tim's birthday party.
joy @ ( N) kegembiraan, kegirangan, kesenangan& The joy of meeting you has made me forget all the suffering I had.
juice @ ( N) air/sari buah& Two or three glasses of fruit juice a day keeps you healthy.
juicy @ ( A) berair (buah)& The fruit is too juicy to eat directly.
junction @ ( N) persimpangan (jalan)& You have to turn left when you come to the third junction.
junior @ ( N) muda& As a junior lecturer, I still need to learn a lot to teach well.
junk @ ( N) barang-barang rongsokan& Is this your bedroom or a junk room? How can you stay in such a room?
justify @ ( V) membenarkan& You have no argument to justify your rude behaviour to Elaine.
keen @ ( A) tekun, giat, tajam, keras, sengit& Rita is very keen in her effort to improve her English.
kin @ ( N) sanak, famili& A distant kin came to me to ask for a help.
kindle @ ( V) menyalakan, mengobarkan, menghidupkan, membangkitkan& What you just did has kindled her anger.
kinetic @ ( A) yang berhubungan dengan/dihasilkan oleh gerakan& I cannot put down my watch for a long time because it works using a kinetic power.
kingdom @ ( N) kerajaan& The sultan had to leave his kingdom because of the war.
kitten @ ( N) anak kucing& Why is the kitten so noisy? Is it hungry?
knock @ ( V/N) mengetuk, menampar, ketukan, pukulan& Please knock before you enter.
label @ ( N/V) nama, etiket, label, memberikan nama& We put a label to all the dolls I bought from different countries.
labor @ ( N) kerja, buruh, tenaga kerja, tugas& A mixture of labor, money, and wit has brought him a great success.
laboratory @ ( N) laboraturium& I had to spend so many hours in my laboratory to develop this instrument.
laborer @ ( N) pekerja, buruh& The laborers of the factory were on a strike again this week.
lacking @ ( V) kurang, tidak cukup& Water is lacking in the remote areas.
lamb @ ( N) anak biri-biri, anak domba& You need to bring the lambs to the land with green grass.
lament @ ( N/V) atapan, menyesali, meratapi, keluh kesah& The people lamented the death of their relatives in the earthquake.
landlord @ ( N) tuan tanah, pemilik rumah sewa/penginapan/pondokan& The farmers have to see the landlord first before they can cultivate the land.
lard @ ( N) lemak babi& Do you use the lard to cook? It is not healthy.
lateness @ ( N) keterlambatan& The post-office was not responsible for the lateness of the mail.
latent @ ( A) terpendam/tersembunyi& The government still talks about the latent danger of communism.
lateral @ ( N) samping, bunyi lateral& They cut the grass of the lateral sides first.
lathe @ ( N) mesin bubut& We have a lathe to make the wooden objects.
latitude @ ( N) (garis) lintang& The small land is located at the latitude of 25 degree.
launch @ ( V) terjun, mencebur, meluncur(kan), melancarkan, melontarkan& The company will launch its new product in January.
law @ ( N) hukum, dalil, undang-undang& The new law does not respect the right of parents to give a suitable education for their children.
laziness @ ( N) kemalasan& Ryan did not pass the test mainly because of her laziness.
league @ ( N) perkumpulan, perserikatan, ikatan, liga, pesatuan& Manchester United is going to be the champion of the league.
leak @ ( N/V) bocor, kebocoran& The roof leaks when it rains heavily.
learned @ ( V/A) terpelajar, berpendidikan tinggi& How could such a learned person do such a brutal crime?
learning @ ( V) pengetahuan& Good language is the result of learning.
lease @ ( V) mengontrak sewa, kontrak sewa& Are your also going to lease the rooms to students?
leave @ ( V) meninggalkan& Don't leave your children alone at home.
legend @ ( N) legenda, dongeng, tokoh terkenal& According to the legend, Prambanan Temple was built in one night.
length @ ( N) kepanjangan, panjangnya& The cost of the travel depends on the length of your stay in Japan.
lengthen @ ( N) memperpanjang, menjadi panjang& People still like to lengthen their Idhul Fitri holiday.
lessen @ ( V) mengurangi, memperkecil, berkurang& We can lessen the burden of the families by paying the school fees of their children.
liable @ ( A) besar kemungkinannya, dapat terserang/kena, dapat dikenakan& All products are liable to damage. Don't trust the advertisements.
liar @ ( N) pembohong, pendusta& They call John a liar because he never keeps his promises.
liberal @ ( A) bebas, liberal, banyak, royal, baik& Liberal people can accept your crazy ideas easily.
liberate @ ( V) membebaskan& Bush said that the US attacked Iraq to liberate the people from Sadam Husein.
librarian @ ( N) pustakawan, petugas perepustakaan& Is the woman with thick books a student or a librarian?
library @ ( N) perpustakaan& The library is always full during the exam days.
licence @ ( N) surat izin, lisensi& How can you drive a car if you do not have a driving licence?
lifeboat @ ( N) sekoci penolong& Many of the passagers of the boat were drowned because it did not have enough lifeboats.
light @ ( N/VB/A) cahaya, sinar, menyalakan, ringan& We did not have light to read at night.
lighthouse @ ( N) mercusuar& Many boats could not arrive at the harbor because the lighthouse was destroyed.
lightness @ ( N) kekeringan& I chose this laptop because of its size and lightness.
lightning @ ( N) kilat, halilintar& A lightning struck the tall tree, so it died.
liking @ ( N) kegemaran, kesenangan, kesukaan& You served food which met your guests' liking.
limb @ ( N) dahan, cabang, anggota badan& There is a beautiful bird on the big limb of the mango tree.
limit @ ( V/N) batas& We limit the number of students to 50 in one admission.
limited @ ( A) terbatas& We can only buy two new computers this year because of our limited budget.
linear @ ( A) garis, panjang& Do you have a linear or parallel parking in your neighborhood?
lipstick @ ( N) lipstik& Look! The color of the lipstik matches her dress well.
list @ ( V/N) daftar& You can see the list of the new students on the board.
literary @ ( A) sastera& Many of the literary students only read a few novels.
literate @ ( A) melek huruf, terpelajar& Almost all of the people in the village are literate.
little @ ( A) sedikit, kecil& They only spent a little time for working, and the rest is for chatting.
lofty @ ( A) tinggi, mulia, angkuh& Only a few people get along with him because of his lofty attitude.
lone @ ( A) satu-satunya, sendirian& A lone driver stopped here for coffee half an hour ago.
longitude @ ( N) garis bujur& The soldiers have to determine the longitude of the tanks before they can fire.
look @ ( V/N) memandang, kelihatan, nampak& The kids only looked at the pictures in the newspaper.
loom @ ( N/V) alat tenun& The mountain looms high behind the rice fields.
loosen @ ( V) melepas, menanggalkan, melonggarkan, mengendurkan& The students will not get better if you loosen the strict school rules.
lounge @ ( N) kamar duduk& Do you have a student lounge where students can sit and relax before they have their class.
lowest @ ( A) paling rendah/bawah& You can get a camera in Blitz with the lowest price.
lucky @ ( N) beruntung& I am so lucky to have you as a friend.
lull @ ( V) meredakan, menidurkan, ketenangan, keredaan& The music has lulled the kids to sleep.
lump @ ( N) bungkah, gumpalan, bengkak, potong& How can you drink coffee with three big lumps of sugar?
lunar (adj.) @ ( A) bulan& The Javanese calendar follows the lunar system.
lung @ ( N) paru-paru& Smoking is not good for your lungs.
lust @ ( N) keinginan yang kuat, birahi& Do you want her because of your love or lust?
madman @ ( N) orang gila& How can a mad man be in a good position in the company?
magnify @ ( V) memperbesar& I need to turn the ring to magnify the picture on the screen.
mainland @ ( N) tanah daratan& Communism is still strong in the mainland.
majesty @ ( N) keagungan, kekuasaan tertinggi& We can admire the majesty of God when you are at the top of the mountain.
maker @ ( N) pembuat& Rick is really a trouble maker.
mammal @ ( N) mamalia, binatang menyusui& A whale is not an animal but a mammal.
manifest @ ( N/V) surat muatan kapal, menunjukkan, jelas/terang& You can see the cargo of the ship from the manifest.
manual @ ( N/A) tangan, kasar, buku pedoman& All the students have to bring the laboratory manual for the experiment.
march @ ( N/V) berbaris, berdefile, mars (musik)& The young soldiers march along this street once a week.
mare @ ( N) kuda betina& Do you really think the mare can win the horse race?
marine @ ( N) laut, kapal, anggota KKO& You can enjoy the beauty of marine life when you dive.
masculine @ ( N/A) laki-laki, jantan, kelelaki-lakian& You look more masculine with your moustache.
match @ ( V/N) anak korek api, pertandingan, tandingan, mencocokkan, menandingi& I have cigarrets but not a match.
matter @ ( N) bahan, barang, pesoalan, perkaa/hal, soal, urusan, nanh& You can mail the printed matters.
mature @ ( A) dewasa, matang& As a mature person, Linda has to learn to control her emotion.
mean @ ( V/NN/A) berarti, artinya, memaksudkan, bermaksud& What he says does not mean anything to me.
measure @ ( N) mengukur, ukuran, takaran& The nurse has measured my blood pressure.
medium @ ( N) perantara(an), alat, media, sedang, setengah matang& All the T-shirts have a medium size.
member @ ( N) anggota& As a member, you can use all the club facilities.
membrane @ ( N) selaput& I have a problem with my left ear membrance.
memorial @ ( N) tanda peringatan& The government will build a memorial monument for the students who died in the demonstration.
merchandise @ ( N) barang dagangan& All the mechandises are on sale in the store.
merchant @ ( N) saudagar, pedagang& The merchants set the price of tobacco.
merciful @ ( A) penuh rasa kasihan, bermurah hati& A merciful donator provided the fund to rebuild the destroyed school building.
merciless @ ( A) tidak kenal ampun& The merciless robber shot the cashier dead.
mercury @ ( N) air raksa, suhu, bintang utarid (Mercury)& The waste water from the factory also contains mercury.
merge @ ( V) bergabung, menggabungkan& The two small banks merged to compete with other banks.
merit @ ( N) jasa, kebaikan, manfaat, guna, patutpantas mnerima& The promotion in the company is based on merit.
metabolism @ ( N) metabolisme& You need this vitamin for your body metabolism.
microscope @ ( N) mikroskop& The bacteria can only be seen under the microscope.
middle @ ( N) tengah-tengah, pertengahan& Susan often cries in the middle of the night.
middle-age @ ( N) berusia setengah baya& A middle-age person should think of his health more.
midst @ ( A) tengah-tengah& In the midst of the wedding ceremony, the police came to arrest the bridegroom.
mild @ ( A) lunak, ringan& A glass of mild beer is nice in a cold weather.
mildness @ ( N) kelunakan, keringanan, kehalusan, kelembutan& Don't be deceived by a person's mildness.
mill @ ( N) penggilingan, pabrik, pemintalan& Some rich farmers have a rice mill here.
million @ ( N) juta, miliun& Million people watch this important football match in their home.
millionare @ ( N) jutawan, milioner& A millionare bought the famous expensive painting.
mineral @ ( N) mineral, barang tambang& The soil in this area contains many different minerals.
mingle (with) @ ( V) bercampur, bergaul& Don't stay alone, mingle with other guests.
ministry @ ( N) kementerian, jabatan sebagai pendeta, pelayanan& The ministry of education is responsible for the education quality.
miracle @ ( N) mukjizat, keajaiban& Only a miracle can save the losing football team.
miserable @ ( A) menyedihkan, sengsara& Ted always feel miserable after his wife's death.
misery @ ( N) kesengsaraan& His misery made his health condition worse.
missile @ ( N) peluru, misil& The two countries in conflict have prepared their missiles.
mission @ ( N) misi, tugas& Each group of soldiers has a different mission to compete.
mistake @ ( N) kesalahan, kekeliruan& Many students still make silly grammatical mistakes.
misunderstanding @ ( N) salah paham, salah pengertian& Don't use difficult words to avoid misunderstanding.
misundestand @ ( V) salah mengerti, salah paham, salah tangkap& I am afraid I misunderstand you.
mix @ ( V) mencampur(kan), bercampur& Don't mix the old coffee with the new coffee.
mobile @ ( A) aktip, mudah berpindah& We set up a mobile library to serve the community.
mode @ ( N) cara, mode& Press this button to have a silent copying mode.
moderate @ ( A) sedang, cukupan, sekedarnya, lunak& I want to buy a new handphone with a moderate price.
moderation @ ( N) sikap/keadaan sedang atau tidak berlebihan& I follow a moderation diet in eating and drinking.
modesty @ ( N) kesederhanaan, kerendahan hati, kesopanan& I like the new clerk because of her modesty.
modify @ ( V) mengubah, menerangkan, memodifikasi& Your car looks very good if you modify the front part.
mold @ ( V) membentuk, mencetak, cetakan, jamur buku& They mold different shapes of metal for souvenirs.
moment @ ( N) saat, waktu, sebentar& It is not the right moment to discuss the problem with her.
momentary @ ( A) sebentar& The replacement of the branch manager is only a momentary solution.
monarch @ ( N) raja& Does he think he can still build a monarch in this modern era?
monitor @ ( V/N) memantau, menangkap (siaran)& Mr. Hasan is monitoring the progress of the company from Hongkong.
monopoly @ ( N) monopoli& The Smiths have a monopoly of the sale of oil in this area.
monster @ ( N) binatang ganjil, raksasa& Did you just see a big animal or a monster?
month @ ( N) bulan& I spent one month to fix this car.
mood @ ( N) suasana hati, keadaan jiwa& I am not in the mood to go camping.
moor @ ( N) padang (yang agak tandus)& We saw thin animals in the moor.
morphology @ ( N) morfologi/ilmu bentuk kata& You can learn words easily if you know morphology.
mortgage @ ( N) menghipotekkan, menggadaikan, gadai& I have mortgaged my house to get the loan.
moss @ ( N) lumut& You need to clean the moss before you paint the wall.
motionless @ ( A) tidak bergerak, diam& The dog is motionless.
motor @ ( N) mesin, motor& The motor of the tape-player does not work.
mound @ ( N) gundukan (tanah)& Is there something inside the mound?
mountainous @ ( A) bergunung-gunung& People cannot grow anything on the mountainous area.
mourn @ ( V) berdukacita, berkabung& All the people are mourning for the death of the young soldier.
move @ ( V) bergerak, berpindah, memindahkan& I cannot move the heavy table by myself.
mule @ ( N) bagal (sejenis keledai)& The people here use mules to carry things.
multiple @ ( A) perkalian, berganda, banyak bagian& Buy this knife. It has multiple functions.
multitude @ ( N) orang banyak, banyak& The politicians only give promises to the multitude.
municipal @ ( A) (yang berhubungan dengan) kota& Many people gather in front of the municipal buidling to protest the policy.
muse @ ( V) merenungkan, memikirkan& Tom mused over the accident when he was alone.
musical @ ( A) musikal& Linda will join a musical theater next June.
mutation @ ( N) perubahan, mutasi& The mutation is needed to improve the company performance.
mutual @ ( A) timbal balik, saling& The cooperation is based on mutual respect.
mysterious @ ( A) aneh, gaib& The police have to identify the mysterious guest to solve the murder case.
mystery @ ( N) rahasia/misteri, kegaiban& The murder is still a mystery after three months.
myth @ ( N) dongeng, mitos, isapan jempol& The story of the queen of the south sea is only a myth.
nail @ ( N) kuku, paku& You need a nail to hang the picture.
napkin @ ( N) serbet& The plates and napkins are still in the kitchen.
narrow @ ( A) sempit, mempersempit& You need to narrow your topic to write a good essay.
narrowness @ ( N) kesempitan& The accident happened because of the narrowness of the street.
nasty @ ( A) sangat tidak menyenangkan, buruk, keji. Menjijikkan, kotor, parah& Students often have a nasty idea to tease their classmates.
nation @ ( N) bangsa& There must be peace among nations in the world.
national @ ( A) nasional& I am going to wear national dress in the beauty contest.
natural @ ( A) alami& All the participants of the contest have a natural beauty.
naval @ ( A) angkatan laut& I saw a naval officer in front of the building.
navigate @ ( V) mengemudikan, melayari& Use the wheel to navigate the boat.
neatly @ ( AV) dengan rapi& All the students dressed up neatly for the party.
neatness @ ( N) kerapian, kebersihan& You get an extra point for the neatness of your test work.
necklace @ ( N) kalung& The jewel necklace costs more than a million.
negative @ ( A) negatif& Don't have a negative attitude to a stranger.
negotiate @ ( V) merundingkan, berunding& You have to negotiate to get a good price.
nervousness @ ( N) kegugupan, kegelisahan, ketakutan& You can cover your nervousness by holding a pen when you give a speech.
nest @ ( N) sarang& I found two eggs at the bird nest.
nightingale @ ( N) burung bulbul& You can still hear the song of the nightingale in this area.
nominal @ ( A) nominal, pada nama saja& The nominal value of the money is very low.
nonsense @ ( N) omong kosong& I never believe his nonsense.
nonsensical @ ( A) yang bukan-bukan& I hate her when she starts talking about nonsensical things.
nonstop @ ( N) tanpa henti, nonstop& There is a nonstop flight from Jakarta to Hongkong.
notepaper @ ( N) kertas tulis& I need a piece of notepaper to write down his explanation.
notice @ ( V) merasa, melihat, memperhatikan& I did not notice the no parking sign when I parked.
noticeable @ ( A) kelihatan, nyata& The sign of the lost dog on the tree is not noticeable.
notice-board @ ( N) papan pengumuman& The lecturer will put the announcement about the additional class on the noticeboard.
notion @ ( N) pikiran, gagasan, maksud, dugaan& The notion that people can live without water is nonsense.
nourish @ ( V) memberi makan, memelihara& You have to nourish the flowers if you want them to bloom.
nuisance @ ( N) pengganggu, gangguan& You have to stop asking silly questions if you don't want to be a nuisance.
numerical @ ( A) menurut angka& The report contains numerical data.
nut @ ( N) kacang-kacangan, biji-bijian& You can also eat nuts to get protein.
nylon @ ( N) nilon& The T-shirt is not comfortable because it is made of nylon.
oar @ ( N) dayung, kayuh& I cannot find the oars in the boat.
obey @ ( V) patuh& I sometimes did not obey my parents' order.
oblique @ ( A) miring, condong, tidak langsung& The oblique building is built on purpose.
obscure @ ( A) tidak jelas, menggelapkan, mengaburkan& How can we accept the concept if it is still obscure to us?
obsolete @ ( A) usang, tidak terpakai, kuno& Teenagers do not like to use obsolete expressions.
obstacle @ ( N) rintangan& Language is an obstacle for many Indonesians to study abroad.
obstinate @ ( A) keras kepala, kepala batu, bandel& You cannot hope Bob to accept your suggestion. He is such an obstinate person.
obstruct @ ( V) menghalangi, merintangi& The major should resign temporarily because his position will likely obstruct the investigation.
odor @ ( N) bau, aroma& This body lotion has a nice odor.
offend @ ( V) menyakitkan/i hati& What you said offended her.
offer @ ( N) tawaran& I am not interested in your offer.
old-fashioned @ ( A) ketinggalan mode, kuno, lama& The girls here still have old-fashioned clothes on.
olive @ ( N) buah zaitun& Olive oil is good for your skin.
omit @ ( V) menghilangkan, melangkahi, melewati, mengabaikan& You cannot omit these data in your report.
opaque @ ( A) tidak tembus cahaya, buram& You can have opaque glass for a partition wall.
opera @ ( N) opera& Many people went to the opera to see the celebrity.
opinion @ ( N) pendapat& Do you hany any opinion on this matter?
optical @ ( A) optik, yang berhubungan dengan mata& Do you think this lens store have good optical instruments?
optimum @ ( N) yang paling baik& They have to use their optimum skills to finish the work.
order @ ( V) memerintah& Mr. Black ordered the workers to stop working.
ore @ ( N) biji& The soil in this area contains iron ore.
organ @ ( N) organ, alat& He cannot pronounce the sound well because of his organs of speech.
orientation @ ( N) orientasi, penyesuaian/penempatan dii& Many education organizations have money orientation nowadays.
originality @ ( N) keaslian& People doubt the originality of this painting.
ornament @ ( N) hiasan, perhiasan& The building has very beautiful ornaments.
ornamental @ ( A) yang berhubungan dengan perhiasan/hiasan& The windows are more ornamental and functional.
orthodox @ ( N) ortodoks, biasa& An orthodox Catholic priest may marry.
oscilate @ ( V) terombang-ambing, bolak-balik& The pendulum of the clock oscilates, but the time is not right.
ostrich @ ( N) burung unta& An ostrich has long legs.
outlet @ ( N) jalan keluar (air, uap, dan lain-lain), stopkontak& The store is a direct outlet of the garment company.
outline @ ( N) garis besar, bagan& You need to submit the outline of your paper next week.
output @ ( N) keluaran, hasil& The outputs of the university work in many different fields.
outstanding @ ( A) terkemuka, terkenal& His outstanding position gives not only fame but also money.
overcharge @ ( V) menjual terlalu mahal& The street vendors often overcharge their customers.
overcome @ ( V) mengatasi& Don't worry. We will overcome the problem together.
overhead @ ( N) di atas kepala& We need an overhead projector for the conference.
overlap @ ( V) tumpang tindih& My responsibility overlaps with Tom's responsibility.
overrall @ ( A) baju kerja, secara keseluruhan& The headmaster has agreed the overall plan of the student activities.
overseas @ ( A) luar negeri, perantauan& The company provides an overseas training for its new employees.
overtake @ ( V) menyusul& Hemel will overtake us if we do not speed up.
overthrow @ ( V) menggulingkan, merubuhkan, menjatuhkan, penggulingan& The military will overthrow the civilian government.
overturn @ ( V) terjungkir/terguling, jungkir baliknya& The finding has overturned the previous beliefs.
own @ ( V) memiliki& I own a small house at the beach.
oxygen @ ( N) oksigen& People who suffer Covid-19 needed oxygen to survive.
oyster @ ( N) tiram, kerang& We had fried shrimps, oysters, and crabs at the beach.
packet @ ( N) paket, pak, bungkus& The packet contains five writing books, a pencil, a pen, and an eraser.
pact @ ( N) perjanjian, pakta& Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore have signed a pact to fight against terrorism.
pad @ ( N) blok kertas, bloknot, alas, bantalan& Each seminar participant got the seminar material, a writing pad and a pen.
pain @ ( N) rasa sakit& This pill is for your pain.
painful @ ( A) sakit, tersiksa hati& The wound is very painful.
painting @ ( N) lukisan& This beautiful painting is by Affandi.
paleness @ ( N) kepucatan& The surgery wound is very painful.
palm @ ( N) palem, telapak& There are tall palm trees along the city streets.
pang @ ( N) rasa sakit yang tiba-tiba datangnya& I sometimes have a pang in my left head, and it goes again after I lie down.
paradise @ ( N) surga, firdaus& Everything is good and beautiful here, just like in paradise.
parasite @ ( N) parasit, benalu& I have to find a job soon. I don't want to be a parasite in my sister's family.
part @ ( N) bagian& The main part of the essay is the second part.
partial @ ( A) sebagian, memihak, pilih kasih& The committee may not be partial to some of the contestants.
parting @ ( N) perpisahan, perceraian& The parting of parents is really not good for the children.
partner @ ( N) pasangan, rekan& John is a good business partner but not a personal partner.
passive @ ( A) pasif, tidak giat& You may not just be passive in class. Ask questions or express your ideas.
paste @ ( V) perekat, lem& You can paste the contestant pictures on the school wall.
pasture @ ( N) padang rumput& You can find cows in the green pastures.
pat @ ( V) menepuk-nepuk& Ted patted her shoulder to show his sympathy.
patch @ ( V) tambalan, potong, menambal& Young people like to have patches on their trousers.
patent @ ( N) hak paten, memperoleh hak paten& I have the patent for producing this silver ware.
paticipate @ ( V) berperan serta, ambil bagian& Many girls participate in the annual beauty contest.
patriotic @ ( A) patriotik& The corrupt politicians were also patriotic when they were still students.
patrolman @ ( N) polisi patroli& A patrolman failed the street robbery.
patron @ ( N) penyokong, pelindung, langganan& Important and rich persons become the patrons of the organization.
pause @ ( V) berhenti sebentar, jeda, istirahat& The speaker paused for a moment to let the audience understand his ideas.
peace @ ( N) damai, kedamaian& Peace and war are two things which always appear together.
peach @ ( N) (buah) persik& This peach tastes very sour.
peak @ ( N) puncak& Michael Jackson will sing two songs as the peak of tonight's performance.
peasant @ ( N) petani& Most of the peasants here only have a small land.
pebble @ ( N) batu kerikil/koral& You can walk along this pebble way to come to his room.
pedal @ ( N) pedal& The pedal of my bicycle breaks down again.
peliminary @ ( A) pendahuluan, permulaan& The preliminary report shows that we make a good progress this year.
penalty @ ( N) hukuman, penalti& All the lectures give a penalty for a late submission of a paper.
pendulum @ ( N) bandul, buaian& The grandfather clock pendulum has stopped swinging for two days.
penetrate @ ( V) menembus, merembes, merasuk& Western influences have penetrated our culture and influence our way of life.
peninsula @ ( N) semenanjung& The Singapore peninsula is very important for the regional trade.
pension @ ( N) pensiun, penginapan& Dave works as a security person after his pension.
perceive @ ( V) merasa, memahami& Only the clever students can perceive his idea.
perch @ ( V) (tempat) bertengger burung& Many birds perch on the branches of this tree in the afternoon.
performer @ ( N) pelakon, pemain& All of the performers appeared again after their show.
perfume @ ( N) minyak wangi, pafum, wangi-wangian& When I smell this perfume, I always remember Liz.
peril @ ( N) bahaya, resiko& Theo forgot the peril and went into the burning house to save the child.
perilous @ ( A) penuh bahaya, membahayakan& The SAR team had a perilous journey to save the lost campers.
peripheral @ ( A) sekeliling, sampingan& You need to provide the peripheral instruments to make the best use of this machine.
perish @ ( V) mati, tewas, binasa& Don't cry for the loss. All things shall perish.
perplex @ ( V) membingungkan& What he says is perplexing the audience.
persecute @ ( V) menganiaya, menyiksa& I am not sure that the police really persecuted him.
persist @ ( V) tetap melakukan, berlangsung (lama/terus)& You have to contact the programmer if the problem persists.
pervade @ ( V) meliputi, menyebar& The idea of freedom has pervaded young people's way of thinking.
pest @ ( N) hama, pengganggu& The poison to control pest is not dangerous for people.
petal @ ( N) daun bunga& The flower has large petals.
petroleum @ ( N) minyak bumi/tanah& The petroleum is still the main source of energy in many countries.
phase @ ( N) tahap& I have come to the last phase of my study.
philosopher @ ( N) filsuf& You don't have to be a philospher to solve this problem.
philosophy @ ( N) filsafat& People say that philosphy is the root of all sciences.
photographic @ ( A) fotografik& This book has a lot of photographic illustrations.
phrase @ ( N) frase& His sentences have long phrases.
physiology @ ( N) fisiologi, ilmu faal alat tubuh& You will get physiology if you study in the medical department.
piece @ ( N) keping, potong, lembar, helai& Can you give me a piece of paper.
pierce @ ( V) menembus, menusuk, menyerbu& How can you have a needle pierce into your skin?
pigeon @ ( N) burung dara/merpati& Tourists like to feed the pigeons at the square.
pillar @ ( N) tiang& The traditional building has four pillars to support the roof.
pin @ ( N) peniti, pines& All the committee members have a pin with an eagle head picture on.
pioneer @ ( N) pelopor, perintis& Mustafa received a prize as a pioneer of self-supported village electricity.
piston @ ( N) piston/seher, penghisap& My old car has a problem with ene of the pistons.
pitch @ ( N) tinggi nada, nada& Sam talks with a high pitch when he is angry.
pitiful @ ( A) menyedihkan& It is pitiful that the dog had to die.
pivot @ ( N) poros, sumbu& The wheel is turning around the pivot.
place @ ( N/V) tempat, menempatkan& You have to place important guests at the front rows.
plan @ ( N/V) rencana, merencanakan, rancangan& The carefully made plan worked well.
plane @ ( N) bidang, kapal/pesawat terbang& The process works on the cognitive plane.
plant @ ( N/V) tanaman, menanam& The garderner planted the flowers before winter ended.
platform @ ( N) pelataran, panggung, podium, peron& Mr. Damhuri talked about his political party platform convincingly.
playful @ ( A) suka bermain, melucu& All the children were very happy and playful during the trip.
pleasant @ ( A) menyenangkan& We had a pleasant time in Dufan.
please @ ( V) menyenangkan (hati), silakan, tolong& His words always please his audience.
pledge @ ( N/V) janji, ikrar, menjanjikan, berjanji& The new students pledged to study well.
plug @ ( V) sumbat& You can plug your ears with cotton balls if you don't like the music.
plum @ ( N) prem& I don't like the plum. It is realy sour.
plunge @ ( V) terjun& The man plunged into the river and disappeared.
poet @ ( N) penyair& Rendra is the most famous poet in Indonesia.
poison @ ( N) racun& She commited a suicide by drinking poison.
pole @ ( N) galah, tiang, kutub, elektroda& The people in the North Pole have different names for different kinds of snow.
polite @ ( A) sopan& You have to use polite words to talk to her.
politeness @ ( N) kesopanan& Politeness is important to talk to people we do not know well.
politician @ ( N) politikus& A politician only thinks of his or her political party.
politics @ ( N) politik& I am interested in studying politics.
pool @ ( N) kolam& Trish spends one or two hours in the swimming pool everyday.
popularity @ ( N) populeritas& The actress' popularity overshadows Michael Jackson's.
pore @ ( N) pori& I am sweating at every pore.
portion @ ( N) bagian, porsi& A small portion of the money collected is for the organization.
positive @ ( A) positif& You should be happy for the pregnancy test is positive.
possibility @ ( N) kemungkinan& There is a possibility that the conference will be rescheduled.
possible @ ( A) mungkin& We have to think of the possible consequences of this decision.
post @ ( N) pos, pekerjaan& Dr. Hardjiman will occupy his new post in Bangkok next month.
postage stamp @ ( N) prangko& You can know the cost of shipping on the postage stamp.
postage @ ( N) prangko, materai& Your package will not be delivered if the postage is not enough.
postal @ ( A) kartupos, yang berhubungan dengan pos& You cannot send the letter to him. Postal services are not available there.
postpone @ ( V) menunda& The meeting was postponed because of the weather condition.
preach @ ( V) berkhotbah, menasehati, mengajarkan& You have to do what you preach.
precious @ ( A) sangat berharga& I will use the precious moment to talk about my new post.
preferable @ ( A) lebih baik, lebih disukai& Travelling by plane is preferable nowadays because of the fare.
pregnant @ ( A) hamil& Ruth married in June and got pregnant a year after that.
prejudice @ ( N) sakwasangka, prasangka& You will never get friends if you are always full of prejudice.
premise @ ( N) dasar pikiran, alasan& Your premise to draw your conclusion is weak.
presence @ ( N) kehadiran& Your presence in the meeting is very important.
present @ ( AJ/N) hadir, ada, hadiah, sekarang, waktu ini& All of the board members were present when the decision was made.
presently @ ( AV) sekarang, sebenta lagi, segera& Johnson will announce his cabinet members presently.
preserve @ ( V) mengawetkan, memelihara& You can add more sugar to preserve the food.
press @ ( N) wartawan& Mr. President will meet the press in a few minutes.
press @ ( V/N) menekan, tekanan& The suspect will give a good answer if you press him.
pressing @ ( V) yang mendesak& I cannot stand the pressing demand of present work.
pressure @ ( N) tekanan& Tom will work well under pressure.
prettiness @ ( N) kecantikan, kemolekan& We do not judge the beauty contestants just on their prettiness.
prevalent @ ( A) umum, lazim& The prevalent idea is to replace an incapable employee with a capable employee.
prey @ ( N) mangsa& In the animal world, the weak is the prey of the strong.
primary @ ( A) dasar, utama, penting& The primary cause of the failure is the lack of good cooperation of the players.
principal @ ( A/N) kepala sekolah, pokok, utama& You have to pay the principal debt and the interest.
printer @ ( N) pencetak& This printer has a photo quality.
priority @ ( N) prioritas& Studying is my priority at present.
prism @ ( N) prisma& This prism reflects different colors.
prison @ ( N) penjara& Jack has been in prison for two years for the robbery.
privilege @ ( N) hak istimewa& As a manager, I have the privilege to get a new car.
probability @ ( N) kemungkinan& We have to think of the probability that price of petroleum will drop again.
probable @ ( A) mungkin& It is highly probable that Johnson and Smith win the presidential election.
procedure @ ( N) prosedur, tata cara, cara& The police have followed the procedure to question the suspect.
proclaim @ ( V) menyatakan& We need to wait for Johnson to proclaim his victory before we make a celebration.
procure @ ( V) memperoleh, mendapatkan& The company hired a lawyer to procure the right to produce and market the product.
produce @ ( V) menghasilkan, memproduksi, membuat, menciptakan& I don't know how much milk a cow can produce in one day.
producer @ ( N) penghasil, pembuat, produsen& The furniture producers have a problem to get wood for their production.
proficient @ ( A) cakap, pandai& Gina is proficient in both English and Mandarin.
profound @ ( A) dalam, besar, amat sangat& What you say has a profound meaning. I don't understand it well.
program @ ( N) rencana& I have many programs for my future.
prohibit @ ( V) melarang, menghalangi, mncegah& Smoking is strictly prohibited in school.
project @ ( V/N) pembangunan, proyek, rancangan, memproyeksikan& This project needs a lot of money and energy.
prominent @ ( A) terkemuka, penting mencolok& NH. Dini is a prominent Indonesian writer.
promise @ ( V) menjanjikan, berjanji& Dad promises to buy a motorcycle next year.
promising @ ( V) memberi harapan& The work is very promising. It is good for my future.
promote @ ( V) menaikkan, memajukan& I will be promoted as the branch manager next month.
propel @ ( V) mendorong, menggerakkan& This old machine is not strong enough to propel the boat.
prospect @ ( N) kemungkinan, harapan, prospek& The institution has a good prospect in the future.
prosperous @ ( A) makmur, sejahtera& Indonesia is in fact a prosperous country.
prosperous @ ( A) menjadi makmur& This province is very prosperous. People can get what they want in a lower price.
protein @ ( N) protein& Fish has a lot of protein.
proverb @ ( N) pepatah& I can learn a lot from these proverbs.
province @ ( N) propinsi, daerah& Each province can plan its own budget.
provoke @ ( V) menghasut& An outsider provoked the students to protest the new policy.
proximity @ ( N) dekatnya& We will invite all the English teachers in Yogyakarta and its proximity.
psychiatry @ ( N) ilmu penyakit jiwa& My knowledge on psychiatry helps me understand his behavior.
public @ ( A) umum& Stereotypes often become public opinions.
puff @ ( N) tiupan, hembusan, isapan, menggembungkan, mengisap& The puffs of his cigarette form different shapes.
pulp @ ( N) daging buah, semacam bubur (mis. kayu)& This paper is made of wood pulp.
pumpkin @ ( N) sejenis labu& We brought three pumpkins for Halloween.
punctual @ ( A) tepat pada waktunya& Greg is always punctual. So you have to be there by nine.
punctuality @ ( N) ketepatan waktu& Punctuality is very important in the modern era.
purchase @ ( V/N) membeli, pembelian, belian& The company plans to purchase several new vans for its operation.
pursue @ ( V) mengejar, mengikuti& You have to pursue a higher degree to get a good job.
put @ ( V) mendirikan, mengangkat (~ up)& The students have put up their tents for the night.
pyramid @ ( N) piramida& The Egytian pyramids are in fact pharaoh tombs.
qualification @ ( N) kecakapan, pemerolehan ijasah& Do you think Tom has the qualification for the post.
qualified @ ( A) bermutu, berijasah& A qualified person is needed to this important position.
quality @ ( N) mutu, kualitas, sifta& The quality of the new machines is not as good as that of the old ones.
quarrel @ ( N) bertengkar, bercekcok, perang mulut& The two brothers quarrel in one moment and laugh together in another moment.
quarrelsome @ ( A) suka bertengkar& John is very quarrelsome. You'd better be patient with him.
queue @ ( V/N) antrian, ekor babi& Look! There is a long queue. Do you think we can get a ticket?
quicken @ ( V) mempercepat, menjadi lebih cepat& Is it possible to quicken the process? I am in a hurry.
quit @ ( V) meninggalkan, berhenti& You should quit smoking. It is not good for your health.
quiteness @ ( N) kesunyian, ketenangan, kedamaian& You can listen to the quieteness when you have arrrived at the mountain top.
quiver @ ( V) gemetar, menggigil, getaran (suara)& Linda quivered when she had the sad news.
quotation @ ( N) kutipan& You have to write the source of your quotation.
quote @ ( V) mengutip& I quote these lines from Frost's poem.
race @ ( N/V) ras/suku bangsa, balapan, membalap& We cannot accept an applicant on the basis of his or her race.
radiate @ ( V) memancar(kan), terpancar, besinar, meenyebar& His face radiated when he heard the good news.
radical @ ( A) radikal& We cannot take a radical way to change the situation.
radius @ ( N) jari-jari lingkaran, radius, tulang lengan& People could hear the sound from a radius of three kilometers.
raid @ ( V/N) menyerang, serangan& The police raided the house to catch the runaway prisoner.
railing @ ( N) pagar& The railing is too high to jump over.
rainfall @ ( N) curah hujan& The harvest will not be good if there is too much rainfal.
rake @ ( N) garu, penggaru& You need a rake to clean the yard. It is full of dry leaves.
rancor @ ( N) kebencian, dendam& However badly Ted treated you, you should not have any rancor.
random @ ( A) acak, sembarangan& I will choose the students from a random order. I don't know who will be chosen.
rapids @ ( N) riam, aliran deras& You have to control your boat carefully when you pass the rapids.
rapture @ ( N) rasa gembira, kegairahan& The people celebrated the football team victory in rapture.
rash @ ( V) terburu-buru, kurang pikir, gegabah& Why did you rash? You still had plenty of time to write your essay.
ratio @ ( N) perbandingan& The ratio of teachers and students here is good.
ration @ ( N) rangsum, catuan, jatah, merangsum, menjatah, mencatu& All the prisoners have the same ration.
rational @ ( A) masuk akal, rasional, berakal& We only accept a rational reason.
raven @ ( V) burung gagak& I am scarred when I heard a raven flying.
ravine @ ( N) jurang& I doubt if the ravine is inhabited.
rawness @ ( N) kementahan, mentahnya& The steak tasted awful not because of its rawness.
razor @ ( N) pisau cukur& Can you buy me a razor to shave?
reach @ ( V) mencapai& They plan to reach the city before sunset.
reality @ ( N) kenyataan& Don't be dreaming. You have to see the reality.
realm @ ( N) dunia, bidang, alam, kerajaan& Music and fashion are not my realm.
reap @ ( V) memungut hasil, memanen& Reap only when you grow.
rear @ ( N) (bagian) belakang& Two persons are sitting at the rear seats.
reason @ ( N) alasan, sebab, pertimbangan& Linda quit her study because of a financial reason.
recall @ ( V) mengingat, menarik kembali, ingatan, penarikan kembali& I can still recall what happened in the school twenty years ago.
recede @ ( V) surut, menyusut& You can only leave the village when the flood has receded.
recess @ ( N) istirahat, reses& The parliament members do not have any meeting during the recess.
reciprocal @ ( A) timbal balik& The cooperation give reciprocal benefits to both sides.
recite @ ( V) mendeklamasikan, menceritakan& If you memorize the poem well, can you recite it for me?
reckless @ ( A) sembrono, nekat, ugal-ugalan& The traffic accident happened because of the reckless truck driver.
reckon @ ( V) memperhitungakan, berpendapat, menggabungkan& I do not reckon his participation in the contest. He will certainly lose.
reclaim @ ( V) memperoleh kembali& He tried to reclaim the house which he was forced to sell.
recognition @ ( N) pengenalan, pengakuan, penghargaan& This computer has a speech recognition program.
recognize @ ( V) mengenali, mengakui, menghargai, mengetahui& I can hardly recognize you. You have changed a lot.
recommend @ ( V) merekomendasikan, memuji kebaikan, menasihatkan& My professor recommended this book for a reference.
reconcile @ ( V) berdamai, menjadi rukun& I am trying to help the two gangs to reconcile.
recreation @ ( N) rekreasi& We go to the beach once a month for recreation.
recruit @ ( V) menerima tenaga baru, calon, caper, anggota baru& We will recruit new teachers next semester.
rectify @ ( V) meralat& We have to obey the code of conduct which the president has rectified.
recur @ ( V) berulang, terulang& I don't want this mistake to recur in your essay.
redundant @ ( A) mubazir, berlebih& You have a lot of redundant words in your work.
reed @ ( N) sejenis alang-alang, alat musik& The music band uses different reeds to produce the background sounds.
reel @ ( N) gulungan, rol, kumparan& I used two reels of film to get pictures of the party.
refine @ ( V) memperhalus, menyaring, menyuling& You should refine your expressions so that nobody will be offended.
reflect @ ( V) memantulkan, memantul, mencerminkan& Your clothes reflect who you are.
reflex @ ( N) refleks& Susan hit the man in reflex.
refract @ ( V) membias (kan), membelok (kan)& This prism refracts the lights from that room.
refrigerate @ ( V) mendinginkan, menaruh di lemari es& You can refrigerate this food for tomorrow's use.
refuge @ ( N) tempat perlindungan& The organization provide refuge for the homeless.
refugee @ ( N) pengungsi& Many people still live as war refugees in East Kupang.
refusal @ ( N) penolakan& The refusal of the proposal surprised the students.
refuse @ ( V) menolak& Please don't refuse my offer again.
regarding @ ( P) mengenai, behubungan dengan& Regarding the tuition, you can pay a half now and the other half at the end of the semester.
regime @ ( N) rezim& The New Order regime left a lot of problems to solve.
register @ ( V) mendaftarkan, (buku) daftar& You have to register to participate in the seminar.
regret @ ( V) menyesal& We regret we cannot help you a lot.
regularity @ ( N) keteraturan& Regularity in a work is important to keep our product quality.
reign @ ( V) pemerintahan& We don't want the military to reign the country again.
rein @ ( V) tali kendali/kekang& You have to use the horse reign to control the horse.
reinforce @ ( V) memperkuat& The penalty will reinforce the rule.
rejoice @ ( V) bergemberi, menggemberikan, kegembiraan& We rejoiced at John's success in his study.
relate @ ( V) menghubungkan, menceritakan, berhubungan& You have to relate all the ideas with your main idea.
relative @ ( A) famili, nisbi, relatif& John is a distant relative to me.
relax @ ( V) bersantai-santai, bersenang-senang, mengendurkan, mengurangi& We can relax after we have submitted all the papers.
relevant @ ( A) bersangkut-paut& Your answer is not relavant to the question.
remaining @ ( A) tersisa& We spent fifty thousand and gave the remaining money to Diana.
remark @ ( N) tanggapan, pernyataan, ucapan, kata-kata& Professor Smith gave a good remark on my term paper.
remember @ ( V) ingat, mengingat, teringat& Please remember that the meeting is at nine tomorrow.
remembrance @ ( N) peringatan& He does not think that the card is a remembrance of his promise.
remind @ ( V) mengingatkan& Please remind me if I forget.
remote @ ( A) jauh, terpencil& Television enables people in remote areas to know what is happening in the capital.
render @ ( V) memberikan, menyumbangkan, membuat& The examples do not render clarity.
renew @ ( V) memperbaharui, mengulangi& You have to renew your contract if you still want to stay here.
repay @ ( V) membayar kembali, membalas& You can repay the money when you have got a job.
repeat @ ( V) mengulangi& I have to repeat the course because my grade was D.
repeated @ ( A) terulang, yang diulang-ulang& I am familiar with the repeated patterns of the crime.
repel @ ( V) menghalau, memukul mundur& We develop an instrument to repel mosquitoes.
reporter @ ( N) wartawan, pelapor, jurnalis, reporter& A group of reporters are waiting for you for an interview.
repose @ ( V) (ber) istirahat, tidur, berbaring& He needed to repose after the long investigation.
representative @ ( N) wakil, bersifat mewakili& A representative of each party is present in the conference.
repress @ ( V) menindas, menekan, menahan& The government represses people who have different views.
reproach @ ( V) mencela, menyalahkan, celaan& A teacher should not reproach a student who makes mistakes.
republic @ ( N) republik& Indonesia is a republic, and Thailand is a kingdom.
reputation @ ( N) nama, reputasi& Don't destroy your reputation by accepting illegal money.
research @ ( N) penelitian, riset& A group of scientists are running a research project to find AIDS medicine.
resemblance @ ( N) persamaan, kemiripan& The two brothers do not bear any resemblance.
resemble @ ( V) menyerupai, mirip& You now really resemble Tommy after you cut your hair.
reserve (s) @ ( V/N) memesan, mencadangkan, cadangan& This table has been reserved.
reside @ ( V) bertempat tinggal, terletak, berumah& The Smiths have resided the house for three generations.
resident @ ( N) penduduk, bertempat tinggal di& The new resident of Apartment 203 does not mingle with other residents.
residue @ ( N) residu, sisa& The company sell the oil residue to another company.
resign @ ( V) mengundurkan diri, berhenti, meletakkan jabatan& Soeharto resigned in 1998.
resignation @ ( N) pengunduran diri, peletakan jabatan& I will sign my letter of resignation today if you want.
resin @ ( N) damar& This statue is made of resin.
resolution @ ( N) pemecahan, resolusi, ketetapan hati& People make a new resolution on the new year's eve.
resolve @ ( V) memutuskan, memecahkan, berubah& We need a third party to resolve our conflict.
respect @ ( V/N) (rasa) hormat& I have a great respect for Professor Samsuri.
respectable @ ( A) terhormat, sopan& I don't want to make a conflict with a respectable person.
respectful @ ( A) hormat, menghormati& We are very respectful to all our lecturers.
respiration @ ( N) penapasan& As an asthmatic person, I sometimes have a respiration problem.
restore @ ( V) memugar, memperbaiki& Scientists are trying to restore the old temple.
restrain @ ( V) menahan, mengendalikan, mencegah& My poor English retrained me from joining the beauty contest.
restrict @ ( V) membatasi, melarang& We restrict the library just for our students.
result @ ( N) hasil, akibat& The result of the competition will be announced next week.
resume @ ( V) mulai lagi, melanjutkan& The seminar will resume soon. All the participants are requested to take their seats.
retail @ ( N/V) eceran, membei harga eceran& The price of the shoes is a little higher at retail shops.
retain @ ( V) menahan, memelihara, menyimpan, tetap menguasai& We retain all the documents in our archive.
retire @ ( V) berhenti (dari jabatan), mengundurkan diri, pegi tidur, pensiun& Brian continued his study in law after he retired from the military service.
retirement @ ( N) (masa) pensiun& He enjoyed a happy and comfortable life in his retirement.
retreat @ ( V) mundur& The troop retreated after it lost the battle near the lake.
reveal @ ( V) mengungkapkan, membukakan, menyatakan, menampakkan& The letter could reveal the identity of the kidnapper.
revenue @ ( N) penghasilan, pendapatan, pajak& The income of this regency mostly comes from the revenues.
reverence @ ( N) (rasa) hormat, takzim& You cannot accept what he says simply because of your reverence to him.
review @ ( V/N) meninjau, menimbang, tinjauan& Two editors reviewed the article before it was published.
revive @ ( V) menyadarkan, menyegarkan (lagi), menghidupkan lagi, membangkit-bangkitkan, hidup& I will take this course to revive my memory.
revolt @ ( V) memberontak, mengadakan revolusi, pembeontakan& The possibility of the military to revolt is very small.
revolve @ ( V) berputar, beredar, berkisar& We don't want the power to revolve around the same persons. We need a change.
rhyme @ ( N) bersajak (sama)& The rhyme in each line of this poem is good.
rib @ ( N) tulang rusuk& Jack broke two of his ribs in the accident.
ridge @ ( N) punggung bukit, bubungan (atap)& They stopped and camped at the ridge of the mountain.
rifle @ ( N) senapan& The robber shot two persons with this rifle.
right @ ( A/N) benar, betul, hak& Everybody should use his right to vote in the election.
rightly @ ( AV) sudah sepantasnya& Rightly, Mr. Frelick cancelled all the previous contracts.
rigit @ ( A) kaku, keras& You cannot be rigit when you give marks to your students here.
rigorous @ ( A) keras, dengan teliti, setepat-tepatnya& We have a rigorous selection for the candidate of the bank directors.
riot @ ( N) huru-hara, kerusuhan& The riot in May 1998 still leaves some mysteries unsolved.
ritual @ ( N) upacara agama& Going to church is not just a ritual but a need for me.
rival @ ( N) saingan, menyaingi& You have far better rivals to win the championship this year.
rivalry @ ( N) persaingan, pertentangan& The two friends are always in rivalry to be the best in their class.
roam @ ( V) mengembara, menjelajahi& I plan to roam the country.
rob @ ( V) merampok, merampas, menyamun& Four men robbed Bank of International Commerce this afternoon.
robbery @ ( N) perampokan, pembegalan& The robbery took place in less than ten minutes.
robe @ ( N) jubah& The boxing champion is in the red roce, and the challnger in the black robe.
romance @ ( N) (cerita) roman, percintaan& Are you involved in a romance with Deta?
romantic @ ( A) romantis, berhubungan dengan percintaan& It is very romantic to be at the beach in a full moon.
rosy @ ( A) berwarna merah, yang menyenangkan& I like rosy color.
rot @ ( V) membusuk (kan)& The fish are rotting if you do not cook them soon.
rotten @ ( A) busuk, rusak, buruk& One of the protestor three a rotten egg to him.
roughness @ ( N) kekerasan, kekasaran, kekesatan& Greg's roughness is not tolerable anymore. We should talk about to his parents.
routine @ ( N) kebiasaan sehari-hari/rutin& He will do his daily routine next week.
rove @ ( V) menjelajahi, mengembara& Ricky roved Indonesia on a bicycle.
rubbish @ ( N) sampah& Would you put the rubbish in the basket?
rudeness @ ( N) kekasaran, ketidaksopanan& I am really offended by his rudeness.
rudimentary @ ( A) bersifat elementer/mendasar, belum sempurna& I have a very rudimentary knowledge of computer programming.
rural @ ( A) pedesaan/pedalaman& People in the rural area is not affected by the crisis.
rustle @ ( V) berdesir, berdesau, menggerisik& I heard something rustling. Are there still snakes here?
rye @ ( N) gandum hitam& People make beer from rye.
sabbath @ ( N) hari sabat& We are not allowed to do anything on sabbath.
sacred @ ( A) suci, keramat, kudus& Don't use bad words when you are in a sacred place.
sadden @ ( V) membuat sedih, menyedihkan& His bad habits sadden his parents.
sadness @ ( N) kesedihan, kemurungan& You should do your daily routines again to forget your sadness.
safe @ ( A) aman, selamat, tidak berbahaya& It is not safe to walk alone here at night.
safeguard @ ( V) menjaga (i), melindungi, usaha penjagaan/perlindungan& Two persons safeguard the house of the artist.
salad @ ( N) sayur lalapan& We only ate salad for lunch.
saline @ ( N) garam& He washed the fruit with saline water.
salute @ ( V) memberi salam, menghormat& We salute you for your promotion.
sample @ ( N) contoh, sampel& This is just a sample of our product.
sanction @ ( N) persetujuan, sanksi, menyetujui& The rule will not be effective without any saction.
sane @ ( A) waras/sehat ingatan, bijaksana& You need to keep your neutral sane views on the affairs.
sanitary @ ( A) bersih, sehat& Sanitary is very important for our health.
satellite @ ( N) satelit, negara satelit& Our satellite is taking pictures of the moving troops.
satin @ ( N) kain saten& My husband bought me a satin sleeping gown on my birthday.
satisfied @ ( A) puas, kenyang& All the guests are satisfied with the food.
saturate @ ( V) memenuhi& My brain is saturated with more and more words.
saucer @ ( N) cawan& The sauce in the brown saucer is very hot.
sausage @ ( N) sosis& I had two slices of bread and a sausage for breakfast.
savage @ ( A) ganas, buas, orang biadab& The forest is dangerous because there are still many savage animals in it.
save @ ( V) menabung, menyelamatkan& You can save your time by copying the text from your old document.
saw @ ( N) gergaji& I cut the tree with a saw.
saying @ ( N) ungkapan, peribahasa, pepatah& According to an old saying, the more you give, the more you get.
scales @ ( N) neraca, timbangan& Use accurate scales to weigh the necklace.
scan @ ( V) membaca dengan cepat, menatapi& He scanned the paper to know what was going on.
scared @ ( A) takut& I am really scared to go to that old building.
scarlet @ ( A) merah tua/padam& Who sent you a letter with a scarlet envelop?
scent @ ( N) bau, wangi-wangian,penciuman, mencium, mencurigai& I like a woman with a mild nice scent.
sceptical @ ( A) skeptis, bersifat meragukan& I am rather sceptical if he can finish his study on time.
schedule @ ( N) jadwal& The new class schedule is available at the secretariat.
scheme @ ( N) rancangan, rencana& The economy recovery scheme will hopefully work.
science @ ( N) ilmu pengetahuan& You can follow the development of science from the internet.
scope @ ( N) bidang, lingkup, jangkauan& The scope of the study is the use of computer for learning.
score @ ( N) skor, mencetak skor& You can only get a scholarship if all your scores are eight or higher.
scornful @ ( A) menghinakan, mempunyai rasa penghinaan& Don't be scornful to his ideas. They can be good.
scratch @ ( V) menggaruk, mencakar, mengais& Helen scratches her head when she is nervous.
scream @ ( V) menjerit, berteriak& I heard somebody scream for help.
screen @ ( N) layar, kasa, menyaring& Large screens are available outside the conference room.
screw @ ( N) skrup& I cannot fix the clock because one screw is lost.
screwdriver @ ( N) obeng& You need a screwdriver to fix the computer.
seal @ ( N) segel, anjing laut, tanda, cap meterai, mencap& An official letter has the seal of the university on it.
search @ ( N) mencari (~ for)& We are searching for a new method to improve the quality of education.
secondary @ ( A) kedua, sekunder, tambahan& The primary data are the students' scores, and the secondary data are the teachers' opinions.
second-hand @ ( A) bekas, bekas pakai& You can buy a secondhand car a lot cheaper.
see @ ( V) melihat, mengerti& I don't see your point. Can you explain it more clearly?
seek @ ( V) mencari, meminta& The organization is seeking for a financial aid to run its operation.
seldom @ ( AV) jarang& I seldom see Brian this semester. What courses does he take?
selection @ ( N) pemilihan& The selection for the scholarship is still in progress.
self-conscious @ ( A) sadar diri& He is self-conscious of what he is doing. You don't to worry.
self-consciousness @ ( N) kesadaran akan diri sendiri& Self-consciousness is an important factor in one's success.
senior @ ( A) lebih tua, atas(an)& You can learn from the senior employees.
sensible @ ( A) berpikiran sehat, bijaksana, pantas& A sensible decision is needed to save the two parties.
sentiment @ ( N) perasaan& Don't let your sentiment affect your judgement.
sentimental @ ( A) sentimental, menyentuh perasaan& I don't like sentimental songs.
sew @ ( N/V) jahitan, menjahit& Can you sew my trousers? I tore them this morning.
shaft @ ( N) gagang, tangkai, batang, lubang, corong, tugu& How can you break the gear shaft of your car?
shallow @ ( A) dangkal& The lake is very shallow during the dry season.
shallowness @ ( N) kedangkalan& The shallowness of the river is a result of erosion.
shape @ ( V) bentuk, membentuk& The students shape the clay to make different toy animals.
share @ ( V/N) berbagi, andil, saham& We shared a room with another student.
sharpness @ ( N) ketajaman, keruncingan, kecerdikan& The quality of a criticism is on its sharpness.
shatter @ ( V) hancur, pecah, menghancurkan, memecahkan& The statue fell down and shattered into pieces.
shell @ ( V) kulit kerang, kacang-kacangan, biji-bijian& We collected shells at the beach to make a lamp shade.
shellfish @ ( A) (ikan) kerang& I am allergic to shellfish.
shield @ ( N) perisai, pelindung& The policemen have a shield to protect their body.
shift @ ( V/N) (ber)pindah, memindahkan, beralih, bergeser, perpindahan, pemindahan, peralihan& We shift the workers every three months.
shine, shone, shone @ ( V) bersinar& The sun shines very brightly today.
shipment @ ( N) pengapalan, pengiriman dengan kapal, kiriman& Another company takes care of the shipment of the furniture to Australia.
shipwreck @ ( N) kecelakaan kapal (karam)& The shipwreck happened because of the bad weather.
shock @ ( N/V) kejutan, goncangan, mengejutkan& Her rude answer shocked the other guests.
shortage @ ( N) kekurangan& A shortage of water is a recurring problem in Gunung Kidul.
shorten @ ( V) memendekkan, memperpendek& He shorted his holiday because of the riot.
shortness @ ( N) kependekan, pendeknya& The shortness of the time forced me to write in this way.
shower @ ( N) pancuran/dus, hujan (sebentar)& We had a shower for about fiften minutes, but then it was clear again.
shriek @ ( N/V) jeritan, pekikan, menjerit& The shriek showed that he was in trouble.
sideways @ ( N) ke samping, meyamping, miring& You have to move sideways if you hear a sirene.
sightseeing @ ( N) tamasya, berkeliling sambil melihat-lihat& We don't have a specific plan. We only do a sightseeing in the city.
simultaneous @ ( N) serentak, bersamaan waktu& A simultaneous process of testing and interviewing is conducted to save the time.
skeleton @ ( N) kerangka& You only have to submit the skeleton of your essay next week.
skim @ ( V) menyaring, menyendoki, meluncur(kan)& I just skim the titles of the newspaper. I don't read the news.
skip @ ( V) melewati, melangkahi, meloncati, membolos, meloncat-loncat (main tali)& You can skip the difficult questions and answer the easy ones first.
slap @ ( V) menampar, tamparan, membanting& Why did you slap my face? Have I done something wrong?
sleepiness @ ( N) rasa kantuk& You can drink coffee to overcome your sleepiness.
slender @ ( A) ramping, langsing& She is so slender and beautiful.
slice @ ( N) /VBiris& I ate two slices of bred and an egg for breakfast.
slide @ ( V) meluncur, menyorongkan& The policeman slided on the stair railings to catch the man.
slow down @ ( V) memperlambat& He slowed down his car to find the girl's house.
slowness @ ( N) kelambatan, lambatnya& The slowness of the car is disturbing.
slumber @ ( V) tidur& He slumbers the whole afternoon when he has a night shift.
smallness @ ( N) kekecilan, kecilnya& The smallness of the object makes it difficult to find.
smash @ ( V/N) tabrakan, remuknya, menabrak(kan), memecahkan, mndobrak, membanting hingga hancur& The smash destroyed both the cars.
smell @ ( V) membaui, mencium bau& Do you smell something strange in this room?
smoke @ ( V/N) asap, mengasapi, merokok, berasap& The smoke from the burning forest endangers flights.
smoked @ ( A) diasapi/disalai, asapan& I prefer smoked fish to salted fish.
smoker @ ( N) perokok& This room is not for smokers.
smoky @ ( A) berasap/penuh asap& The building is smoky. Do you think there is a fire.
smoothness @ ( N) kehalusan, kelicinan& You can touch the smoothness of the surface.
sneeze @ ( V) bersin& He sneezed the whole morning.
soak @ ( V) membasahi, merendam& Soak the clothes in soaped water for fifteen minutes before you wash them.
soar @ ( V) membumbung tinggi& The increase of the civil servant salary will cause prices to soar.
sob @ ( V) terisak-isak, tersedu-sedu& Linda sobbed sadly when she heard the news.
society @ ( N) masyarakat& If you want to live peacefully in a society, you have to follow the norms.
soften @ ( V) melunakkan& You need to soften your voice when you talk to her to impress her.
softness @ ( N) kelunakan& You can feel the softness of this first quality cotton.
solar @ ( N) (berkaitan dengan) matahari& Our calendar follows the lunar system, and the Chinese calendar follows the lunar system.
solitary @ ( A) terpencil, sunyi, sendirian& We hardly know her. She had a solitary life.
somehow @ ( AV) bagaimanapun juga& Larry is somehow better than Jack.
sophisticated @ ( A) canggih& They developed a sophisticated program to identify their guest.
sorrow @ ( A) dukacita, penderitaan& Forget your sorrow and do your best for your future.
sound @ ( A) logis, sehat, masuk akal, kuat, terandalkan, pulas/nyenyak& Your father gave me a sound advice.
sparrow @ ( N) burung gereja/pipit& You can sit here and watch the sparrows coming and going.
specimen @ ( N) contoh& This money is only a specimen. It does not have any value.
spectacle @ ( N) tontonan, pemandangan, pertunjukan besar& We had a wonderful spectacle at the opening ceremony of the football championship.
spectator @ ( N) penonton& The spectators enjoyed the great match.
spectrum @ ( N) spektrum& This spectrum produces different beautiful colors.
speculate @ ( V) berspekulasi/mengadu untung, memikirkan, mempertimbangkan& I don't want to speculate and buy dollars.
speed @ ( N) kecepatan, mempercepat& Slow down your car. The speed limit is 35 miles.
spell @ ( V) mengeja& Can you spell your name, please?
spelling @ ( N) ejaan& You still make a lot of spelling mistakes in your writing.
spill @ ( V) menumpahkan, tertumpah, jatuh (jungkir-balik)& I spilled my coffee on the floor.
spiral @ ( N) spiral, pilin& I dropped the spiral of my ballpoint.
spiritual @ ( A) rohaniah& You also need to care for your spiritual needs, not just your physical needs.
splash @ ( V) mendebur, memercikkan& The child splashed water to his friends.
splendor @ ( N) semarak, kemegahan& The splendor of the glass ornaments add the beauty of the building.
split @ ( V) membelah, memecah& I have to split the students into two groups for the test.
sponge @ ( N) sepon, bola karang, bolu& Use wet sponge to clean the microwave surface.
spontaneous @ ( A) spontan, serta merta& My answer to question was spontaneous. I did not prepare it.
spotted @ ( A) bertutul-tutul, berbintik-bintik& People are still talking about the spotted animal which often appears in the village.
spray @ ( V) menyemprot, semprotan, percikan& I spray my flowers twice a month.
spring @ ( N) musim semi& If winter has come, spring will not be far behind.
squat @ ( V) duduk jongkok& Some people sat on the floor or squatted because there were not enough seats.
squeeze @ ( V) memeras, meremas, mendekap& We squeezed the fruit to get the juice.
squirrel @ ( N) tupai, bajing& There are still squirrels behind my house.
stable @ ( N) kandang, stabil, seimbang, tetap/tak berubah& I have put the horse to the stable.
stain @ ( N) kotoran, noda& You can use a certain solution to clean the stain.
staircase @ ( N) tangga (rumah)& The men blocked my way at the staircase.
stake @ ( N) tiang pancang, yang dipertaruhkan& How can he save us? His life itself was at stake.
stall @ ( N) (kamar) kandang& The horse at the third stall is already sold.
stand @ ( V) mewakili (~ for), menggantikan& I will stand for the poor people. They need our help.
staple @ ( N) kawat jepret, jeglegan& Can you staple the newspaper before you read it?
startle @ ( V) menakuti& Jack startled Little Lizy and made her cry.
stately @ ( A) agung, mulia, megah& Prof. Hasan stately inauguratred the new students.
statistics @ ( N) statistik& I don't like to use statistics to support my idea.
statute @ ( N) statuta/undang-undang& All the university rules should be in line with the statute.
steer @ ( V) menyetir, mengemudikan& Although he has formally retired, he still steers the organization.
steering wheel @ ( N) roda kemudi, setir& My car has a problem with the steering wheel.
stem @ ( N) tangkai, gagang, batang, akar kata& If you cut the stem, the tree will probably not grow.
sterile @ ( A) steril, suci hama, mandul, tandus, hampa& All the doctor's intruments are sterile.
stern @ ( A) keras, tegang, buritan/bagian belakang kapal& I don't like him because of his stern face.
stiff @ ( A) pegal, kaku& My shoulders are very stiff.
stiffness @ ( N) rasa kaku/pegal& The oitment can overcome your shoulder stiffness.
still @ ( A) hening, sunyi, senyap, diam& It was very still after all the people went into their tents.
stillness @ ( N) keheningan, kesenyapan& Your radio only destroys the stillness of the night.
stimulus @ ( N) perangsang, pendorong& The prize at the end of the semester is a stimulas for the students to study hard.
stock @ ( N) saham, sero, persediaan, ternak& The stock value of the the cigarette company drops.
stout @ ( N) gemuk, pemberani, kuat, gagak& You have to be stout to win the boxing championship.
straight @ ( A) lurus, langsung, jujur, teus terang& Billy went straight home after school.
straighten @ ( V) meluruskan& We need to straighten our case before we can cooperate.
strain @ ( N) ketegangan& It is common to have a muscle strain after the first exercise.
strait @ ( N) selat& Many ships pass the strait everyday.
strange @ ( A) aneh& We cannot understand your strange ideas.
strangeness @ ( N) keanehan& The strangeness of the person causes suspicion.
strategy @ ( N) strategi, siasat& Manchester United has to use the right strategy to win the match.
stratum @ ( N) lapisan& Erosion washes aways the fertile stratum of the soil.
stray @ ( V) kesasar/nyasar, berkeliaran& Don't stray from the topic of the discussion.
stress @ ( N) ketegangan, tekanan& His work has caused a mental stress.
stride @ ( V) melangkah, berjalan dengan melangkah cepat& He slammed the door and strode away.
strife @ ( N) peselisihan, percekcokan& The cause of the strife in the company is the low salary of the workers.
strip @ ( N) carik, potong, bidang (panjang)& Can you buy two strips of pain killers?
stripe @ ( N) belang, garis, jalur& Stripe dresses will be in fashion again.
strive @ ( V) berusaha keras, berjuang& We have to strive to win this competion.
stuff @ ( N/V) bahan, barang, mengisi& Polyster stuff is used to fill the dolls.
stupidity @ ( N) kebodohan, ketololan, kedunguan& Tom's stupidity caused the company to have a great loss.
subdue @ ( V) menundukkan, mengatasi& You have to subdue your ill desire if you want to live in a society.
subject to @ ( A) tunduk kepada, menjadi sasaran/dapat di...& Everybody is subject to the same law.
submarine @ ( N) kapal selam& The US submarines are only about one hundred miles from the coast.
submit to @ ( V) menyerah, tunduk, menyerahkan, menyampaikan& I submitted my assignment two days ago.
subordinate @ ( A) bawahan, berpangkat lebih rendah& As a subordinate I have to do what you tell me.
subsequent @ ( A) yang berikut& The first five serials are good, but the subsequent serials are not.
subsidiary @ ( A) tambahan, cabang& You can cash this check in the main office or at the subsidiary offices.
subsidy @ ( N) subsidi, tunjangan& The government gives subsidy to farmers to buy fertilizer.
subsist @ ( V) hidup dari, mendapatkan nafkah dari (~ 0n)& Mark completely subsists on his paintings.
substitute @ ( V) mengganti (kan), ganti, tiruan, pemain cadangan& You have to find a substitute if you want to quit.
subtle @ ( A) halus, tak kendara, hampir tak kentara, tajam& I don't get the subtle meaning of his message.
subtract @ ( V) mengurangi& We will substract you scholarship if you have a job while you are studying.
suburb @ ( N) daerah perbatasan kota& Most of the working people live in the suburbs.
successive @ ( A) berturut-turut& Indonesia won Thomas Cup in three successive years.
suck @ ( V) menghisap, menetek& Only a child sucks his thumb.
suffer @ ( V) menderita& Many people still suffer from TBC.
sufficient @ ( A) cukup& We have to provide sufficient food for all the guests.
suicide @ ( N) bunuh diri& We still cannot understand why he committed a suicide.
suitable @ ( A) sesuai, cocok, pantas& This dress is not suitable for teenagers.
summit @ ( N) puncak& The summit meeting will be held in Bali.
summon @ ( V) memanggil, mengumpulkan& The Minister of Foreign Affairs summoned all ambassadors for a briefing.
sunspot @ ( N) bintik pada matahari& We can't see the sunspot in the daylight.
superficial @ ( N) dangkal, luaran, tidak mendalam& Your discussion is superficial. It does not touch the core of the problem.
superfluous @ ( A) berlebihan, yang tidak berguna& Food was superfluous at his party. Fewer people came than invited.
superior @ ( A) lebih tinggi/kuasa, atasan& He is my superior in the youth organization.
supersede @ ( V) menggantikan& Cathy's chance to supersede Linda was very small.
supervise @ ( V) mengawasi& I have to supervise my subordinates.
suplement @ ( N) tambahan, suplemen, lampiran& Food suplement is needed by old people.
suppress @ ( V) mengikis habis, menahan/menyembunyikan& You have to suppress your feeling of rivalry and start your cooperation.
supreme @ ( A) tertinggi& Only the supreme court may cancel the punishment.
sure @ ( A) yakin, pasti& We are sure that Dr. Stevens will approve our proposal.
surgery @ ( N) pembedahan, operasi, ilmu bedah& The surgery is needed to save her life.
surpass @ ( V) melampaui, melebihi, mengungguli& Our sale has surpassed our target.
surplus @ ( N) surplus/berlebihan& We had a surplus of rice several years ago, but now we have to import.
surprised @ ( A) terkejut& We were surprised to hear that you failed in the test.
surrender @ ( V) menyerah& If the robbers do not surrender in five minutes, we will raid in.
survive @ ( V) bertahan hidup, mempertahankan hidup& I don't think I will survive without electricity.
susceptible to @ ( A) mudah kena pengaruh, peka terhadap& Ruth is still susceptible to what other people say.
suspect @ ( V/N) mencurigai, mengira/menduga, si tersangka, orang yang dicurigai& We suspect that Dr. Baldwin gave a wrong doze.
suspend @ ( V) menyekors,mencabut,menunda,menangguhkan,meniadakan, menghentikan, menggantungkan& Dr. Harryson suspended John because of his rude behavior in class.
suspicion @ ( N) kecurigaan& Your suspicion to the man does not have any basis.
suspicious @ ( A) mencurigakan, curiga& The people here are always suspicious to newcomers.
sustain @ ( V) menopang, menahan, mendukung, menderita, meneruskan& I wonder how the foundation can sustain the university.
swallow @ ( V) menelan, burung layang-layang& He swallowed the food at once.
swan @ ( N) angsa& The swan lays eggs again.
swarm @ ( N) kawanan& A swarm of grasshoppers destroyed the plants.
sway @ ( V) terombang-ambing, terayun-ayun& The policeman was swaying on a rope.
sweat @ ( V/N) keringat, peluh, berkeringat, berpeluh& I sweat a lot in a hot day like today.
sweep @ ( V) menyapu, menjuarai& Timothy will sweep all the challengers and become the champion again.
sweet @ ( A) manis, baik hati, merdu, gula-gula& How sweet of you to provide drinks for everybody.
sweeten @ ( V) memaniskan, membuat manis, mempermanis& You only need a little sugar to sweeten this mixture.
sweetness @ ( N) kemanisan, kebaikan hati& Don't misinterpret her sweetness. She is just sweet to everybody.
swell @ ( V) membengkak& I fell down and my ankle swelled.
swelling @ ( N) pembengkakan, bengkaknya& This ointment can cure the swelling.
syllable @ ( N) suku kata& Less than ten Indonesian words consist of one syllable.
symmetrical @ ( A) simetris& The kite does not fly because it is not symmetical.
sympathetic @ ( A) simpatik& We feel sympathetic to the students who have a hunger strike.
symptom @ ( N) gejala& A cough is not a disease but only a sympton.
synthesize @ ( V) mempersatukan, mengumpulkan, mensintesiskan& If you can synthesize the two ideas into one, you will make a good proposal.
tablet @ ( N) tablet& Take two tables after each meal.
tactics @ ( N) taktik, siasat& They used a good tactics to defeat other teams.
tail @ ( N/V) ekor, mengikuti dengan diam-diam& A houze lizard cuts its tails to protect itself.
take away @ ( V) mengambil (~ away)& Don't take away my land. That is the only thing I have.
take over @ ( V) mengambil alih (~ over)& Don't let the military take over the power.
talent @ ( N) bakat, pembawaan& He is a young man with many artistic talents. He can sing, dance, and paint.
tall @ ( A) tinggi& A tall building will disturb a plane to land and take off.
tallness @ ( N) ketinggian, tingginya& You must be impressed with his tallness.
tamely @ ( AV) dengan jinak, secara lemah, secara penurut& The tiger performs all the acrobatic actions tamely.
tameness @ ( N) penjinakan, kelemahan& The tameness of the tiger is a result of a long training.
tank @ ( N) tangki, teng, tank& We supply tanks of water to the people who have water problems.
target @ ( N) sasaran& The target of the operation is the big drug dealer.
taste @ ( V/N) rasanya, terasa, mencicipi& The candy has a tangy taste.
tasteless @ ( A) tidak ada rasanya, tawa, hambar& The food served in the party was tasteless.
taxi @ ( N) taksi& Call a taxi to go to the airport.
teaspoon @ ( N) sendok teh& Add a teaspoon of sugar to my coffee.
telescope @ ( N) teleskop, teopong& I bought this telescope to spy my neighbor.
tell @ ( V) memberitahukan, menyuruh, menceritakan& I told Bob not to tell anybody about our plan.
temp @ ( V) menggoda& I am tempted to watch TV if I study at home.
tempting @ ( A) menarik, menggiurkan, menggoda& It is tempting to go out and enjoy the evening when the sky is clear.
tenant @ ( N) penyewa& All the tenants have paid their rent.
tendency @ ( N) kecenderungan& People have the tendency to do the easiest thing.
tender @ ( A) lembut, lunak, empuk, penawaran, tawaran& The steak is very tender and delicious.
tenderness @ ( N) kelembutan, keempukan& I still remember my late girlfriend when I am alone.
term @ ( N) syarat, istilah, masa, hubungan& Law has some many terms.
terminate @ ( V) mengakhiri, berakhir& I will terminate your contract if you do not work well.
territory @ ( N) daerah, wilayah& This foreign ship has entered our territory.
textile @ ( N) bahan tekstil& If the garment industry is in trouble, so is the textile industry.
texture @ ( N) susunan, jaringan& Pork has a different texture from beef.
thank @ ( V) berterima kasih& I thank you for the use of this program.
thankful @ ( A) penuh rasa terima kasih/syukur, berterima kasih& We are all thankful to our parents, friends, and lecturers.
theater @ ( N) gedung pertunjukan/bioskop, dunia sandiwara& I went to the theater to see the opera.
theft @ ( N) pencurian& The theft occured because her carelessness.
theme @ ( N) tema, pokok& The theme of all the songs is peace.
theorm @ ( N) dalil& We need a new economic theorm to solve the economic crisis.
therapy @ ( N) pengobatan/terapi& I need a physical therapy after I had a bone surgery.
thermal @ ( A) (yang berkenaan dengan) panas& The thermal power station can supply one fourth of the electricity need.
thermometer @ ( N) termometer, alat mengukur suhu& Put the thermometer in your armpit.
these days @ ( N) dewasa ini, pada saat sekarang& There are many robberies these days.
thick @ ( A) tebal, kental& You need a thick jacket to climb the mountain.
thicken @ ( V) mempertebal, menebalkan, memperkental& You will feel your cheek skin thicken after ten minutes.
thicket @ ( N) belukar, semak-semak& The cat is hiding in the thicket.
thickness @ ( N) ketebalan/tebalnya, kekentalan/kentalnya& We cannot go through the forest because of its thickness.
think @ ( V) berpikir, memikirkan, mengira, merasa& I don't think I can finish my work on time.
thinker @ ( N) pemikir, ahli pikir& As a thinker, Robby always tries to find different solutions to a problem.
thinness @ ( N) ketipisan/tipisnya, kekurusan/kurusnya& We thought the new student was sick because of his thinness.
thirst @ ( N) dahaga, rasa haus& These books can satisfy your thirst of knowledge.
thorny @ ( A) berduri& I cannot pass the bush because it is thorny.
thought @ ( N) pikiran, pemikiran, gagasan, perhatian& I don't know where she got such a strange thought.
thoughtful @ ( A) penuh perhatian& I thank you for your being thoughtful.
thoughtfulness @ ( N) perhatian, keprihatinan& His thoughtfulness has lead to the discovery of the new law.
threshold @ ( N) ambang pintu, ambang/permulaan& People are often worried when they are at the thresshold of old age.
thrill @ ( N) getaran hati/jiwa& The kidnapping really gave us a thrill.
thrilling @ ( A) yang merawankan hati, yang menggetarkan hati, yang mngerikan& The effort to save the hostage was thrilling.
thrive @ ( V) tumbuh dengan subur, maju/berkembang dengan cepat& Internet shops are thriving in a student city.
throw out @ ( V) membuang, mengemukakan, mengusir& I will throw out any students who cheat.
thrust @ ( V) menusukkan, menikamkan, memasukkan, berdesakkan& The cold weather thrusts my skin.
thunder @ ( N) guntur, guruh, gemuruh& The night was dark and full of thunders.
tick @ ( N/V) tanda (V), memberi tanda (V) , detik(an), kutu anjing& I put a tick on my choices.
tidal @ ( N) (air) pasang& A tidal wave often has a very destructive effect.
tie @ ( N/V) mengikat(kan), dasi& The kidnapper tied the boys' hands.
tighten @ ( V) mengetatkan, mempererat, mengencangkan& I tightened the screew with my nail.
timber @ ( N) kayu& We still export timber from Kalimantan.
time-table @ ( N) jadwal& You have a class at nine according to the time-table.
timid @ ( A) malu-malu, takut-takut, takut& Linda is very timid in class and never asks questions.
tiny @ ( A) kecil, mungil& The tiny spot on his hand could be caused by a needle.
tip @ ( N) tip, uang persen, memberi uang persen, menyentuh, nasihat& Indonesian people do not mostly leave a tip in a restaurant.
tire @ ( N) ban, melelahkan, menjadi lelah, meletihkan& The work in the bakery shop really tires me.
tiring @ ( A) melelahkan, meletihkan& The two-hour test was really tiring.
tissue @ ( N) jaringan, lap/serbet kertas, uat daging& Bring some tissue boxes if you keep sneezing.
together @ ( AV) bersama-sama& We worked together to achieve the best result.
toil @ ( V) bekerja keras& The committee toiled for almost three weeks to prepare the conference.
token @ ( N) tanda, (tanda) penghargaan, bukti, kenang-kenangan& Please accept this batik painting as our token of gratitude.
tomato @ ( N) tomat& Can I have tomato juice, please?
tone @ ( N) nada, bunyi, sifat, suasana& The tone of his talk showed that he was not happy with the situation.
tongue @ ( N) lidah, bahasa, jazirah& Hold your tongue. Don't give any comment on her performance.
too @ ( AV) juga, terlalu& The book is too expensive for me to buy. 3
toothbrush @ ( N) sikat gigi& Can you buy me a new toothbrush?
torch @ ( N) lampu senter& The torch is needed when the light is out.
torment @ ( N) siksaan, menyiksa& You torment him by giving tasks which he does not like at all.
torture @ ( V) siksaan, penyiksaan, menyiksa, menganiaya& Dany made up the story because he could not bear the torture.
total @ ( V) menjumlahkan (~ up)& The goverment tries to total up the destruction caused by the flood.
touching @ ( A) mengharukan& Your speech is really touching.
tough @ ( A) keras/liat, keras, sukar, kasar& Jack is really a tough fighter. He will not surrender easily.
tour @ ( N) perjalanan (keliling), tamasya& We had a tour to the countryside.
tourist @ ( N) pelancong, wisatawan, turis& Many tourists come to Yogyakarta during the school holidays.
tower @ ( N) menara, menjulang tinggi& Edy climbed up the water tower and threatened to jump down.
toxic @ ( N) mengandung racun& The toy is made of toxic substance which may be dangerous to children.
track @ ( N) rel, jejak, jalan, olahraga lari& The thief did not leave any track for the police to trace.
tragedy @ ( N) cerita sedih, tragedi& The fire which took the lives of five persons was the worst tragedy this year.
traitor @ ( N) pengkhianat& I don't want to have a traitor in our club. You all have to be loyal.
transaction @ ( N) transaksi, notulen/catatan& The police caught the drug dealer when he was making a transaction.
transform @ ( V) mengubah, perubahan& You should transform the failure into a drive to be successful.
transistor @ ( N) transistor& My radio still uses transistor.
transition @ ( N) transis, peralihan& Foreign investment is very small during the transition of the government.
translator @ ( N) penerjemah& The newspaper needs several translators.
trap @ ( N/V) perangkap& Do you really think this trap can catch a mouse?
tray @ ( N) baki, talam& They served the food on a tray.
treaty @ ( N) perjanjian, pakta& The treaty will end the wars which have lasted more than ten years.
tremendous @ ( A) hebat sekali, dahsyat, besar& Your robot is a tremendous achievement.
trench @ ( N) parit perlindungan (dalam perang)& During the Japanese occupation people had to make trenches.
trend @ ( N) kecenderungan& There is a trend for young mother to give a birth with a surgery.
trial @ ( N) percobaan, pemeriksaan pengadilan& We hope that the court can have a fair trial on the prominent politician.
tribute @ ( N) penghargaan, penghormatan& I will sing this song as a tribute to Gombloh, a singer and the composer of this song.
trick @ ( N) tipu daya, tipu, tipu muslihat, cara& Renaldo has a lot of tricks to score a goal.
trifle @ ( N) barang sepele, barang tidak berharga& How can you be angry on such a trifle?
trifling @ ( A) remeh-remeh, suka membuang-buang waktu& You can just ignore on trifling errors.
trim @ ( V) memotong, memangkas, merapikan& I need to trim my hair.
trivial @ ( A) sepele, remeh& Mary is not interested on trivial things.
trot @ ( V) berlari dengan derap kecil (kuda)& The child was trotting after his mother.
troublesome @ ( A) menyusahkan, yang suka mengganggu& I don't like a troublesome student.
trust @ ( V) mempercayai& I trust you whatever you do.
trustworthy @ ( A) pantas dipercaya& You do not need to worry. Diana is a trustworthy person.
truth @ ( N) kebenaran& I will not talk about the truth and no more than the truth.
truthful @ ( A) jujur& You have to be truthful if you really want to build a long-lasting relationship.
truthfulness @ ( N) kejujuran, sifat yang selalu mengatakan yang sebenarnya& I believe in the truthfulness of his statement.
try @ ( V) mencoba, mengupayakan, berusaha& I try to do my best to help you.
tuck @ ( N) lipatan, kerutan, menyelipkan& He always tucks his shirt into his trousers.
tug @ ( V) menghela, menarik, kapal tunda, sentakan& Don't tug your dog when you take him for a walk.
tunnel @ ( N) terowongan, tembusan, menggali terowongan& We have tunnels under the buildings and roads to avoid flood.
turbine @ ( N) turbin& One of the plane turbines did not work, so the pilot decided to land.
turtle @ ( N) penyu, kura-kura& People are not allowed to catch and sell turtles here.
twig @ ( N) ranting& Theo cut down the tree twigs which block his view from his room window.
twilight @ ( N) senjakala& We have a beautiful twilight at the sea side.
twinkle @ ( V) berkelip-kelip, bersinar-sinar, kelip& I always enjoy the stars twinkle at night.
typewriter @ ( N) mesin ketik& We still need a typewriter altough we have a printer.
ugliness @ ( N) kejelekan (rupa)& The flat nose and thick lips are the cause of her ugliness.
ultimate @ ( A) akhir, pokok& The ultimate goal of the team is to win the world championship in 2006.
unavoidable @ ( A) tak teelakkan, tak terhindari& The accident was unavoidable because both the two vehicles ran fast.
unaware @ ( A) tak sadar, tidak menyadari& I was really unaware that Sandra was Tom's best friend.
unbusinesslike @ ( A) tidak praktis& What you did was unbusinesslike. You waste much your time and energy.
uncertainty @ ( N) ketidakpastian& Many good employees left the company because of the uncertainty of the company future.
unconcious @ ( A) tidak sadar, pingsan, tidak sadarkan diri& Cynthia fell unconcious when she heard the news.
underclothes @ ( N) pakaian dalam& You can wash your underclothes by yourself.
undergo @ ( V) menjalani, mengalami, melalui& You will undergo the same process again if you start from the beginning.
underlined @ ( A) digarisbawahi& Can you get the meaning of the underlined words?
undermine @ ( V) merongrong, merusak& You changed the new policy again, you would just undermine your own company.
understand @ ( V) mengerti, paham& We all understand what you mean.
underwear @ ( N) pakaian dalam& I need to buy some underwears.
unequal @ ( A) tidak sama, tidak seimbang& The two football teams are unequal.
unfavorable @ ( A) tidak menguntungkan, tidak baik& Bob is really unfavorable to become a branch manager.
unfold @ ( V) membuka, membentangkan, terbuka, terbentang& You need to unfold the map to find the city.
ungrateful @ ( A) tidak tahu terima kasih& You are really an ungrateful person if you leave the company.
unhappiness @ ( N) ketidakbahagiaan& Jack's way of life is the cause of Mrs. Smith's unhappiness.
unify @ ( V) mempersatukan, menyatukan& Talks are still going on to unify the two Koreas.
unique @ ( A) unik, khas khusus& Everybody is unique.
unity @ ( N) kesatuan& You put the unity of the union in danger if you issue the policy.
unkind @ ( A) tidak ramah, keras, kejam& He is unkind to everybody, and not just to you.
unkindness @ ( N) kekerasan, ketidakramahan& He does not have any friend because of his unkindness.
unlike @ ( AV) tidak seperti, tidak serupa, tidak sama& Unlike his brother, Tom does not play any musical instrument.
unload @ ( V) membongkar muatan& The drivers usully sleep when their trucks are unloading.
unlucky @ ( A) tidak beruntung, sial, celaka& You are really unlucky if you miss the chance again.
unnatural @ ( A) tidak wajar& You look unnatural with your new hairstyle.
unprejudiced @ ( A) tak berprasangka, tak berpihak& Tina develops an unprejudiced attitude.
unreasonable @ ( A) tidak masuk akal, keterlaluan, rewel& It is unreasonable to accept new employees in this situation.
unsatisfactory @ ( A) tidak memuaskan& His boss is unsatisfactory with his achievement.
unsteady @ ( A) tidak tetap, mudah goyah& You will not get a job if you still have an unsteady personality.
unsuitable @ ( A) tidak sesuai/cocok& The dress is unsuitable for the occasion.
untie @ ( V) melepas, membuka& Can you untie the dog?
unusual @ ( A) luar biasa& It is unusual for people here to have a nap.
unwillingness @ ( N) ketidaksudian, ketidakrelaan& She does not express her unwillingness, but we know it from her face expression.
unworthy @ ( A) tidak pantas/layak& The job is unworthy for such a capable person like you.
upheaval @ ( N) kehebohan, pergolakan& Don't let the military to get power in this political upheaval.
uphill @ ( N) naik bukit& All the campers went uphill.
upkeep @ ( N) pemeliharaan/perawatan, biaya pemeliharaan& I spend a lof of money for the upkeep of my old car.
uppermost @ ( A) paling atas/tinggi& The policy does not affect the uppermost people in the company.
urban @ ( A) (yang berkenaan dengan) kota& Housing is just one of the urban problems.
urge @ ( V) mendorong, mendesak& We urge Tom to take the job.
used @ ( A) bekas, terpakai& I bought a used car for fifty million.
useful @ ( A) berguna& It is very useful to bring jacket in the winter.
usefulness @ ( N) kebergunaan, kegunaan, kemanfaatan& You have to think of the usefulness of the machine if you really want to buy one.
uselessness @ ( N) ketidakbergunaan& The uselessness of the computers is due to the teachers' computer literacy.
user @ ( N) pemakai& The users of the program are satisfied with the performance.
usual @ ( A) biasa& It is usual for a student here to spend three or four hours to study in the library everyday.
utilize @ ( V) menggunakan, memanfaatkan& The farmers utilize the tractor to generate electricity.
utmost @ ( A) sepenuhnya& We use the upmost ability to finish the work on time.
vacant @ ( A) kosong, lowong& The hotel does not have vacant rooms anymore.
vague @ ( A) samar-samar, tidak jelas& The explanation of the failure of the machine is very vague.
valid @ ( A) sahih, sah, benar& We only use valid data in the monthly report.
value @ ( V) menghargai, menilai& The aim of the program is to help the youth to value their culture.
valve @ ( N) klep, kutup, pentil& The flat tire was caused by the valve.
vanish @ ( V) hilang, lenyap& Cooking oil vanishes from the market.
vapor @ ( N) uap air, kukus& The vapor blurred my glasses.
vast @ ( A) luas, sangat banyak& We still have vast empty land in this area.
vegetation @ ( N) tumbuh-tumbuhan& The chemical substance from the factory has bad effects on vegetation.
vehicle @ ( N) kendaraan, kapal, pembawa& No motor vehicles are allowed to pass this area.
velocity @ ( N) kecepatan& The velocity of the jet is beyond our belief.
venture @ ( N) perbuatan yang mengandung resiko& People are still talking about his venture to save the boy from the burning hotel.
verify @ ( V) memeriksa, membuktikan& We will verify the data in the field.
version @ ( N) versi, terjemahan& The poem appears in more than three versions.
vest @ ( N) rompi& The police have a bullet proof vest under their jacket.
vex @ ( V) menyakitkan hati, menjengkelkan, mengesalkan& The statement really vexed me.
vibrate @ ( V) bergetar, menggetar& Her voice vibrated because of her anger.
vice @ ( N) sifat buruk, perbuatan jahat& Drunkenness is a vice which has bad effects to many people.
vicinity @ ( N) sekitar& Many people of Yogyakarta and its vicinity come and see the night fair.
vigorous @ ( A) giat, penuh semangat& A vigorous attempt was done to search and rescue the lost campers.
villager @ ( N) orang desa/dusun& The villagers still live a simple life.
virtual @ ( A) sebetulnya, sebenarnya& The virtual memory of the computer is low.
virtue @ ( N) kebajikan, kebaikan, sifat baik& Forgiving is a virtue.
virus @ ( N) virus& I found a new virus in my computer.
voluntary @ ( A) sukarela, fakultatif, sengaja& We need voluntary workers for the refugee camp.
volunteer @ ( N) sukarelawan& We will have a volunteer from Australia to teach English.
vow @ ( V) kaul, janji, mengucapkan kaul& He has vowed to leave worldly matters and live for the welfare of others.
vulnarable @ ( A) mudah terserang/kena serang& A baby is very vulnarable to different diseases.
wag @ ( V) mengibas-ngibaskan& The dog keeps wagging its tail.
wail @ ( V/N) ratapan, raungan, meratap, meraung& The children are wailing for the loss of their mother.
waiting-room @ ( N) kamar tunggu& The doctor's waiting room is full.
wander @ ( V) berkeliling-keliling, mengeluyur, berkeliaran& They just wandered around the city.
ware @ ( N) barang& The store sells glass wares.
warehouse @ ( N) gudang& They hid the money in the warehouse.
warmth @ ( N) kehangatan, panasnya& They received us in their house with happiness and warmth.
waste @ ( V) memboroskan, membuang-buang, menghambur-hamburkan& Lucy wasted her money on trivial things.
wasteful @ ( A) boros& It is wasteful of time and enery to convince him to change his decision.
wastefulness @ ( N) pemborosan, penghambur-hamburan& Mom was angry because of the wastefulness of your time.
watch @ ( V/N) menjaga, mengamati, menonton, memperhatikan, jam& I only watch TV if I don't have anything else to do.
watchful @ ( A) waspada& Be watchful and don't let anyone in.
watchfulness @ ( N) kewaspadaan, sifat menjaga/mengamat-amati& With such watchfulness, it is impossible to break into the factory.
watchman @ ( N) penjaga& Two watchmen are standing at the front door.
waterfall @ ( N) air terjun& Tawangmangu is the only waterfall I have ever visited.
waver @ ( V) ragu-ragu, goncang& He wavered his decision after I told him its consequences.
wax @ ( N) lilin& The statue is made of wax.
way @ ( N) jalan masuk (~ in)& I don't see any way in except the front door.
weariness @ ( N) kelelahan, kecapaian, keletihan, kebosanan, kejemuan& You need a holiday to recover from your weariness.
weary @ ( A) lelah, letih, bosan, membosankan& We feel weary after working at the site for eight weeks.
weave @ ( V) menganyam, menenun& Mrs. Johnson weaves to spend her time.
weekday @ ( N) hari kerja& The new post office is only open on the weekdays.
weekend @ ( N) akhir pekan& The Garfields go to their beach house on the weekend.
weight @ ( N) berat, bobot& I gained more weight in my holiday.
weld @ ( V) mengelas, mematri, menyatukan& I had the leaking exhaust pipe welded in the garage.
wheat @ ( N) gandum& We import wheat from the US.
whirl @ ( V) memutar, berputar& All the students danced and whirled around the room.
wholesale @ ( N) menjual secara besar-besaran, borongan, besar-besaran& You can get the products cheaper if you buy them by wholesale.
widen @ ( V) melebarkan, memperlebar, meleebar& Your speech has widen my horizon.
widow @ ( N) janda& As a widow, I cannot afford to buy the house.
widower @ ( N) duda& Susan will marry a widower who has a ten-year son.
willow @ ( N) sejenis pohon (kebanyakan tumbuh di tepi sungai)& It is difficult to reach the house from the river because of the willow.
wipe @ ( V) menghapus, melap& I have to wipe all those nice things from my memory.
withhold @ ( V) tidak memberi, menyembunyikan, tidak memasukkan& We will withhold the grant if he has not submitted the first report.
without @ ( AV) tanpa& You cannot get into the embassy without a proper identity.
withstand @ ( V) menahan, bertahan terhadap& Do you think Mr. Dawson can withstand from such an nice offer.
witness @ ( N) saksi, kesaksian, menyaksikan, mengalami& Two witnesses are ready to testify against him at the court.
woe @ ( N) kesedihan, kesengsaraan& The poem is about the woe of a young girl.
work @ ( V/N) bekerja, kerja/pekerjaan& The work is not suitable for a woman.
workman @ ( N) pekerja pria, buruh pria, karyawan& A workman cleaned the mess.
workshop @ ( N) lokakarya, bengkel, ruang kerja& We had a workshop on the use of computer for language teaching.
worthy @ ( A) pantas, layak, patut, berfaedah& The work is not worthy of your time and energy.
wound @ ( V/N) melukai, luka& Two persons were badly wounded in the accident.
wrap @ ( V) membungkus, membelitkan, melilitkan, selendang& Can you wrap the gun toy, please?
wrath @ ( N) kemarahan, kemurkaan, kegusaran& He burnt the house because of his wrath.
wreck @ ( V/N) merusak, menghancurkan, rongsokan, kecelakaan& The new car has turned into a wreck after the accident.
wretched @ ( A) susah sekali, menyedihkan, tidak enak badan& The wretched condition of the house does not arouse pity but disgust.
wrinkle @ ( V) kerut, keriput, menjadi kisut& Her skin began to wrikle when she was sixty.
wrist @ ( N) pergelangan tangan& Look at his new wrist watch.
yearly @ ( A) tahunan& His yearly income is less than twenty thousand dollars.
yeast @ ( N) ragi& Do you have yeast to maka pizza dough?
yell @ ( V/N) sorakan, pekikan, teriakan, meneriakkan, menyorakkan, memekikkan& I don't like people to yell at me.
yoke @ ( N) kuk (kayu lengkung yang dipasang di tengkuk sapi/kerbau untuk menarik , memasang& The two oxen are united by the yoke.
youth @ ( N) pemuda, kaum muda, masa muda& The future of a nation depends on the youth.
zeal @ ( N) semangat, kegiatan& The youths have the zeal for new invetions.
zealous @ ( A) bersemangat, giat, tekun sekali& They are zealous for a better condition and a better life.
zoology @ ( N) ilmu hewan& We are going to study zoology.
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