How to write a passage

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 1. Sentence College Life
As a new college student, you do different activities and meet new people nowadays. Please write 15 sentences about the activities you often do nowadays and the people you meet everyday.The sentences are not necessarily connected to each other.
 2. Tense School life
The high school has already belonged to the past now. You may have got nice and bitter experiences which you can still remember now. Please write 15 sentences about the activities you did and the people you met when you in high school. The sentences are not necessarily connected to each other. Passage: My Short Biography
 3. Article and Determiner A Tourist Resort
You must have visited an interesting place which you can still remember well, and you want to visit it again in the future. Please write 15 sentences about the facilities it has and some other interesting things about the place.
 4. Personal Pronoun New and Close Friends
You are in college now! You have met new friends, but, of course, you do not forget your old friends. Please write 15 sentences about your new and old friends, their habit, and their characteristics. Use any personal pronouns as you can.
Passage: My Unforgetable Experiene (
 5. Question Slums
A big city has the picture of tall luxurious buildings and busy traffic, but behind the buildings lie small crowded houses in dirty areas.
Write 15 sentences about the conditions of a slum which you have seen and the life of the people.
 6. Noun Modification Family and friendship
A family and friendship are two things which people need to have a happy and meaningful life, but many people fail to have a good family and friendship and also fail to have a happy and meaningful life.
Write 15 sentences with modified nouns which show how a family and friendship are important in people's life and how people succeed and fail because of their family.
Passage: College life
 7. Auxiliary Verb Leisure and recreation
The time when we have nothing to do or an obligation to meet is the most wonderful time. It is the time for relaxing: watching TV, hanging-out, eating out, or going to a tourist resort.
Please write 15 sentences about leisure and recreation which you, your friends, and your family may have and which people may not able to have.
 Midterm You will be given 20 pictures and be asked to make 15 sentences based on the pictures. One picture can only be used for one sentence.
Note:You have to complete all your work up to topic 7 before the mid-term test.
 8. Perfect and Continuous People's life and profession
People have different interests, talents, and passion, and they do different things for their life and career. They may do their jobs happily because the jobs are the jobs they desire, or they may also do their jobs because they have no other choice to do to survive. Please write 15 sentences about what people happily and proudly do and what people unluckily have to do survive.
Passage: My Idol
 9. Compound and Complex Sentence Happiness, sadness, success, and failure
Happiness and sadness, and success and failures are like two sides of the same coins. People may be happy at one time and sad at another time, and succeed at one phase and fail at another phase.
Write 15 sentences about the happiness, sadness, success, and failure which you, your family, and your friends have, or other people experience.
 10. Relative Clause Fight and struggle
Success does not come in a finger's flick. People have to work hard to gain their success. Passage: My Future Job
 11. Nominal Clause Modern World
We live in the borderless modern world! You can imagine anything, and what you imagine probably already exists somewhere in another part of this modern world.
Write 15 sentences about what people can have or do in this modern world, but you can also write about simple things which many other people may not have or are able to do.
 12. Passive Voice The Writing Class
This is the last topic for writing sentences. You have gone through the long weeks with your work and assignments. You may feel successful or frustrated with what you have to do.
Write 15 sentences about your happy or sad moments, your success or failure, or about anything which you have done or have not done in this class.
Passage: Free topic
 Final Test Write a passage of at least 250 about a class of people.
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