Vocabulary | Sentence Writing | Paragraph Writing

Vocabulary is a course which aims at helping the students develop their vocabulary knowledge. The course consists of three level: level 1 (the first 1000 words), level 2 (the second 1000 words), and level 3 (the first 3000 words). The course is divided into 12 units and consists of following activities.
  • Word Presentation. In this activity, the students are supposed to learn the words in each unit. In each unit, the English words are presented with their equivalents in Indonesian and the examples in sentences. The students can read the material in the web or get the printed material.
  • Weekly Tests. For each unit, the studens are supposed to do a test. The test is a multiple choice test and consists of 60 items. It runs 50 minutes. If the students submit the test after the time is up, their test result will be recorded. In each item, the students have to find the most suitable word to complete the blank. To complete the tests, the students may open their books and notes or online dictinaries and cooperate with their classmates.
  • Crosswords. In this activity, the students have to solve a crossword puzzle. Each puzzle consists of 50 to 60 words, after the students complete the puzzle, they have to submit the puzzle, and the completion is recorded. The score of the crossword puzzle is based on the percentage of the completion of the puzzles throughout the course.
  • Sentence Writing. In this activity, the students are supposed to write 20 sentences using the given words. The sentences should reflect the meanings of the words correctly and also have a correct grammar.
  • Sentence Comments. In this activity, the students are supposed to give comments on the classmates' sentences. They have to determine whether the sentences are correct according to the grammar and according to the meaning. The scores of the sentence writing are based on the students' comments so that the students who give their comments and the students whose sentences are commented should discuss their comments. They can still revise their sentences and comments to have a better score on this activity.
  • Pronunciation Practice. In this activity, the teacher presents a number of words which will likely pose problems on the pronunciation, reads the words aloud, and asks students to repeat after him or her. Some students are then requested to pronounce the words individually. The students will have an oral examination in which they have to pronounce a given list of words.
  • Midterm and final test. The midterm and final tests are similar to the regular weekly tests. The difference is that the test consists of 75 items, and during the tests the students cannot open their books and notes or online dictinaries and cooperate with their classmates.
The final grade will be based on the average scores of the weekly, mid, and final tests and test (45%), the sentence writing (20%), sentence comments (10%), crossword completion (15%), and pronunciation test (10%).
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